What’s the FASTEST Way to Get Cash for Gift Cards?

What’s the FASTEST Way to Get Cash for Gift Cards?

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9. Get Your Cash

Now all that’s left is to get your money! Take the Gift Card Exchange receipt to the customer service counter or to a cashier who will scan the receipt and give you cash in return! It’s that easy! Take a gift card you don’t want and turn it into cash that can be spent anywhere in a matter of minutes.

Sell a Gift Card on Raise

To sell a gift card on Raise, click the Sell Gift Cards link at the top of the homepage. Enter the name of the retailer and click the Get Started button. At the next page, type the number and PIN for the card along with the amount. The site tells you how much money your card will fetch.

Click the Continue Listing button to list the card for sale. If it sells, you receive your money through direct deposit into a bank account, through a check, or through PayPal.

When to Sell Your Gift Card

Gift card exchanges tend to offer lower resale values immediately after the holidays, warns Romanelli. “There is so much supply coming into the market that many cards don’t sell for as high as they might in the summer,” he says. He notes that some people hold on to their gift cards for an extra month or so, in order to earn a few percentage points more in returns.

Just make sure you don’t wait so long that you forget to exchange your gift card at all, warns Shelley Hunter, GiftCards.com’s content manager. The longer people hold on to a gift card, she says, the more likely they are to forget about it and never exchange or sell it.

“People shouldn’t have heartache over not getting 100% of the card’s value back, because they’re not getting any value out of it by keeping it,” she says.

Gift card security

Whether it’s around the holidays or not, scammers look for ways to steal information and money. You might feel safe and secure using your debit and credit cards at everyday retailers or big box stores, but some of the largest companies have experienced data breaches that left consumers vulnerable.

It might be easy to use your credit or debit card, but it’s not always safe. In December 2013, Target confirmed the credit and debit card information of roughly 40 million customers had been stolen. The number of customers affected later increased to 70 million. The New York Times reported the company ultimately paid a settlement of $18.5 million plus $202 million in legal fees, but millions still had their personal information stolen. If you shopped at Best Buy in September or October of 2017, you also may have had your information stolen. The same can be said for Sears and Delta Airlines according to USA Today.

Gift cards can help you avoid having your identity or information stolen. Simply purchase gift cards at retailers you frequent with cash and use them like debit cards. This eliminates the need to use a credit or debit card and potentially put your personal information in a vulnerable position. You can also use gift card exchange websites to acquire gift cards and use them to make everyday purchases at stores you frequent. There’s no reason to save a gift card to buy something special, and the added sense of security is a nice bonus.

1. Check the Balance of your Gift Card (Minimum $20)

Even though the Gift Card Exchange machine will verify the balance of the gift card, you’ll want to know for yourself before accepting an offer. Plus, the kiosk will only accept gift cards with a balance minimum of $20. The easiest way to check the balance of your gift card is to look at the back of the card and either call the telephone number or go to the website listed.

Sell or Swap a Gift Card on CardCash

Want to sell a card instead? At the top of the homepage, click Sell Gift Cards. Type the retailer’s name and the amount to receive a cash offer that’s less than the total value of the card. You can also add additional cards if necessary. 

Either take the money and run or opt to trade it in for another card and score a better deal. If you choose the money, you can get paid via a printed check, ACH direct deposit, or PayPal Express.

The site asks you to add the number and PIN of the card you’re selling, as well as your credit card details to verify your address. You’ll then receive a printable order page with instructions on mailing your gift card.

Can You Get Cash Back From Free Gift Cards?

Companies such as Netflix, Amazon, Starbucks, and American Eagle often give out free gift cards to people who:

  • Participate in various surveys
  • Send referral links for certain services to their friends
  • Shop through various apps and websites (e.g., Drop, Ibotta, and CapitalOne Shopping)

If you received and used a free gift card, but you didn’t spend all the money, you can rely on DoNotPay. You don’t have to lose time trying to figure out how to use the remaining balance on your gift card. We will help you claim extra cash in a matter of minutes so that you can spend it someplace else.

Following Precautionary Measures is important:

While you plan to sell gift cards for cash, then you must be very particular about maintaining a few things so that you must get the fair deals and get paid in instant cash. While you proceed to sell gift cards, you must keep an eye on the following:

  • In case you are trying to sell the gift cards you have, then the chances of getting scammed are always high. Make sure you take care of all the precautionary measures before you get started with a particular service provider. Your ability to maintain these measures can bring you the best and the safest processes for selling cards for cash.
  • You must ensure that you do not send the cards until you get the payments. Stick to your point and release the cards immediately after you receive the payment in cash or in your bank account through wire transfer.
  • In case you are selling the card of a particular store, then you must prefer to meet the person directly and then proceed with the remaining part of the process. Here, you must check if the card is working or not before you start the process to sell the gift cards for cash.
  • If you are planning to sell e-gift cards or vouchers, then make sure to complete the same process as mentioned in the previous step.
  • Reading the terms and conditions is very important if you are planning to sell the card using a third-party website. On many occasions, people avoid reading them before agreeing to them and that is where they face the consequences. It may involve the potential risk of scams.

At Cash4GiftCards America, we have the most trusted facilities that most of our clients appreciate. We complete all the necessary procedures before our customers sell gift cards for cash. We follow the official rules and guidelines while handling all the procedures. We follow no shortcuts as they are often risky and are not good for us and for our customers.

So, what are you thinking about? Reach Cash4Giftcards America at the earliest if you are in some kind of hurry for selling gift cards and get paid in cash for the right amount. We offer the right amount as per the standing norms and get your acceptance for that before completing the remaining part of the story!

What Brands Of Gift Cards Do You Accept?

Almost all gift card brands are accepted including retail, online and financial brands, however some restrictions apply. Please see store for details.

Ways To Exchange Gift Cards

Consult the following table to check out the popular gift card exchange methods:

Ways To Trade Gift CardsExplanation
Visiting the nearest gift card exchange kioskTo sell your gift card in person and get cash instantly, you should look for an exchange kiosk in your area
Selling your gift card onlineYou can register for a website dedicated to the sale and purchase of gift cards. Make sure to do thorough research before deciding which website to use—some platforms offer better payouts than others
Trading your gift card for a different oneVarious online platforms enable you to trade the gift card in question for another one (from a different store). You can also head over to your local Target or Walmart and check if they offer store credits in exchange for your gift card

Gift card exchange and Reddit

If you’re looking to swap gift cards in an unofficial way, one option is Reddit’s gift card exchange program. Note, however, that this swap program is merely a community of Reddit users following a set of guidelines. The program is not officially run by a company. As such, there is no one to back up your purchases, and it’s possible to get scammed. That said, there are 32,000 traders in the community who swap cards. Because the program is not monitored or controlled by a private company, there’s no one to charge fees to reduce the value of your card; you could get 100 percent of the value of your card if you find the right person to swap with. The GCX Safe Trading Guide outlines the precautions you should take before swapping cards, including verifying a user’s account age and karma and making people send you links to their GCX Rep Profiles. Google Chrome users can also add the Reddit Scam Labeler extension to their browser for an added layer of security. Even if you take every precaution, however, it’s possible to get scammed, so we recommend using one of the gift card exchange websites we tested.


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