How to Get Rich Without a College Degree –

How to Get Rich Without a College Degree –

Tip: Focus on Building Career Capital

You don’t necessarily need a diploma, but you do need skills and a plan.

To create a financial plan, you first have to think about the big picture. That’s often easier said than done. It’s pretty hard to think about who you’ll be five years from now when you have bills to pay and bacon to bring home today. 

But by focusing only on what you can earn right now, you may be pigeonholing yourself into a low-earning or low-demand skill set. And that will cost you big bucks in the coming years. 

Instead, select opportunities that allow you to build career capital — the skills and experience that will grow your income in the future. 

When evaluating whether a job or opportunity will build career capital, look for any of these three things:

  1. A foothold into an industry with upward opportunity.
  2. The flexibility to pursue higher education or training.
  3. Skills or experiences that are in high demand and that you can leverage in other jobs.

The more of these a job has, the better.

For instance, a dental receptionist job may have decent pay and not require a diploma, but there isn’t a clear path out of that job and on to better things. Plus, it’s 9 to 5, which doesn’t allow much time for other pursuits.

The skills you develop in that job may lead you to another receptionist position, but they are unlikely to lead to much else. 

In contrast, a position as a roustabout apprentice on an oil rig will get you an in with a very profitable industry. You’ll acquire safety training and skills using various pieces of heavy equipment, which will likely lead to greater responsibility (and pay) on the rig — or allow you to transfer to other construction jobs. 

Focus on the job and lifestyle you’d like to have, then work backward to plot out what steps will take you there. 

This journey isn’t necessarily a linear one. You may gather skills from a few different jobs to get some depth to your resume and meet all the qualifications for your dream position. You may take on a few side hustles while you pursue more training or education. 

Whatever the career path looks like for you, begin with the end in mind. Consider what you want to spend your hours and days doing, and make moves to create that life for yourself. 


Offer consulting services

Think bigger than offering to train bookkeepers by the hour, or teach a course to business managers. Position yourself as a consultant instead, and get paid to share advice on everything from lean management to accounting. Think about pain points and how you can help solve a business' biggest problems.

Consultants enjoy the ultimate flexibility as independent contractors who can work with businesses either by the day or for the long term. While consultants don't need a college degree, they do benefit from having certifications with the tools they're recommending. Consultants also need in-depth industry knowledge.

3. Steve Madden

Steve Madden attended the University of Miami for a short time but quickly landed back in his native New York in 1978 after his father stopped funding his education due to his fun-loving ways. He gained experience working for a variety of footwear companies before starting his own in 1990 with just $1,100 in his bank account. Madden has now amassed a fortune of $300 million and has expanded his footwear company into a lifestyle brand offering clothing and a number of accessories. Time for a Change? Companies That Let You Work From Anywhere

2. Michael Jordan

Michael’s one of the best basketball players in existence. Sports was his gift. He became a billionaire off leveraging other people to handle the business aspect of what he does. They leveraged his brand and reputation to create products like the famous Air Jordan shoes to make him a billionaire.

Get adventurous

Skydiving was a life-changing event for me that I’ll never forget. Skydiving instructors don’t need a formal education, though a license may be required from the United States Parachute Association (USPA), depending on where you work. Consider guiding whitewater rafting and kayaking tours or mountain climbing groups to earn money while you enjoy an adventure.

Adventure-related jobs may not pay much if you go the traditional route by working for a company; skydivers for example reportedly earn only roughly $40 a jump. But there are still ways to profit from your passion. Branch out and start your own business; or sell gear; or train clients to get certified to jump. Also, think about organizing weekend retreats.

14. Digital Nomad

Some high school leavers may try to find their fortune on the internet. Setting up an e-commerce business, such as FBA – fulfillment by Amazon, allows you to create an online income selling other manufacturers products online.

By earning an online income, you are in the same p

By earning an online income, you are in the same position as a VA, where the world is your oyster, and you can work from any destination you choose that has an internet connection.

5. Virtual Assistant

Being a virtual assistant to an online entrepreneur is an excellent way to earn a living. You get to enjoy the benefits of working from home – at any location in the world that has an internet connection. This level of freedom is like no other personal assistant job you’ve ever had. In some cases, you may never even lay eyes on your employer, chatting with them over virtual message channels and email only.

For the most part, VA jobs don’t pay very well, bu

For the most part, VA jobs don’t pay very well, but with the right training and experience, it’s possible to land a VA position that pays more than $100,00 per year.

11. Steve Wozniak

The Apple co-founder and inventor of the Apple I and II computers had a knack for building electronics from scratch at an early age. He briefly attended the University of California at Berkeley, which is when he met high school student Steve Jobs through a mutual friend. Steve Wozniak worked for Hewlett-Packard for a short time before quitting to join forces with Jobs to found Apple. His net worth is $10 million. Find Out:  The 50 Cheapest Cities for Renters

10 Highest Paying Jobs You Can Learn (Without College)

Andrei Jikh | 15:25 | 1,858,882

These are the 10 highest paying jobs you can learn without needing a college degree. Jobs that pay $75,000 and higher. ► My Stock Portfolio: …

The Department of Education’s 2017 IES Report

The Department of Education’s IES report describes income outcomes for young adults 25 to 34. In 2014, workers without high-school diplomas earned $24,000 annually; workers with high-school diplomas earned $30,500; workers who completed some college earned $31,900 and workers with a bachelor’s degree earned $49,900. Workers with a master’s degree or higher earned $59,200.


Black Excellence, Black Wealth, Black Power | 07:53 | 5,742

Often I am asked, "How can someone make a lot of money with a GED or High School diploma?" AND "How can someone set his/her children up for…

6. Markus Persson (a.k.a. Notch) net worth $1.5 Billion

Markus is a very interesting example of a billionaire because he never really had exceptional business skills. He is the founder of the widely popular game Minecraft and was responsible for programming and updating it. He fed off the rapid demand of the game. He held onto it for years despite acquisition offers, eventually selling to Microsoft.

Markus has a very active twitter account, and is quite entrenched in Internet culture. He donated to a Fair-use copyright fund to protect Youtuber’s rights in 2016.

He has said that he liked starting off creating Minecraft because he could do what he wanted. But he didn’t like when it hit critical mass because he could everyone was always complaining no matter what he did and he couldn’t please them.

9. Design and Sell T-Shirts

In a post on how he made $100,000 in five months selling t-shirts, Benny Hsu says, “I’m tired of listening to people say ‘get a real job’” (I like that attitude).

Hsu uses Facebook ads as a primary sales method, and he uses Teespring to print and ship his shirts (there are also other platforms you can use).

Again, it isn’t easy. Hsu says he had 21 failed businesses before he made a real profit (but he also made a $30,000 profit in 30 days from an iPhone app).

FAQs About Jobs That Don’t Require a High School Diploma

These are a few common questions about this topic. If you’re wondering about somehting that we didn’t cover in this article, please leave a comment below — we’ll do the research and add the answer to this section!

Can you join the military without a high school diploma?

In most cases, a high school diploma is required to join the military. However, you may be able to join the National Guard, which has programs to help recruits complete their GED. 

Can you attend vocational or technical education school without a high school diploma?

Most trade, vocational and tech schools require a high school diploma or a GED — and you should approach those that don’t with a healthy dose of skepticism.Those schools tend to be expensive, for-profit institutions with poor reputations, and you might be better off investing your time and resources in earning your GED and then applying to a better program.

Can you find these jobs at a career fair? For the more traditional jobs on this list, employers will often participate in career fairs — although more and more of those are occurring online. Here are some tips for succeeding at virtual job fairs.

11. Sells Things in Online Games

If you play any of the many multiplayer games online, you know there are various in-game items that are in demand. Sometimes selling things to other players is forbidden, but some games actually encourage it.

For example, Sony Online’s Player Studio program allows you to create and sell in-game items, and keep 40% of each sale. It can add up.

In fact, reports that, “one gamer has made over $100,000 creating and selling in-game items in SOE’s Player Studio program.”

Of course, you’ve probably heard of Ailin Graef, whose avatar Anshe Chung made millions of dollars selling virtual land in the game Second Life.

How can I increase my chances of getting hired?

After you have found the ideal job for you, you will need to prepare a resume, apply for the job and complete at least one interview to receive an offer. There are several steps you can take to help increase your chances of getting a job that doesn't require a high school diploma, such as:

  1. Craft your resume.

  2. Tailor your resume for each job.

  3. Interview with confidence.

  4. Find an apprenticeship or internship.

  5. Earn a GED.

  6. Work with an employment agency.

1. Craft your resume

A resume should be easy to read and look professional and clean. Your resume should be straightforward and only include relevant information. It's helpful to list skills and achievements toward the top of your resume to prioritize it.

Be sure to use active language in your resume by using power words like "achieved," "earned" or "accomplished." Before you send out your resume, make sure you proofread it to check for spelling and grammar errors. It is also a good idea to have a trusted friend or family member proofread your resume.

2. Tailor your resume for each job

For each position you apply to, it's important to tailor your resume to fit that job description. In your resume, include only relevant work experience, achievements, education and skills that match the job posting.

For example, if you are applying to a position in retail, your resume should list skills and previous work experiences relevant to a retail position, such as customer service experience, problem-solving skills and time-management skills.

3. Interview with confidence

During the interview, you should answer all questions honestly and professionally. Be sure to make eye contact and speak with confidence. You should discuss what value you bring to the company and why they should hire you. You can explain how you fit the company culture and ways that you can contribute to the team.

4. Find an apprenticeship or internship

To develop the specialized skills necessary to work in your desired career field, it may be beneficial to find an apprenticeship or an internship program. These programs are designed to help you learn from experienced professionals and expand your skill set so you can be successful in your career. Working in an internship or as an apprentice allows you to build your resume by showing that you have some prior experience in that field.

5. Earn a GED

As an alternative to a high school diploma, a GED certificate is a measure of language arts, math, social studies and science aptitude. You will need to review the GED requirements in your area and pass the exam. Upon passing the exam, you earn a high school equivalency credential, which is like getting a high school diploma. Earning a GED can provide an abundance of advanced educational and career opportunities.

6. Work with an employment agency

Employment agencies are organizations that match employees to employers. These agencies help you find employment by focusing on your skills and matching those skills to different jobs. Employment agencies are designed to fill all types of jobs in a wide range of career fields. These professionals are dedicated to helping you find a job that promotes your skill set.


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