Where Can I Sell Gift Cards for Cash Instantly Near Me?

Where Can I Sell Gift Cards for Cash Instantly Near Me?

How to Sell Gift Cards Online for Cash

Selling gift cards isn’t as difficult as you might think. The most difficult part of selling gift cards is finding a great site that allows you to sell gift cards electronically.

Once you find your site, you will be able to sell your gift card.

You aren’t going to get the full value of the gift card, but it’s better than letting the gift card waste completely.

Terms Of Using Our Services:

At Cash 4 Gift Cards America, we insist on completing all the terms very sincerely so that our customers get the best value for their gold. You can take care of the following terms that you must follow while you reach us to

  • While you try to exchange gift cards for cash online, keep your driver’s license or valid state-issued ID with you.
  • We validate your information to protect you and ourselves from all frauds.
  • We accept gift cards that have a minimum balance of $25.


Can I Sell Used Gift Cards or Get Cash Back?

Yes! Even if you used a gift card to purchase an item or two, you can sell it for cash, especially if there is still a lot of money on the card’s balance.

If the remaining balance is only a few dollars and you can’t purchase anything else with it, you probably won’t be able to sell it. You should contact the store and request cash back instead.

The law in some states dictates that retailers must give back the money when a gift card that’s under a certain balance. The balance limit varies from state to state. California currently has the highest limit—$10 per gift card.

How to Sell Gift Cards for Cash Instantly?

Cash 4 Gift Cards America pays adequate attention to completing the process involved in selling and paying instant cash for a gift card. Actually, the process gets completed in a few steps. We wish our customers to participate in the process to find the transparency matters that we follow:

Search and Admit your Pay-out: This is the first step that makes you look for the gift cards you want to sell for instant payment. Our store accepts gift cards from more than 650 popular stores across the United States. Here, you need to enter the available balance on your gift card and then accept the amount that we offer for your gift card. This is the first step that you must start off when you reach us to sell gift cards instantly online.

Upload Your ID Online: We value checking the genuineness of every customer. We want all our customers to upload their valid Ids along with their gift cards. We consider your driving license or any other Id card that is issued by the state. This step is mandatory for examining the genuineness of the customers. It also helps us to track if the payment is transferred to the right person or not.

We Offer You the Payment in Cash: Once the verification process is complete and the deal for the gift card is settled, we initiate the payment part. We send the payment to every customer in their bank accounts in less than an hour. At Cash 4 Gift Cards America, we pay using different payment processes that include PayPal to Zelle to CashApp, and more. So, you see that the process of Sell Gift Cards for Instant Payment is very technical and we complete all the technicalities with perfection.

Do you have any gift card that you want to sell for instant cash? If so, then get started now!

‘Cash 4 Gift Cards America’ is very well aware of all the technicalities that are involved in the process of selling gift cards for cash instantly. We understand our responsibilities and we are always ready to carry them out. We put the right effort to ease the process to sell gift cards instantly online easily and quickly. We process the payment faster and that is a specialty that we show up.

4. Hand over the gift card to the retailer

Handing over the gift card to the retailer is one of the better options to get your cash, but most retailers make the process too complicated. In various ways, they discourage people from using this option. Before returning a gift card to the issuer, understand the return policy of the issuer or you can request the person who gifted you to assist you with the receipt. Returning a gift card to a retailer will result in the following options.

  • The retailer will exchange the gift card a lower value compared to the face value.
  • You will be required to have the purchasing receipt while returning the gift card.
  • The retailer can offer you an in-store credit. The disadvantage is that you will need to shop in their outlets.

6. Accept the Gift Card Offer

Gift Card Exchange pays up to 85% of the value of the gift card, but the amount of the offer you get will depend on the popularity of the gift card. Grocery store, gas station and large department store gift cards such as Target or Walmart generally fetch higher resale values than gift cards to smaller retailers. Though your experience may be different (exchange prices fluctuate frequently), we sold a $25 Best Buy gift card for $16.25.

Here’s a Tip! You can choose to accept the offer. Once you successfully enter the card information, the Gift Card Exchange machine will make you an offer for the card. If you are happy with the amount offered, then select “Accept.” If not, select “Decline.” You’re not obligated to complete the transaction until you accept the cash back offer.

Why Do Visa Gift Cards Cost More than Store Gift Cards?

By: Shelley Hunter Visa gift cards cost more than store gift cards because the profits from each are derived differently. Here’s a breakdown. Read More » about Why Do Visa Gift Cards Cost More than Store Gift Cards?                 Sunday  April 3, 2022            Sunday April 3, 2022

How To Avoid Gift Card Selling Scams

Something that’s an issue with a lot of gift card selling sites is fraudulent gift cards.

In order to avoid gift card selling scams, always try to stick with a reputable selling site that offers a money-back guarantee.

Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist, for example, don’t offer any such guarantee.

The sites above, in contrast, are highly reputable and help protect you from scams.

Why sell your gift cards online instantly?

There are a few reasons why you might want to sell your gift cards online.

Maybe you don’t shop in that store or restaurant often enough to use the gift card.

Perhaps the gift card has a high value, but you don’t have a use for it.

Or maybe you’re looking for an easy way to make some extra cash!

Whatever the reason, selling your gift cards is a quick and easy way to make some cash.

Tips on how to sell gift cards online instantly

If you’re looking to sell your gift cards online instantly, there are a few helpful tips that we recommend:

  • Make sure the balance is filled and check if there’s an expiration date.
  • You should also take note of any fees and restrictions before selling your card online.
  • It’s better to sell gift cards instantly instead of physically so you can avoid shipping cost.
  • When selling a gift card, it’s important to make sure that all the information is correct so that there aren’t any discrepancies.

How to stay safe when selling gift cards

Among the best sites to sell gift cards online for cash instantly is a marketplace where they verify the card balance and also offer protection both to the buyer and the seller. Once you have sold the gift card, it is essential that you keep it for up to 180 days just in case the buyer is unable to redeem the card balance.

If you find another platform yourself to trade gift cards online instantly, be sure to always check them on trustpilot first.


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