How To Make Money Without a Job (100 Ways)

How To Make Money Without a Job (100 Ways)

You can make money without a job

So with a little bit of research and creativity, it’s easy to find ways how to make money without a job. From pet sitting to writing services and selling used items, there is something out there for you.

So say goodbye to having to work from 9-to-5 and wondering how can I make money without a job, and say hello to a flexible work schedule doing something you love!

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17. Deliver Meals on Two Wheels

Even if you don’t have a car, it doesn’t mean you can’t break into food delivery. You can work for apps such as Postmates where you’ll pick up and deliver meals, groceries or just about anything you can carry while riding on two wheels. Some companies even can help you rent an electric bike or scooter, which you can also adopt for personal use.



Making money online can help you earn some extra side hustle money, but it can also help you escape your 9 to 5 job so you can become a full-time entrepreneur. By brainstorming online business ideas and choosing to start an online business, you gain more financial freedom, improve your financial security, and inch closer to living life on your terms.

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It really is possible to earn a living online if you work hard and stick with it. So, which side hustle will you try out first?

83. Sign Up for Free Gift Cards

Rakuten will reward you with a $10 gift card when you sign up on the site and make a minimum purchase of $25 within 90 days. Signing up for Rakuten is a great way to put money back in your pocket. Free to use, the site lets you find online retailers you want to shop with and get cash back for purchases. Additionally, you can sign up for MyPoints to shop online and complete other tasks that earn points you can redeem for gift cards, travel miles or cash via PayPal.

19. Real Estate Crowdfunding

Real Estate Crowdfunding is a new and exciting investment model.

If you have a considerable amount of savings and want to raise the stakes, then real estate crowdfunding might be the type of investment that you need to make.

It’s not me who is saying this, and it’s the experts who carefully assessed the stats and current investment trends.

According to the CNBC Quarterly Investment Guide last year, having shares in real estate crowdfunding projects is among the best ways to have a hassle-free retirement.

With real estate crowdfunding, you can invest in two different types of projects:

  • Equity crowdfunding
  • Debt crowdfunding

What is Equity Crowdfunding?

To break it down in simple terms, in equity crowdfunding, investors invest in a company trying to raise money. These investors then receive shares in the company in exchange.

With equity crowdfunding, you are not loaning your money to the company. Instead, you receive shares with the hope to get a dividend out of future profits. Or you are waiting for the company to reach greater heights so that you can then sell off your shares at a higher price.

What is Debt Crowdfunding?

With Debt Crowdfunding, you invest in the company trying to raise funds, but your goal is to receive a specified interest rate on the money that you loaned within a fixed timeline.

Now, we will talk about some of the best real estate crowdfunding platforms so that you can earn a decent income online.

1. Fundrise

Fundrise allows you to invest your money as per yo

Fundrise allows you to invest your money as per your own accord — you are your own boss, of course. Invest according to your goals, expectations, and capabilities as you will get a wide array of real estate investment options at Fundrise.

Perks of investing with Fundrise:

  • Fundrise offers 8.7 – 12.4% historical annual returns
  • Helps you diversify your portfolio
  • They have a low-fee approach which enables you to maximize your profits

Other important details:

  • Minimum Investment: $500
  • Account Fees: 1%/year
  • Investment Length: N/A
  • Offering types: Debt, Equity, Preferred Equity

2. Realty Mogul

Realty Mogul was one of the first real estate crow

Realty Mogul was one of the first real estate crowdfunding platforms back in 2013. They are at the center of connecting the borrowers and sponsors to excellent investment and increased outcomes. The great thing about Realty Mogul is that they visit each listed property and works with the best in the industry.

Perks of investing with Really Mogul:

  • Their dealings are highly transparent
  • A rigorous screening ensures the best possible financial returns
  • Offers well-leased properties

Other important details:

  • Minimum Investment: $1000
  • Account Fees: 0.30% – 0.50%/year
  • Investment Length: 6 – 120/months
  • Offering types: Debt, Equity, Preferred Equity

3. Equity Multiple

Equity Multiple claims to help you invest smartly

Equity Multiple claims to help you invest smartly in real estate with reduced risks. With Equity Multiple, you can invest in highly scrutinized and some of the most prominent real estate companies.

Perks of investing with Really Mogul:

  • Offers low-risk target returns to investors
  • Rigorous vetting to curate the best set of projects

Other important details:

  • Minimum Investment: $5000
  • Account Fees: 0.5% service charge plus 10% of all profits
  • Investment Length: 12 – 120/months
  • Offering types: Debt, Equity, Preferred Equity

26. Launch Your Business with Kickstarter

Do you plan to launch the next big product or SaaS company?

What is stopping you?

Funding might be the cause.

If you’re unaware of what Kickstarter is, here is a quick look at what they do (in their own words).

It is a funding platform where creators can garner

It is a funding platform where creators can garner an audience for a creative project. And then the community on Kickstarter funds these projects to get them started. All in all, the platform is entirely driven by crowdfunding.

However, please note that getting your project approved on Kickstarter is not a sure thing. About 25 percent of projects get rejected on an average each year.

You can go through their guidelines to make sure that your project doesn’t get rejected.

To date, Kickstarter has helped fund over 1000 pro

To date, Kickstarter has helped fund over 1000 projects, from documentary films to medium-sized ventures, they fund all sorts of projects.

However, Kickstarter doesn’t offer long term investment. It is just a platform where folks with creative ideas look for initial funding. In return, they provide small incentives in the form of a book or an autograph of a rock star, and so forth.

You also have to set your funding goals on Kickstarter. For instance, you set a goal of collecting $2,000 within a month. If you fail to raise this amount within the set time-frame, then your project will get no donations.

However, don’t consider Kickstarter as a “get rich quick” platform; it will only help you kickstart your business without incurring debt.

4. Get paid to take surveys online

Whether you are interested in sports, new technology or health and beauty, there's a survey out there that you can get paid for taking.

Survey taking is something that really anyone can do. You get paid to share your feedback on a new product or service. Most sites require you to build a profile of information about yourself when you set up an account so that they can match you to surveys that fit your interests.

While each survey pays a certain amount, your compensation can vary depending on the survey company. They may pay you through cash, check, PayPal, gift cards or rewards.

There are endless websites out there that advertise paid survey opportunities, so read reviews of the website prior to signing up so you know it's not a scam. Grant Sabatier of Millennial Money listed the most reputable survey sites on his website, and some trusted ones you can use include Survey Junkie, Swagbucks and Vindale Research.

Earn Money by Doing Something Different

Tired of the same old side gigs? Well, don’t stop reading yet! Here are some fun ways you can get a decent side income. And, you can do something a little, let’s say, different.

70. Be an extra in a movie

Being a movie extra isn’t the most glamorous job. Since the pay is fair and the hours can be long, some call this job thankless. However, being an extra in a movie is a unique side gig.

To live the Hollywood life for a day, look for movie casting calls.

71. Participate in research studies

Dozens of companies conduct research studies to test their products. Some of the paid studies you can participate in include:

  • Medical studies
  • Food studies
  • Consumer products

I know a guy who once got paid $200 to get his head shaved. The company was testing their medical shears.

Research studies tend to pay more than other common online surveys. But, they accept fewer participants. If you like being a guinea pig, look for these studies.

Respondent is a good place to look for paid opportunities. You can also look for local research studies.

72. Rent ad space on your car

Ever see those cars and trucks driving in your city with ads plastered all over them? That’s passive income, my friends. A company like Carvertise places ads on your car.

Once they put the ads on your car, you go about your daily driving business. The more you drive, the more money you make!

73. Referee or umpire kids’ sports games

In my area, people get paid as much as $30 an hour to umpire the kids’ sports games. That’s some serious side cash. Contact your local recreation leagues to learn about available jobs.

74. Be a personal assistant

People want to hire personal assistants for many reasons.

They may need help with these tasks:

  • Daily chores
  • Running errands
  • Having a person to talk to

Maybe, you can post an ad like this recent Craigslist ad in my area. A guy recovering from a back injury wanted an assistant.

He wanted someone to hang out with him as he exercised at home. As a result, if he had trouble with his back, he had somebody to help him.

Not bad work for a money-paying gig.

75. Coach a sport

One option is to be an umpire or referee. A second option is coaching a local sports team. Athletic leagues often pay good money for someone willing to coach. So, check your city’s want ad area.

For instance, a listing title might include the words coaching community sports.

76. Become a security guard

If you have a tough-looking appearance, be a security guard. For example, public events of all kinds hire security guards. Secondly, malls and office parks also hire security guards too.

Some of my friends have done security work. To them, it’s a pretty easy job that’s well worth the money it pays.

Offline Side Hustling Ideas

Sometimes, working offline when you side hustle is a more lucrative prospect – especially depending on your skill set. However, these gigs don’t mean you’ll never touch a computer. You might still need to list your side hustle project online or market it online to get leads and customers.

Ways to make money as a stay-at-home mom

If you're looking for ways to increase your income and raise your children at home simultaneously, consider this list of 82 ways to make money out of your house. The jobs, gigs or strategies are organized by industry or skill to help you quickly identify ideas that will help you make money as a stay-at-home mom.

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Writing is the ideal job for many stay-at-home moms. If you have strong writing, editing or proofreading skills, you can find freelance, part-time or full-time with work in a variety of industries. Some writers choose to write their own content and self-publish e-books or physical books through various online platforms. Consider one of these writing-based jobs if you have the skills:

  • Blogger

  • Author

  • Proofreader

  • Content writer

  • Recipe writer

  • Copywriter

  • Ghostwriter

  • Newspaper columnist

  • Virtual tutor

  • Copy editor

  • Resume writer


Former teachers have a variety of work-from-home options available to them. Even if you aren't trained as an educator, if you're an expert in a field like music or art, you can teach students how to perform that skill. Online education and tutoring are becoming more and more popular, so finding exclusively digital opportunities is easier than ever. You can also consider giving lessons, homework help or formal tutoring out of your home. Check out this list of great education-based opportunities:

  • Course creator

  • Online teacher

  • Music teacher

  • Educational tutor

  • Art teacher

  • Dance teacher


For the entrepreneurial-minded mom, you can take advantage of a variety of niche markets to build your own business. Occupations like wedding planning and party planning are simple to do from home with the help of a website and cell phone. Others might require clients to come to your home, like hairdressing or photography. Whatever your skill set, you can find a way to monetize your education and experience. Think about trying one of these jobs:

  • Freelancer

  • Photographer

  • Hairdresser

  • Travel agent

  • Survey taker

  • Odd job performer

  • Wedding planner

  • Dog walker

  • Product tester

  • Voice-over actor

  • Seamstress

  • Second-hand seller

  • Clothes ironer

  • Podcaster

  • Party planner

  • Dog sitter

  • Virtual organizer

  • Landlord

  • Affiliate marketer

  • Sponsored poster


Excellent cooks and bakers can make money by selling their delicious goods for parties or a la carte purchase. If you love to cook or bake, consider selling your creations through an online platform or at a local shop. A few food-based work-from-home job options include:

  • Cake designer

  • Caterer

  • Baker


As businesses become more and more globally focused, the ability to telework and perform tasks during off-hours becomes more prevalent. You can handle many traditional business roles like sales and data entry from home. Search for remote positions like these online or consider getting in touch with local businesses to see if they need any part-time support:

  • Virtual assistant

  • Social media manager

  • Salesperson

  • Data entry representative

  • Real estate agent

  • Customer service representative

  • Head hunter

  • Medical transcriptionist

  • Email responder

  • Company trainer

  • Telemarketer

  • Transcriber

  • Translator

  • Customer service representative

  • Consultant

Information technology

Lots of IT and computer-related tasks are easy to perform remotely. If you have experience building websites, coding or working on social media, look into one of these excellent work from home opportunities. Some companies hire remote workers for positions like coder and programmer, while others are excellent freelancing options:

  • Website designer

  • Video editor

  • Social media evaluator

  • Programmer

  • Coder

  • Webinar presenter

  • Online video channel

  • Online community manager


If you have financial training or a great sense of numbers, you can take advantage of a variety of money and finance-based job options. Some, like accountant and bookkeeper, are attractive options if you want to work part- or full-time for a company, while investing is perfect for those who want to make money independently:

  • Accountant

  • Bookkeeper

  • Investor

  • Cryptocurrency trader


Watching kids formally or informally is an outstanding way for stay-at-home moms to make some extra income. Since you're already home with kids, it's a relatively simple task to include a few more. Some choose to babysit friends or family occasionally while others run formal, licensed daycare centers out of their homes:

  • Babysitter

  • Daycare provider

Art and design

Illustrators, artists and graphic designers can make extra money at home with the kids by designing and selling artwork. Logo design for businesses and creating custom scrapbooks or journals are great options in this field. If you're a skilled artist, consider one of these positions:

  • Printable designer

  • Infographic designer

  • Crafter

  • Scrapbooker

  • Journal designer

  • Graphic designer

Industry expert

For those moms with a penchant for leadership and training, a from-home coaching business can be very lucrative. Many individuals seek out advisors for business and personal guidance in the form of coaches. Think about one of these jobs if you have the appropriate skills:

  • Life coach

  • Parenting coach


Selling online or in-person is a very straightforward way to make some income. Look around your home for things you no longer need to sell online or create a business in which you refurbish goods and sell them at a profit. Commerce job options abound for stay at home moms:

  • Online bookseller

  • Stock image seller

  • Market tester

  • Flipper

  • E-commerce owner

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