How to Make 1000 A Day, Week, or Month [35 Legitimate Ways in 2022 ]

How to Make 1000 A Day, Week, or Month [35 Legitimate Ways in 2022 ]

The psychology of making money. 

Regardless if you need to earn some fast cash or we’re just talking about making money in the grand scheme of things, there’s an important psychology that needs to be mentioned before getting into the strategies. If you study Freud’s model of the mind, you’ll discover the Psychic Apparatus. It’s the three-part construct in your mind that controls all of your behavior.

Those three are the id, the super-ego and the ego. The id lives deep within the subconscious from birth. It’s the source of our sudden and most instinctive urges. When you find yourself doing what you know you shouldn’t, blame your id. 

The super-ego is formed later in life to balance the id. It forms and breaks off from the id through our upbringing, parental guidance and our sense of community and beliefs. People who are careful with their money can thank their super-ego.

The ego is the driver making the decisions. It decides between the devil (the id) and the angel (the super-ego) on either shoulder (yes, all those cartoons you’ve ever seen are partly true). We have voices in our mind, and it’s up to the ego to decide which one to fulfill. Its goal is to satisfy the id in some way while also attending to the super-ego.

Get-rich-quick schemes and fad weight-loss diets are naturally popular because they satisfy the id while also attending to the super-ego. The ego’s job is complete when it sees something like this. The appeal of “fast” stems from the innate desire for instant gratification, so beware of what seems too good to be true (they often are) when you’re looking to make money quickly. Be wary. Listen to the conversation deep within the confines of your mind and do your best to tame the proverbial beasts.

What are the best ways to make money right away? While a search online when you’re in need of some fast cash will produce millions of results, not all will be legitimate. It’s up to you to filter through the so-called noise. These 32 strategies will help put you in the black, even if it’s in a very small way. Once you are, resume planning and focusing on the bigger picture. 

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72. Open a Checking Account

There’s no shortage of banking promotions these days, and you can make a quick hundred or two when you open one of these checking accounts with sign-up bonuses. Look around at banks you’d be interested in joining to see what they’re offering.


31. Start Micro Freelancing

The boom in America’s gig economy has resulted in a similar increase in micro freelancing. As the name suggests, micro freelancing involves performing tasks with comparably low pay. But when combined with other side jobs and alternate forms of income, micro freelancing can be lucrative. There are multiple micro freelance sites to choose from, including Microworkers.

Book Purchase and Sales

I once had a guy stay at my house (via Airbnb), and he went around to all the local thrift stores to find books that were sold for nothing that he could take and sell online. He would go on eBay and sell them. I was astonished that he could buy a book for $.30 and turn around online and sell it for $30. He found one book for $.45 and sold it for over $5,000. It was rare.

Even if you’re a book nerd (it’s not a bad thing) you can use this to your advantage. Get to know what books are valuable and which are not. You can sell almost anything online. Don’t get obsessed with buying and holding. I’ve seen people get caught up in holding all the books for their love of them. This is more of a hobby, not a side gig to make money.

Learn the books true value and where you can sell them. Sites like and eBay are good places to start. You can also look at the other used book stores on Amazon and see how they are pricing the same titles. gives you a tool where you can type in each book’s ISBN and then find out how much the book is worth and which buyback company will give you the most money.

Besides thrift shops, look for books online on Craigslist and local Facebook groups. You can also go to yard sales and garage sales to get some pretty good deals.

TikTok Influencer

TikTok has continued to gain in popularity as a social media platform of choice for sharing homemade viral-bound videos. The platforms focuses on the ability to upload short videos and share them online. To become a TikTok influencer it’s as easy as developing the type of  content people love, a large following who appreciate and share your content, and a little marketing.

TikTok has an algorithm that assess the videos each person likes and the videos you’ve likes and then shares similar contend with you. The platform measures the hours watched, likes, and shares for each video. As the user engagement with a video increases, then it is circulated to more people. To make money as a TikTok influencer, you can monetize your popularity through ads and sponsorships. Although it’s possible, you’ll need tone unique to stand out on a platform that is filled with content. Pick something different and find your niche. The more creative you can be, the better. Know the audience that will be interested in this unique content by studying who likes what on TikTok. Also, determine if you have any competition. If you have any, study what they do so you can do it differently. When you start creating content, be consistent with what you deliver. Be regular in how you share it. That way, you’ll be able to start building your following and leverage that to start monetizing what you do on TikTok. If you need more help in getting noticed, don’t forget to use hashtags so your future followers can follow you. Get to know your followers and replay to their comments. Go live and stream your videos so you can get comments and talk with your followers. As you do, your influencer status will develop and thrive. Continue to promote your videos through other platforms like your blog and social media profiles, including your Facebook and Instagram accounts. Also, don’t forget to upload your videos to your YouTube channel. You can also make money as a brand endorser, using your status as a TikTok influencer to get brands and products in front of thousands and millions of people. You could make between $500 and $20,000 per video, depending on your level of influence and the type of brand.

Marketing Advice and Case Studies Case studies and general marketing advice can be another way to make money online if you have deep marketing, content writing, and research expertise. The help you provide can help companies market and operate ethically, authentically, and efficiently while you monetize your experience and skill set. First, you can work as a marketing consultant, which is especially promising when it comes to assisting startups and small business owners that may not have their own marketing departments and just need some guidance and oversight in developing a strategy and guidelines to provide to freelancers. This can be a lucrative consulting role where you can charge a monthly retainer for high-level marketing advice. Second, you can work in a role of creating a specialized type of marketing content that involves deep research, niche understanding of industries and trends, and the ability to craft a compelling story about how your client was able to solve a specific problem for their customer. Companies like to use case studies and use cases because they’re an effective way to show value to prospects. However, they can be challenging to write so companies tend to pay well for this specialty marketing content. Case studies vary in length from paragraphs to pages, but they tend to include the same elements and development process. You’ll need to be good at conducting interviews because you’ll be talking to the person who used your client’s product or service. You may need to add graphics like photos, tables and charts, or other elements. For the ability to produce these use cases or case studies, you may be paid anywhere from $100 to $3,000 for each one. You can find these writing gigs on freelance job sites where projects are listed or you can explore the possibilities with your existing clientele. When you do get these gigs, you want to make sure you do a good job so you can continue to get more or use these in your portfolio to find additional projects.

Websites and App Testing

If you love using apps and websites or you have worked with one or both in some capacity, you may be able to make money online testing new websites and apps for companies. Usability testing is critical for everyone from startups to enterprises because they want to know how users feel about what they’ve created prior to launch to ensure they’ve done it right or make necessary changes. Having real people who represent the user market can provide enormous feedback to ensure a product is on the right track.

In return, you get to enjoy testing different apps and checking how well you can navigate and use websites. Plus, you will get paid. While it’s not a lot of money, it can definitely help you boost your monthly revenue.

To get started, you don’t need much equipment so there is minimal investment involved. Must-haves include a device where you can test websites or  apps as well as high-speed Internet. You may also need a microphone. Typically, these companies pay through services like PayPal so have that set up, too.

It’s also pretty easy to find these gigs because there are numerous sites that hire testers. Examples include User Testing, which pays you $10 for every 20-minute video assignment.  Other sites include Test Birds, which is a European testing site; TrymyUI, which pays $10 per test;  UserZoom, which pays out $5 to $10 per test; and 99Tests, which pays you to test software products and log bugs. A TryBox gives you up to $35 for each product you test and complete a telephone interview about. These are just a few as there are more than 20 that could be found with a quick search.

Amazon’s Mechanical Turk Master

Amazon Mechanical Turk (also known as MTurk) is a marketplace for virtual tasks that require human intelligence. Businesses use the marketplace to gain access to diverse, on-demand, scalable workers while those registered on the site can find a wide range of tasks that they can sign up, complete, and get paid for. Referred to as HITs, these are Human Intelligent Tasks where a worker can take the task, submit an answer, and collect some type of reward for completing it. You can get started by going to the Worker website where you can create an account and sign an agreement. The system uses Amazon Payments where you can link your bank account for easy money transfers. Or, you can choose to get paid in the form of an Amazon gift card. Once you join, you can get access to a list of HITs that you are qualified to accept. The process is easy to follow and allows you to keep taking HITs as long as you finish each one. The HIT requesters determine whether to approve your work. When they do, you will receive payment within 30 days. To make sure you complete each HIT correctly, take the time to read all of the instructions thoroughly and answer accurately. You are allowed to return HITs that you cannot complete correctly. This will not impact your rating. If the Requester really likes your work, it’s possible to get a bonus payment from them. Eventually, you can become Aa Master Worker, which is considered to be a top Worker within the MTurk marketplace that has received what’s known as the Mechanical Turk Masters Qualification. This takes some time to get because it shows a high degree of consistent success over many types of HITs. It’s based on high-quality results, marketplace tenure, scores, and work completed.

Existing Website Purchase and Expansion

If you have bought an existing website through an auction or other web service, it may have some existing content or just be a parked site. This is an opportunity to turn the URL into valuable Internet real estate. Depending on the URL’s topic, you have many ways that you can go to expand and monetize your site, including adding many of the things mentioned on this online money making list.

Options include monetized blog, affiliate marketing, and ecommerce website. You could also turn it into a subscription website, a  platform for online courses, job board, or launching point for your own startup. Since you can view it as digital real estate, there is room to make money by selling ad space on it.

Whatever you decide to do, make sure it’s relevant and focused on SEO so you can start to get traffic. Depending on what you do, you might also want to create social media profiles to help point traffic to your new website.

Airbnb Host

Serving as an Airbnb Host has been one of the most long-standing gigs that make money online. The service for hiring rooms, casitas, and whole properties has continued to grow and thrive. Although COVID-19 slowed it down somewhat, the bookings have already restarted and show signs that people continue to like booking these “home away from home” properties for their weekend trips, road trips, family reunions, and long vacations.

How much money you can make varies from where you are located. An Airbnb in the sticks will make less than one located at the beach or in a popular tourist destination. If you are in a college town, you might do well with parents coming to visit their kids, for example. Find out what draws people to your area, and use that to attract people on your Airbnb listing. It’s possible to make a few hundred bucks a month up to thousands, depending on what you offer and where you are located.

Of course, you could list your own vacation rental on a sites like Craigslist and make money. But, you take on more risk than using a service like Airbnb that does the marketing for you, provides insurance and assistance should anything go wrong, and generally has your back to make sure it’s a good experience for you and your customers. HomeAway and VRBO are two other similar options that mirror what Airbnb offers.

Be aware of the costs involved in terms of providing furniture and more, including sheets, towels, toiletries, and maybe even things like appliances, cookware, and some food and beverages. Over time, these items will need to be refreshed and replaced, which comes out of your profits. However, it’s those special touches that can also earn you more with good reviews and recommendations.

Part-Time Remote Company Work

As you can see from this list, many of these gigs can be part of working remotely for a company while others are solo gigs. There are numerous ways to become a freelancer or independent contractor for a company that may be in the process of scaling but not quite there to hire full-time staff. This is where you come in and make some cash. Here are some of the part-time remote company work options worth considering if you already have the skills in place:

  • Account Management: This type of job involves overseeing client and account relationships for a company, including answering emails, calling clients, and providing them with information about products or services.
  • Accounting: If you have bookkeeping or accounting skills, you can work remotely for companies that require your financial and tax expertise.
  • Administrative: Working as a virtual assistant for a company, you can manage schedules, make appointments, and handle administrative tasks from home.
  • IT: Companies need tech support, so you can provide this assistance to help with networking, security, and remote access.
  • Customer Service: This type of remote job involves using phone, email, messaging apps, and social media to deliver service and support to customers who have questions or concerns.
  • Marketing: From social media to search marketing and everything in-between, companies need help with promoting their brands, products, and/or services.
  • Medical Billing/Coding: Physicians and hospitals often need help inputting data and coding it for patient files. It requires a lot of focus and accuracy.
  • Sales: This is another skill often sought by companies that are looking to add revenue without expanding their sales team to full-time members. And, in the digital age, it’s much easier to work from home to create and convert leads through online channels or via phone.
  • Project Management: Companies need project managers who can create and oversee project schedules, teams, and budgets. With so many tools available it’s easy to do this remotely.
  • Communications: As more companies recognize the need to develop a separate commuications department for internal and/or external needs, a remote employee can provide these services, which may include newsletter development, portal management and updates, emails, and more.
  • Writing/Editing: Numerous departments within a company may benefit from your writing and editiner services, from assisting with scripts, speeches, and presentations to writing and editing articles, reports, and white papers.

Personal Vehicle Rental

I personally like Turo because it’s like the Airbnb of personal vehicle rental. You can list your car for free, upload photos, and mark when the vehicle is ready for rental.

However, you can also consider HyreCar, Getaround, and TravelCar all of which work as an online marketplace models. These help ensure that your vehicle stays safe and there is a neutral third-party to negotiate any issues like damages.

This is an ideal way to make money if you don’t use your vehicle much or you have an extra vehicle like a classic car or luxury car that someone else would love to drive. Many report that they make between $500-$1,000 per month doing this gig.  Certain vehicles offer more in earnings, including an SUV versus a compact car or a luxury vehicle versus a sedan vehicle.

Before you get started on signing up with any of these car rental services, please read all of the fine print and make sure you have a solid insurance plan.

Twitch Channel

While many people are still focused on YouTube, Twitch has been quietly gaining ground with the younger set as another place to build a following and make money online. Twitch is a streaming platform that gamers prefer. There are a number of ways to make money thanks to Twitch users, affiliates, and partners.

Becoming a Twitch affiliate is one of the best ways to make money followed by becoming a Twitch partner. You can join other affiliate programs or you can become part of the Twitch Affiliate Program. Many Twitch streamers join an affiliate network that sells products that gamers will be interested in, such as Amazon, which owns Twitch.

If you are gaining ground and a following on Twitch, you can make and sell your own merchandise. You can also ask your followers for donations to help create more entertainment for them on Twitch. Again, if you have a following, then you can also attract the attention of brands that will become sponsors and pay you money for the rights to advertise their brand on your Twitch.

If you want to join the Twitch Affiliate Program, you must stream for at least eight hours in the last 30 days, stream on at least seven days in the last 30 days, receive an average of three viewers per stream, and grow your audience to at least 50 followers. Then, you can make money with Twitch Bits, which are small donations from viewers. Twitch Subscriptions provide a way to make recurring income because your followers subscribe to your channel for a monthly fee.

The Twitch Partner program is or the best streamers and influencers on Twitch. You’ll have to be invited to this level of money-making opportunity. It could be based on your content, viewership, and/or streaming frequency and schedule. To make money, Twitch Partners can run ads on your stream. Twitch pays you a flat-rate CPM, which is approximately $1 to $2 per thousand views.

Online Focus Groups

You can easily rent your camera gear with KitSplit. This site lets you rent out all your camera equipment, lens sets and kits, and camera accessories. Doing so can recoop the cost of gear you may not use very often. The platform is designed to help you make money while protecting your camera gear.

Typically, there are no amateurs on the site. Instead, it is a community of pros that just want to borrow some decent equipment versus outlay all their money upfront for something they don’t use often. Many KitSplit members are looking for video and camera equipment for films, TV shows, and social media.

The company uses a 40+ point risk assessment before agreeing to lend out your equipment. Renters are also insured and this is verified by KitSplit. Another good thing about using this site to make money online is that you can get paid instantly in your bank account.

Clothing Rental or Sales Websites

There’s no better way to clear out your closet than to rent or sell your clothing and accessories online plus you’ll make some decent money in the process.

Let’s start with the potential to sell your clothing and accessories. There are many online consignment shops, including thredUP, Poshmark, and Snobswap. Some offer ways to sell your designer duds while others take more mainstream brands.Other places to sell your clothing, bags, belts, shoes, and more are eBay, VarageSale, Craigslist, LetGo, and OfferUp. Social media groups and accounts also provide a platform to sell your clothing and accessories.To get the most, be sure to use high-quality photos, write detailed product descriptions, and set a realistic price. Make sure to list the brand, size, and color. Now, onto sites where you can rent out your clothing and accessories. Similarly, you can put items up for rent with sites like Style Lend, Rent Not Buy, and Rent My Wardrobe. Research each site to see what they focus on and understand their policies and procedures.

Becoming a notary is a state-by-state process that can offer a good way to make extra money, especially when more people are working remotely and there are strong periods of mortgage and refinance activity that fuel much of the notary business.

You do need to get some training but it can be well worth it given that it tends to just involve courses and not college. After training, the next step is to pass a state-administered exam. Then, you get fingerprinting and a background check as well as a commission certificate from the state where you plan on operating as a notary. These steps may cost you about $200 and take about eight weeks to complete, but you will make that back quickly as you get your first notary jobs.

Rather than just a side hustle, you may have to spend more time on this type of online job. Think of it more like starting your own business. You can make upwards of $100 per file, which can net an average of $2,200 a month on a part-time basis. If you decide to do it full-time, then you can clearly make even more.

You will need to travel to your clients to notarize the documents so your expenses may involve gas and wear and tear on your vehicle.

Growing your business means starting to network online and offline to find companies where you can offer your notary services. It will take time to build up a clientele, but you can also accelerate it by creating a website and social media presence. Be sure to sign on to local networking groups like Alignable as well as join your local Chamber of Commerce.

Also, join directories like Look to create partnerships with those that need documents notarized like banks, mortgage companies, escrow and title companies, lawyers, insurance agencies, and more. You can expand your notary business in some states by officiating marriages, becoming a field inspector, and certified signing agent.

Garage Rental

While you know about Airbnb and renting a room, home, or apartment out, and you know you can rent your car out, you can also rent out your garage. For those of you that have a garage you might wonder who would be interested in renting it. Well, there are many reasons.

For example, they may live somewhere that only offers street parking but no secure, covered parking. Or, a person might want the space for storage or as a shop space. Maybe they want to work on their classic car.

To make your garage into an online money maker, you need to make sure it’s in good condition with a concrete floor, good walls, and a roof that keeps out the elements. If you live in a more severe climate, it would also be good to offer some type of climate control like air conditioning or heating. Access to electricity and maybe even water could also make your garage more likely to be in demand. Throw in bathroom access and those looking to borrow it as a workshop will be signing up.

Finally, it may be better if your garage is detached from your home. You may not want the risk of potential access to your home let alone the potential noise or fumes. If you have a separate garage or outbuildings, this is ideal.

Before you put your garage up for rent, make sure it’s legal to do in your area, including the activities that renters may want to do like paint their vehicles or use heavy machinery. Then, get your garage ready like  polishing the floors, painting, adding a better or more secure garage door, and fixing anything that’s broken.

You can rent the garage by the month or week, depending on what you are marketing it as for those interested. Prices can go from $125 per month for a single-car size up to $350 for a two-car garage. Larger buildings may be even more. You’ll need to determine how utilities may go up and work that into the price to make sure you get the most profit.

Get your garage listed on sites like SpareFoot, GaragePointer, or Neighbor. Like other sharing economy marketplaces, these help you navigate the process and provide assistance should any issues arise. You can opt to rent the garage yourself but there are more risks involved.

Cryptocurrency Trading

The cryptocurrency industry has grown substantially since  2008 and has created a new marketplace opportunity with Bitcoin and cryptocurrency trading. There have been highs in pricing like 2013 and 2017 but also many spite the ups and downs, there are ways to make money. You can invest in crypto assets and hold them for a long time or you can opt for trading that takes a much shorter view on making money. To do this, you an buy and sell actual crypto coins or use derivatives. Another option is staking and lending, which is where investors make money through altcoins. Other ways to make money with cryptocurrency include participating in a blockchain-based social media platform or mining, which is a critical part of the cryptocurrency environment.Each of these ways to make money online with cryptocurrency involve a lot of research and study before jumping in. This way of making money comes with significant risks and is much more complex than most things on our list. However, there is a lot of money to be made, too. We could write a huge guide just on this topic because there is so much to know. That’s why it’s so important to take the time to study the options first.

Mystery Shopper

A fun way to make money online is to become a mystery shopper. There are so many companies available that you can join that get you out there, shopping and making money. This includes sites in the U.S. like Bestmark, Secret Shopper, Pinnacle, Quest For Best, and Intellishop. Going online and searching the term, “mystery shopper,” will open up a long list of potential sites to join. Be careful as some sites may be for the UK and require you to shop at UK stores.

Companies want to use mystery shoppers because it helps them ensure that their employees are doing everything they have been asked to do to create an exceptional customer experience. Mystery shoppers can look at the service they receive, food quality, retail display, and many other factors all without the employees realizing what’s happening.

Most assignments require that you read through what you need to focus on before doing the shop. The information will also explain how much you will get reimbursed and how much you will get paid for the shop and follow-up report. Once you submit your report, then it may take a week or up to a month to get paid. Since you get reimbursed for the food and clothing or whatever else you have to buy to do the experience, you are getting free stuff plus a fee for your time and opinion.

You can select how many mystery shops you want to do rather than being obligated to fulfill a certain amount of mystery shops. This means you can do it on your time and when you have openings in your gig schedule. It’s okay to take your kids with you on these mystery ventures and even preferred when it involves kid products.

Expert at Tax Prep – Sell Your Skills

While tax season is not a year-round job, you can put your tax prep skills to work to make money online throughout the year. This gig is definitely for someone already skilled in this area. If you know how to do bookkeeping as well as financial and tax reporting, then this side gig is for you.

To expand your revenue, you can take on tasks for companies, business owners, and entrepreneurs like bookkeeping services. Then, you can consider offering other services like payroll, financial planning, and tax planning. Thanks to today’s technology, there are many software packages that make it easy to add more clients and get these tasks done accurately and efficiently. To go even farther, you could add to your expertise through offering real estate brokering, benefits planning, and insurance.

Recreational Vehicle Rental

Like the other aspects of the sharing economy (homes, vehicles, and garages), you can also make money by renting out your RV, which may often sit unused for weeks or months at a time. Instead of it collecting dust, you could be collecting cash for that trailer, fifth wheel, RV, or toy hauler.

On average, you can make a minimum of $100 per night and potentially thousands of dollars per year, which can pay off your RV loan and start earning you money for the investment. While there is the fact that someone else will be putting miles on it and adding to the wear and tear, it is still more profitable than having it sit in your driveway or paying for a storage facility to keep it. Of course, what you earn also depends on the type of RV. Class A is between $175 and $275 a night while Class B and C are around $100 to $200 per night. A fifth wheel, travel trailer, and pop-up camper can vary from $50 to $150 per night. Those RVs with more gadgets and features also can earn a higher per night rental rate. Depending where you live also plays a role in how much money you can make. In a state like California or Florida, you could potentially rent out your RV the entire year round. Other locations may have off-seasons that may reduce your revenue-making opportunities. Rates can go higher during peak season and then be lowered for off–peak to still attract some renters. Like the other aspects of the sharing economy, online marketplaces have emerged just for recreational vehicles, including RV Share, Outdoorsy, and Campanda. There are many more, so research them all and then decide on one or two sites where you can increase your chances of reaching more renters. These sites are similar to how Airbnb work, offering a way to list your RV with photos and descriptions as well as payment system and assistance with any issues. Just remember to consider the costs along with the money you can make. There may be some fees and commissions as well as maintenance and cleaning costs. However, over time, you will get more out of it than having it sit there doing nothing.


Another way to put your handy skill to work is to join TaskRabbit. The site matches people with other people who have odd jobs that need to be done. Think of it as a marketplace for handymen. The site offers gigs that are valued at a wide range of pricing and options for short- and long-term jobs. The result can be a hundred or so dollars a week up to a couple of thousands.

TaskRabbit offers people known as “Taskers” easy access to potential clients rather than having to do the marketing themselves. That means you can go on their site, scroll through jobs, and put your interest in. Once you get a job, you can collect payment less TaskRabbit’s 20% service fee for getting you the gig.

Not everyone can make thousands of dollars a month on this site, but those that do have multiple handyman skills. They are also flexible and willing to take on all types of jobs, including carpentry, construction, furniture assembly, repairs, minor renovations, junk collection, and more. It’s a good idea to have a wide selection of tools and the desire to do quality work. The more you can offer these traits, the better the reviews, and the greater the potential to win gigs on TaskRabbit.

DIY Videos and Online Tutorials

If you have ever had an issue around the house or curious how to do something yourself, you may have turned to YouTube for tutorial videos. Two or more hours later, you resurface from binge-watching these YouTube tutorials and you know how to fix the toilet or replace a shower head.

That’s good, but what’s even better is if you are the person able to make those DIY videos because, over time, you’ll be able to make money online with those skills and videos. First, you can connect an Adsense account to your YouTube channel and make money through having those ads at the start of your tutorial/DIY videos. It’s easy to set up but the passive income is tiny.

That’s okay because you can do more to make money on top of that at the same time with these videos. You can also add in affiliate links and sell items like downloadable eBooks, courses, or products through an online store that aligns with your DIY skills. You might even have a service or repair business that you can promote to win customers. This money maker nets more revenue than Adsense, but there is no guarantee that you can win customers.

The biggest way to make money on DIY videos is to include sponsored content. If you gain sponsors and include content related to them that can help your audience, it gets you the most money through this type of online gig. However, you’ll need to build your following and YouTube channels subscribers up to get a sponsor so this will take considerable time to get and convert into revenue.

Private Label Products on Amazon

If you’re interested in making money online by starting your own online business, an effective way to do so involves selling private label products through Amazon’s Fulfilled-by-Amazon (FBA) program. It takes a minimal investment of money but a significant amount of time to research, plan, execute, and manage.

The most important thing is to brainstorm the type of private label products you want to sell. Keep an eye on what’s trending and what may be up-in-coming where you could stand out and also satisfy demand. It’s good to go to crowdfunding sites where people are introducing their new product ideas to see what you could connect with and help them while you also build a lucrative business.

You’ll also want to do market research to study the audience, trends, environment, and competition. Other factors include identifying high-volume products so you can sell a higher amount of them each month. Look for suppliers and manufacturers you can partner with, including platforms like Alibaba.

With all those aspects of your private label business in place, you can now create your Amazon listing. You’ll need professional photos, a specific listing title, and descriptive content that sells your product for you. Keywords are a must if you want your target audience to find you.

From there, the Amazon program does much of the work for you. However, you should still use other tactics to optimize your results, including Amazon PPC where you can bid on “sponsored ads.” This may take some time to get right as will the pricing and product mix, but it’s a business that can net you a good profit along with the other jobs on this list.

Errand Services

With a shifting work environment that has moved to home and the ongoing threat associated with viruses like COVID-19 not to mention hectic schedules, more people are relying on errand services to do things like buy groceries and deliver food and beverages from restaurants and cafes.

Companies like Instacart, Shipt, Postmates, Door Dash, Uber Eats and GrubHub offer many part-time positions that are designed to fit your freelance schedule. You’ll get a fee plus a tip from the customer you are delivering for and can sign up for gigs through apps when you are available.

The more gigs you take, you are then in the running for some of the more premium orders that are larger and yield a higher fee and most likely larger tip. This may take many orders to achieve plus you’ll need to provide excellent service to get the best rating and review from your customers.

There is no skill required to get this job, but you will need to deliver good service in a timely fashion, be friendly, and offer effective communication. There is wear and tear on your vehicle to consider but other than that the overhead costs are very low for the potential money you will make.

Babysitting or Childcare Through is a good site to sign up for if you have the time and patience to watch other people’s kids or even their pets. There are all types of options — from one-off babysitting gigs for an evening to day care hours to weekend or regular nanny services. The site also covers gigs for walking and caring for pets. You can find local gigs and get paid a decent hourly wage for your services.

You will pay some fees for having the site connect you to jobs instead of you doing it on your own. Many of these gigs can turn into regular opportunities if you provide loving care and service for clients. Hourly wages are anywhere from the going minimum wage in your area to a higher rate of between $20 and $30 per hour, depending on the gig, area of the country, and number of children or pets you may be asked to watch at one time.

3. Rent Your Car Stuff

Maybe you don’t have a lot of space to rent out, and maybe you don’t want to sell your stuff. But there is a third option that is a pretty crazy way to make $10,000 – rent your stuff.

  • Rent Your Car: If you’re not using your car (or maybe you have an “extra” car?), then you might consider renting it out. We first reviewed Turo a year ago, and since then, it’s grown tremendously. This is a website that lets you list your car for rent, and then connects renters to you who might be interested. Turo claims that you can make $1,000 renting your car, but even if you make less, it’s still a great way to boost your income. Check out Turo here.
  • Rent Your Stuff: If you have “stuff” around the house that you think others might like, you can rent it! For example, electronics, tools, lawn and garden stuff, and more can all be rented online. Our favorite sites that you can list your items for rent are Loanables and RentNotBuy. You can also list items for rent on Craigslist as well.
  • Rent Your Clothes: If you specifically have items your want to rent in your closet, you can use a site like StyleLend to lend your clothes. Maybe you have a fun cocktail dress or a suit that doesn’t fit anymore? These are the perfect clothing items to rent out to  others who may need them but don’t want to buy them. And you can make a little money doing it as well.

Worklife Balance Quotes To Get You In the Right Mindset

The Adventure of Life

Finding a work-life balance allows us to replenish our spirits and perform better. However, it’s not the easiest thing to master. We all need a little help sometimes, so we look for inspiration. That’s why I’ve compiled my favorite worklife balance quotes in this…

22. Money-making strategy: Decorate homes for the holidays

Whether it’s New Year’s, Christmas lighting, Easter, Fourth of July or any other holiday, you can get paid to help decorate homes. This might involve putting up lights inside or outside, decorating trees, setting up games and decor. 

Use the internet and social media to find clients, or simply advertise to your local network. There are loads of options when it comes to doing specialty jobs like this. 

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How to Make Money Now 

If you’re a nurturing person, you might be able to make money providing care. This can be a great job to do on weekends, in the evenings, or if you are home with your own children during the week.

This type of work is the perfect opportunity to get paid quick, as these services are often paid in advance.

21. Babysit

A lot of parents would prefer that their children are watched in a private home rather than in a daycare center.

So if you’re home with your own kids, you could add a child or two to your busy household during daytime hours and make a nice income.

BabyCenter says that average in-home child care fees range from $300 to $1,000 per month. But if you live in a city, you’re probably able to charge more than if you live in an area with a lower cost of living.

If you watch two or three children even in an area with a low COL, you could bring in $1,000 in one month.

22. Provide Companionship

If young children aren’t your thing, providing companionship and some services to an elderly person in your community can pay off in more ways than one.

A companion might help with errands and light housekeeping, such as grocery shopping, preparing a meal, and cleaning up the dishes. They might also play card games or just sit and talk to their charge.

Depending on your area, an agency might charge $15 to $25 per hour. You can base your fees on that or go a little lower.

If you charged $20 per hour and spent five hours with your client on a Saturday, you’d make $100 per week. Adding another client per week would double that and you’d have your thousand dollars in just five weeks.

23. Become a Petsitter

Humans aren’t the only ones who need some extra TLC. When pet owners travel or if they work long hours, they need someone to care for their four-legged family members.

While some people board their pets, others prefer more personalized care.

This can be especially true for pets who are nervous around a lot of other animals or for people who don’t want their dogs crated for long periods of time.

You could go to your clients’ homes or you could have pets stay at your home while their owners are away. For in-home boarding, you might charge $25 to $50 per overnight.

You could charge $15 to $20 per visit if you just go in and feed and play with pets for a half hour. Longer visits warrant a higher fee.

You could easily make 1000 in a month if you keep your evenings and weekends busy with being a petsitter or dog walker.

8. Lend Money To Others

Another option if you have a little bit of money that you’re looking to leverage is to lend money to others! This sounds odd, but being a lender can be a great way to earn $10,000 or more! There are also platforms out there that make it really easy to get started.

The main companies in this space are Prosper and Lending Club. These companies offer personal loans, that typically range anywhere from $1,000 to $40,000. These personal loans can be used for anything, from refinancing student loan debt, to doing home improvement projects.

There’s also a new upstart called Lenme that allows you to lend directly.

As a lender, you can invest in loans that meet your criteria for interest and time. You get paid back principal and interest every month, and you can reinvest that money into other loans.

Check out Lending Club and get started!

Making an Extra $1,000 a Month Is Totally Doable

Making an extra $1,000 a month really isn’t that hard. You just need to pick something from the above list that matches your skills, interests, and available time.

So what are you waiting for? That money isn’t going to make itself. Get out there and start earning it!

Want a more detailed look at some of the jobs we discuss in this guide? Check out these 5 jobs that let you ditch the office and work from home.

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How to make $1,000 a week from home

28. Rent out your space

It’s not only unused things that can make your money. You should also look into making money from any unused space you have.

This could include any empty bedrooms in your house, which offer a perfect way to make money through Airbnb. You don’t even have to rent it out all the time – simply make the room available on the site whenever you need a bit of extra cash.

And this can be particularly lucrative if you live somewhere where there are a lot of tourists or where people travel often for work or for major events.

You can also make money in a similar way from renting out any spare parking space you have on sites like Oscar.

We all know how crazy expensive parking can be in major cities. So if you have a spare spot for some reason, you can rent this out for literally hundreds of dollars a week for someone else to use.

Depending on where you live and how much parking is at a premium nearby, this is one of the simplest ways to make $1,000 fast as you literally have to do nothing at all.

29. Sell your car

Many households spend far more on having a car – or cars – than they need to. 

Perhaps they have two cars, when one would be more than enough with a few changes in schedules and habits to allow everyone to share its use. Or maybe their cars are much bigger than they need or older and less fuel efficient.

In either case, you’re going to spend a small fortune on gas and maintenance compared to changing to a more efficient option.

That’s why one way to get $1,000 fast is to look into changing your household’s car situation. If you have two cars, it’s time to seriously look into dropping back to a one car household.

And if your one car has been costing you more than you’re comfortable with, you should look into switching to a more fuel-efficient, smaller second hand car – or even getting rid of your car all together.

After all, taking public transport, walking or riding a bike everywhere is going to cost a fraction of the price of having a car. Not to mention the money saved on your increased health!

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30. Rent out your stuff

If you have a lot of unused stuff lying around, renting out to people who want to actually use it can be a simple way to make $1,000 a week from home.

Things like a bike that you’re not riding much at the moment or sporting or photographic equipment is in very high demand on sites like Buro.

By renting out your stuff through sites like these, you’ll be insured in case something happens to your things. And assuming everything goes to plan, this is a great way to make extra money with barely any effort needed on your part.

31. Rent out your car

Similar to the above, if you have a car sitting in your garage unused for long periods of time, you can easily make money from this by renting it out to other people.

Turo is a great site for this. You simply post a profile online and people can then indicate their interest in using your car for short periods of time.

While the site does provide some insurance, make sure this is enough for you and that doing this won’t have any implications on your own personal car insurance.

Otherwise, if that’s all in order, this is an easy option to make money from your car instead of simply having it sitting and gathering dust somewhere.

Bottom line

If you’re interested in learning how to make $1,000 a day, you can get started today. It might take some time to grow your efforts to that level of earnings. But if you start now and leverage your extra earnings to invest, save, and grow your wealth, you’ll give yourself a head start.

Our side hustle stacks listed above are great examples of how to make money on top of your day job. But the possibilities don’t end there. You can create your own stack that sounds most exciting to you.

The step-by-step formula for making $1,000 a day is simple:

  • Keep working that day job
  • Find a side hustle that will generate some extra income
  • Identify additional ways to save or get rewards
  • Use the extra money you earn to invest and generate passive income

With some consistent effort, you can build a system for yourself to earn extra money through side hustles, save more of what you earn, and put that money to work growing for you. $1,000 a day is in your future!

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