Is MySurvey Legit or Waste of Time? (Closed

Is MySurvey Legit or Waste of Time? (Closed

What Is My Survey Jobs?

My Survey Jobs isn’t actually a paid survey site, it’s a website that claims to link you up with “secret” high-paying sites through which you can earn lot’s more money than you can at traditional paid survey sites.

They claim that some of their surveys pay up to as much as $500, whilst most of them pay around $3 to $45 – even still though in terms of paid surveys the latter amounts are still an awful lot of money… After all these surveys are said to only take around a couple of minutes or so.

However surprise surprise, in order to get access to these super high-paying survey sites you’ll have to pay My Survey Jobs a $34.95 fee & this is where it all starts getting a bit suspicious.

You should never be required to pay money upfront to get access to any sort of job like this and when you couple that with the fact that the whole thing sounds too good to be true anyway you’ve got to question what’s really going on…

I previously exposed a scam on this blog named Take Surveys For Cash & right from the off it seems like the My Survey Jobs website is very similar to it. I wouldn’t be surprised if it had just merely re-launched under a new name (as that happens a lot with scams).

But I won’t brush it off too quickly, instead we’ll take a look at how it all works…

Free Training:


Other Limitations

If the earning potential was reasonable, it might be easier to overlook this issue… but unfortunately it’s not.

The advantage to making money online is that the connected world gives you leverage. You can build something once and get paid many times for it. In some cases for years

Generating income by doing online surveys gives you zero leverage. You do the work and you only make money once.

I don’t know what your financial goals are, but I have a thing for only doing something once and earning a passive income… a strategy I’ve written about in this article.

Eligibility is next challenge.

The problem here is that many people have spent their time filling out surveys, to be told (at the end) they don’t qualify… usually because their answers indicate they were the wrong demographic or did not have suitable experience with the product or service.

And of course, those who don’t qualify, don’t get paid… whether you’ve completed the survey or not..

People calling a scam, or fraud are usually doing so because of this.

It’s bad enough that the pay is so low. To also waste your efforts filling out surveys and not get paid is not going to appeal to everyone.

If you’re not sure you’re the right person for a particular survey, it would be better to pass it over and wait for the next one.

Redeeming Your Points

1,000 points are the equivalent of $10 USD. You need at least 1,000 points to begin redeeming your rewards. Points are generally rewarded once the survey has been completed, but in some cases, points will be rewarded after the survey closes (which could take up to 3 months).

How to start with MySurvey

To join MySurvey you enter your first and last name and email address. Immediately after filling in that information, it takes you to a personal information form that has to be filled out in order to continue.

In addition to the personal information they ask for, they also have ”why we ask” buttons for all, explaining what that specific info is used for, such as, your mailing address is needed for mailing sweepstakes prizes, rewards checks, gifts, and products to test.

Additional information asked for includes the following paid survey site information. You will share your gender and date of birth of all household residents, marital status, education level, employment status, race, number of members in household, and income. ”Why we ask” is all due to pairing you with prevalent surveys, such as they only send makeup surveys to women and so forth.

Once you fill out this application, you have to verify your email. Verifying your email gets you automatically enters you into their $4,000 quarterly sweepstakes.

MySurvey is simple and easy to navigate website. They even include a ”Take a Tour” button that shows you around the homepage. Most surveys are worth 50 points when you first sign on, but can go as high as 125 points. Pay-out varies according to how you wish to redeem your points.

The minimum cash payment via PayPal is $10 or 1200 points. As well as, the minimum eGift card is also $10 for places such as Bass Pro Shop or Applebee’s and are both worth 1080 points. You can also redeem your rewards via UNICEF; 99 points get you .90, 550 points = $5, and 1100 points = $10.

How can you redeem your rewards?

• Charities (UNICEF)• eGift Cards for various businesses, brands, and restaurants- about 65 choices• Gift Cards (physical) for various businesses, etc, but far less than the eGift Cards• Magazines• PayPal• Subscriptions, such as Pandora

Points to cash amount exchange rates vary with each redemption choice. Although I couldn’t find a specific stated amount of time it takes to receive rewards, another review site stated 4-8 weeks waiting time.

There are other paid survey sites to join as well. Have you read our EarnHoney review, FusionCash review or Swagbucks review today?

How much can I make?

Your earnings vary based on how many surveys you take and the type of surveys you qualify for.


To get a $10 deposit to PayPal, it costs 1200 points.

Each survey on average rewards about 50 points. The minimum PayPal payment is $5 and costs 600 points.

You earn about 100-200 points for each survey you do. These can take up to 15-30 minutes.

How much you earn a week depends on what you are willing to dedicate to the site.

Other Ways to Earn Through My Survey

Completing surveys is not the only way you can earn some points on the site. Another simple way is making use of the company referral program. For every person, be it a family member or friend that you sign up for the company, you automatically earn 150 points.

This an easy way to add up to your points. The good thing about this program is that there is no limit on the number of people you can refer to the site. The longer you participate completing surveys in the program, the more likely it is that you will choose to complete a product testing opportunity.

This program requires that you use a certain product and then complete some questions that you will receive concerning the product. The questions will be largely based on the level of satisfaction you attained while using the product. The payout you will receive from such a product review will depend on how involved the product is.

Another simple way of earning some points from My Survey is by winning sweepstakes. These sweepstakes are randomly selected every month. Every month all the members that have been active through the period are randomly selected, and the lucky person receives a bonus of 10,000 points. All active members are selected though you can still earn some additional entries so that you increase your chances of winning.

Final thoughts

MySurvey has both some good and some not so good sides. So let’s sum up the pros and cons to get a better overview.


  • Free to join
  • Good reward options
  • Available in local languages
  • Decent rewards for the time spend


  • Has limited opportunities in some countries

Overall, MySurvey is a legit survey site that can make you some extra money. It is available in the local language in the countries where it is available, and it is easy to use.

It is however not the site with the biggest amount of opportunities. But as long as you are aware of this, and if join it in combination with other survey sites, it can be a good panel to join.

Drawbacks of My Survey

As much as My Survey is a legitimate website where people can use to earn some passive income, it does not go without some Screening Respondents Out Through Unjustified Reaschallenges. A number of respondents have reported some dissatisfaction that the company needs to address. Here are a number of drawbacks with the site.

Screening Respondents Out Through Unjustified Reasons

The company ads regarding the amount of time it will take to complete the surveys can be misleading. Also, some respondents face some issues with completing surveys only to be told at the end that the number of responses required for that particular survey has been reached. However, this is a common problem with some other popular sites offering the same services.

Unjustified Deactivation of Accounts

Another problems respondent’s face with My Survey is deactivation of their accounts for reasons not known to them. This problem has occurred to many respondents with no explanation whatsoever from the company as to why that has happened. This poses a major challenge to especially those people who have gathered enough points for a payout only to realize that they cannot access their accounts.

Another similar survey site that you may like…

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No Surveys to Complete

Screening Respondents Who are in Progress of ComplAnother challenge is that they are some time that there are no surveys to complete on the site. This can be quite frustrating especially to those people with nothing else to do and views the site as their main source of income.

Screening Respondents Who are in Progress of Completing a Survey Out

At times, the company can screen a respondent out even after starting the survey. For example, a respondent can be screened out after he or she has completed 75% of the survey. The company can do this by just giving the reason that they are not qualified.

Low Payment

The company pays their respondents depending on the accumulated points. Some respondents feel like the amount paid to them is quite low depending on the amount of time and efforts you need to complete these surveys. It will take a long time to earn the minimum points you are required to earn for you to convert them into cash.

Who is MySurvey for?

MySurvey is for people who wish to make money off of their opinions, by participating in paid consumer research activities.

Earning money on the internet can be a difficult task. MySurvey provides a simple and accessible platform for users to do just that.

Along with paid surveys, MySurvey also sets you up with a multitude of other, more lucrative opportunities.

How Much Does Pay?

Depending on the length of the survey which can range between 10 – 45 mins, pays roughly $0.50 to $1.25 per survey (although some reviews indicate that some pay considerably less).

It’s definitely on the lower side of the pay-scale for online survey companies (although none of them pay very well).

You are paid in points, which accumulate in your MySurvey account until you reach a minimum threshold (1000 points)… and when cashed out can be redeemed for gift cards, vouchers and cash… as well as electronic, home and personal care items.

The minimum payout is somewhat of a catch..

Until your account reaches 1000 points (equal to $10.00), you’re stuck filling out surveys until you can check out… which creates a considerable dilemma here when you ALSO look at the “not qualified” issue we discussed above.

In addition, one of the complaints by some against MySurvey is that their accounts were suspiciously terminated right before their payout.

To be clear, I’m only commenting on what others have reported. I’m not accusing of doing this … but it’s also not difficult to imagine their temptation to “disqualify” people as they approach, but don’t reach, the minimum threshold…

How do you get paid?

Now we have looked at what earning opportunities MySurvey offers. But another important aspect of any survey site is of course also how you get paid, once you have accumulated some cash/points.

MySurvey luckily offers some good payout methods. You get paid in points whenever you take a survey, but these points can then be exchanged into a number of different rewards like for example cash through PayPal, Amazon e-certificates, gift cards, and products.

The exact selection of rewards depends on the country you live in, but in more or less all countries you can get paid through PayPal – personally this is my favorite payout methods, when it comes to survey sites, so I am always happy to see this as a payout option on survey sites, as it is very easy and fast.

Some of the other rewards are however also really great – it all depends on your preferences, and it is always good that there are different options. You can also choose to get paid through PayPal once, and then the next time get a gift card, so in that way it is a flexible panel, when it comes to the payout methods.

When you can request a payout depends on the reward you want. For PayPal the payout threshold is around 1200 points ($10), which is an ok payout threshold for a survey site. The exact payout threshold can vary from country to country.

Signing Up Pretty Quick and Easy Overall

Creating an account with MySurvey was pretty simple. They requested all of the standard information: name, address, phone number, marital status, household income, etc… Every survey network needs this personal information to accurately distribute surveys to the members that companies want to hear from — this doesn’t make them a scam company.

Click to zoom

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There weren’t any red flags here, and I had an account set up and ready to go in around 2-3 minutes.

Is MySurvey safe/legit?

While is safe to use and is not a scam, there are many complaints listed about the site. is owned by a company called Lightspeed.

According to the Better Business Bureau (BBB), this business is not BBB accredited.

In the last 3 years, around 180 complaints have been handled by the BBB. The majority of these complaints were about the site not working or accounts suddenly being closed.

People also complained about the length of time it took to get paid.

For this reason, the business was given a C rating by the BBB. If you wish to read more about their findings, you can visit the company’s BBB profile here.

MySurvey FAQs

MySurvey has tried their best to answer all queries in their Terms and Conditions as well as FAQs.

Try MySurvey Free

Unfortunately, Its Not Quite that Simple Either

By poking around on the internet, I found other MySurvey reviews exposing the company to have kind of a bad reputation among former members. According to TrustPilot as of August 2019, MySurvey has only a 1-star review with over 200 ratings.

Courtesy of TrustPilot

Courtesy of TrustPilot

A lot of people built up points and were about to make a little money only to have their points disappear, their account go inactive, or have their account suspended:

Courtesy of

Courtesy of

So if you’re going to join MySurvey for sweeps entries or to make a quick $10-$20 by referring a few friends, keep these negative reviews and words of caution for other users in mind. You may spend a lot of time and effort to get those points/sweeps entries only to have them taken away before you have a chance to redeem them.


How many members per household are allowed to join MySurvey?

Only one member per household is allowed. Occasionally they might ask a family member to take a survey or two, but it will always be through your account.

If I become a MySurvey panel member, will I receive emails advertising other products and services?

No. It is promised that they will never try to sell you a product or service in which companies will have access to your personal information. Read through their Privacy Policy to learn more.

Why am I not receiving any invitations to your surveys?

How often you receive survey invites depends on your personal details. The things you will be offered are user-specific. To ensure you receive our survey invitations, please make sure you add them to your “known or approved senders” list.

What kind of surveys can I expect?

The surveys at MySurvey cover a variety of topics. You may be asked about current social developments, specific produces and services, new advertisements or how you feel about certain TV shows, just to name a few.

Can I exit the survey if I need to take a break or am interrupted?

If you’d like to take a break or are interrupted, you can re-enter the same link. You can start from where you left off, and none of your answers will be lost.

Who Can Sign Up for MySurvey?

Anyone fourteen years or older is eligible to sign up for MySurvey. You can join MySurvey as a citizen of any country, as MySurvey offers opportunities to everyone. It’s simple, easy, and only takes five minutes to sign up to MySurvey.

The payment methods upon withdrawal include cash and other various prizes, such as gift cards to major retailers like Amazon.

The minimum balance for redemption, however, is $10.00, or an estimated 1,100 MySurvey points when you complete surveys.

Compared to other paid survey sites, which can require 20,000 points or more before redemption, MySurvey is very generous.

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Grab some awesome rewards with MySurveys

Some users have reported getting error messages upon completing a survey. This results in both losing any credit (and therefore points) benefited to your account, plus it just wastes your time. Similarly, users report having their survey progress getting “timed out” when completing the survey, thereby losing their progress and chance to receive rewards. Other users have also complained that after contacting customer service, they were given the same standard instructions for resolving their issues.

A related issue is the phenomena of getting “screened out.” This means that slightly before or even after getting into a survey, users are told that they do not qualify for the completion of the survey. It can take as long as 5-10 minutes before MySurvey informs a user of disqualification with the only consolation for the user’s wasted efforts being entry into MySurvey’s sweepstakes draw.

How MySurvey Works

Getting started with MySurvey is easy, even if you don’t have any experience with online survey services. They have a simple website that will walk you through the process to ensure that you have all of the steps handled correctly. You’ll create a profile with all of your basic information. After you’ve created a profile, you’ll be required to complete around ten short questionnaires. These preliminary questionnaires are going to give the MySurvey algorithm an idea of which surveys to send you. After you’ve completed all of the initial groundwork, you’ll be ready to start completing the money-making surveys.

Every survey service is different, which means that they all have different payouts. With MySurvey, their surveys are going to range in payments anywhere from $0.5 to $1.25 depending on the length of the survey and the subject matter. Obviously, the longer that the study is, the more that they are going to reward you for completing it.

When you’ve racked up some rewards points, there are several ways that you can cash out and enjoy all of your survey efforts. One disadvantage of MySurvey is that you have to accumulate at least 1,200 points before you’re allowed to cash out, fortunately, that shouldn’t take you too long to get.  The most common way to redeem your points is by transferring money into your PayPal account. With MySurvey, they have a unique exchange rate.  For every 1,200 points, you can get a $10 transfer into your PayPal account. If you get up to 1,800 points, you can earn $15 straight to your account. If you choose this option, it’s going to take around 4-8 weeks to process your cash out and get the money into your account. Each site is going to have a waiting period for a payout, but MySurvey’s is one of the longer ones. For example, if you look at Pinecone Research, they take less than a week to get that payment to you. As long as you don’t need the cash quickly, this isn’t a significant problem, but be prepared to wait awhile to get your money.

There are a few others ways that you can redeem your points, other than getting cash into your PayPal account. One way is to purchase a gift card on MySurvey for your points. They have just about any retailer that you could want, and you can buy different sized gift cards depending on how many points that you have. For a standard $10 gift card, you’ll need to rack up 1,100 points.

Another way to use your points is to have them redeems as a charitable donation. MySurvey also gives you the option to have your points donated to one of their partner charities. Just like with a gift card, you can use 1,100 points to make a $10 donation. This is an excellent way to give back to the community, just by taking a few simple surveys.

The last way that you can use your points is to purchase certain goods. They have a huge library of merchandise that you can choose from to redeem your points. They have everything from electronics to jewelry. It’s an easy way to buy Christmas gifts or buy that shiny new gadget that you’ve been wanting.

Pros vs Cons of MySurvey

Because there are so many survey sites available, it’s important that you find the best one that works for you (it an excellent idea to use more than one). MySurvey has some impressive benefits that you should be aware of, but there are also several categories where they fall behind their competition.

One of the most notable advantages is that their surveys are simple and quick to complete. Most users say that they have no problems understanding the questions or completing the surveys. Some sites have long surveys which can take you 30 minutes to finish, but with MySurvey, it will only take around 5 – 10 minutes depending on the number of questions.

Another benefit is that you could have the opportunity to participate in more surveys than other sites are going to offer. Veteran users of MySurvey have reported that they received around 8 to 10 surveys every week, which is much higher than you’ll find with other programs. The amount of opportunities that you’ll receive is based on how active you are as well as your qualifications based on the products that you use.

Now for the negatives. There are a few significant problems that you should be aware of. We’ve already mentioned the long delay between the time that you request your payout and the point that you actually receive the money, but that’s not the only drawback of MySurveys.

Recently, there have been dozens of complaints about users no longer getting invited to participate in surveys. For some of these complaints, some users have been in the program for five and six years, but they randomly stopped receiving any surveys. There is no word if customer service was able to fix their problems or if they were compensated for their troubles.

MySurvey requires that you regularly log into your account to show that you’re an active user. They use that regular activity as a “trust” system. The more interactions that you have, the more they are going to trust you, which will lead to more surveys, in theory.

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