How To Make Money Without A Job [15 Legit Ways to Earn Cash]

How To Make Money Without A Job [15 Legit Ways to Earn Cash]

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There are many ways to make money without having a

There are many ways to make money without having a job, and your success is all on your shoulders! That can seem a bit overwhelming but there are great business ideas, high-paying freelance jobs, and more on our list for you to choose from.

There are money opportunities out there for those who don’t want a 9-5, and many different possibilities to earn passive income online as well.

So whether you want to rent your house out to guests, participate in market research, or sell art online, there is something here for everyone.

So go ahead and give one of these ideas a try! You may just find that you enjoy making money without having a traditional job and make more money this way after all.

18. Rent Out Your Instruments and Studio Space

Creative spaces can be tough to come by. If you have a guitar lying around and a place to jam, you could be sitting on a gold mine. Check out sites such as Fretish, where you can make money by renting out instruments, amps, mics and even rehearsal spaces.


67. Get Cash From Class-Action Suits

Millions of dollars in class-action settlements never get claimed because people aren’t aware they’re eligible to file. For example, people who bought Red Bull products between 2002 and 2014 were entitled to $10 to $15 through a class-action lawsuit brought on the company because of its slogan, “Red Bull Gives You Wings.” There are several tools you can use to find products you purchased, file a claim for class-action settlement money and receive money in the mail. Some of the top class-action claim sites include

#3) Get paid to test products

A fun way for introverts to make some extra income is to participate in market research. In some cases, market research companies will send you free products to test out and share your opinion on.

Brands benefit from your valuable feedback on upcoming, not-yet-released products, which helps them do things like discover their ideal target market and identify where they should spend their advertising dollars.

You can get started by signing up with i-Say by Ipsos. Ipsos is one of the world’s largest market research companies. While Ipsos primarily allows you to earn by taking surveys, they do offer some product testing opportunities from time to time. These usually go to the members who are most active with their survey panel and who answer surveys truthfully.

To get started, just sign up, confirm your email, and complete the basic profile survey. From there, take the surveys they send to you; as you continue to participate over time, you’ll become more and more likely to get invited to product testing surveys.

Note: They do ask for your phone number, as it’s required to validate real participants. However, i-Say is owned by Ipsos, which is a publicly-traded company that was founded in 1975. So you can trust giving your information to them.

Visit i-Say by Ipsos.

Where Can You Find Easy Side Income Opportunities?

Some easy places to look are delivery services like the ones mentioned above such as Uber, Lyft, etc. 

Some other easy side hustles include using your traditional job skills outside of traditional employment. This is sometimes referred to as a “lazy” side hustle. For example, I used to use Microsoft Excel at my previous job. So I could create spreadsheets, downloadables, or create YouTube tutorials on Excel. 

One very non-traditional side hustle is a professional hugger or cuddler. One woman earns up to $60 an hour for professional cuddling.

Other non-traditional side hustles that may be easy and were mentioned earlier, include pet sitting, house sitting, and babysitting. 

Sometimes adding another pet or child under your watch for some extra cash can be quick and easy. However, for child care, there may be regulations and other policies to follow. A drawback to pet sitting is sometimes a pet may damage your property.

29. Clean homes or assemble furniture and Thumback are online service platforms that connects people who need help with jobs like cleaning homes, minor home repairs, landscaping, painting, and other jobs.

Depending on your skillset and availability, you can earn anywhere from $5-$200 per job. Some pros earn over $2,000 per week. This is one of the best ways to make without a job.

14. Flip stuff for profit

If you want to learn how to make money without a job, consider flipping stuff for profit. You can do this on Facebook Marketplace, eBay or Amazon. This can be a great way to make money without a job in highschool.

Rob and Melissa, the masterminds behind, they make a full-time income from flipping stuff for profit. This can be a great way to make extra money fast.

In their first year full-time, they made $133,000 in sales!

I recommend checking out Rob’s FREE 75-minute workshop. You’ll learn how to find hidden treasures at flea markets, thrift stores, yard sales, and auctions, and how to turn them into maximum profit. His workshop is completely free to join. You can sign up here.

Best In-Person Odd Jobs

These days, it’s possible—even easy—to work online, but that doesn’t mean in-person odd jobs have gone out of style. 

Being in the “older millennial” crowd, I grew up doing odd jobs. These were extra tasks that your neighbors or other people would pay you fast cash for. 

You can still make money through family friends, neighbors, and other local people, even as a teenager. 

  • Mowing lawns
  • Painting 
  • Yard work
  • Helping people move
  • Cleaning jobs
  • Retail flipping (buying things on sale and reselling)  
  • Helping friends and family that own small businesses
  • Pet sitting
  • House sitting
  • Babysitting

5. Complete online surveys

Earn some pocket money by filling out surveys. Of course, you will not get rich just by answering questions; however, you can get paid small sums of cash for this task. Compensation varies by website, so check the terms and conditions thoroughly. Also, be on the lookout for scam platforms that pay nothing in the end.

A good place to start is . Here, participants earn points that can be transformed in gift cards for websites like JB Hi-Fi, Myer and Woolworths. Other platforms just pay users in cash.

3. Use your creative skills

Almost everyone has a weird hobby or a skill they acquired for fun. Maybe you like to knit, make homemade cosmetics, and or create jewelry. Whatever your talent may be, you can make money from it on websites like Etsy. Pinterest is also a good place to display and sell self-made things.

If photography is your hobby, try licensing the images on Getty through Flickr. There are tons of websites and businesses that are willing to pay you for your stock photos.

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#6)Earn cash watching cooking videos

Not everyone is looking to dive head-first into a new career or project. They just need an easy way to make a quick dollar without much hassle.

A good option if you’re looking to go this route is watching videos online on a website called Swagbucks, which pays you to watch short clips.

Most of the time, what you’ll do is choose a video to watch, such as cooking or celebrity gossip, and then answer a few questions about it.

Swagbucks has now paid out over $675 million in rewards, has an “A” rating with the Better Business Bureau, and an “Excellent” rating from Trustpilot. 

In addition to watching videos, you can earn money in a number of other ways, including playing games, searching the web and shopping online.

It only takes 30 seconds to sign up, and you’ll get a $10 bonus to get started.

40 Easy Ways to Make Money Without a Job That’s 9-to-5

Give Out Your Opinion Online

Frequently, companies like this will hand out rebates, coupons, and rewards, but not cash. Some of them, however, will allow you to easily earn money from home with little fuss.

  1. Fill Out SurveysSwagbucks, CashKarma, Survey Junkie, and other sites have a fairly good reputation for giving back money or gift cards.
  2. Earn With Emails or Watching VideosInboxDollars allows you to earn for typical online activities like checking your email.


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