How Much Does It Cost to Rent An RV in 2021?

How Much Does It Cost to Rent An RV in 2021?

How Much Does Renting an RV Cost?

Traveling in an RV is a lot of fun but it can cost a lot of money. The average amount of money for a rental is about $150 a night. Higher-end RV’s will be more, especially if they are newer models. Airstreams are definitely more expensive as well.

 In addition, there are fees that need to be paid, like insurance and taxes. A lot of companies require you to pay by the mile. The amount per mile could be $0.50 a mile, but that adds up on a long distance trip.

Other companies may include a number of miles for a price and charge extra if the miles are gone over. 

Per week, the amount that a rental costs is $1,200 – $2,000. 

Something to keep in mind is that there usually is a safety deposit that needs to be given upon pick up of the RV as well.  

The price will change depending on the rental that you decide upon. Newer models will be more expensive. Typically motorhomes (RV’s that are not towed) will be pricier. 

More beds and amenities will increase the price as well. 

Good websites to find a rental on will be:

  • RVShare – Works similarly to Airbnb but for RV’s. People list their RV’s when they are not using them. This can save you money if you narrow down the selections. 
  • Outdoorsy – This company works like RVShare. You can type in your price range to make sure you find something that is within your budget. 
  • RVezy – Canada’s most popular peer-to-peer RV rental company has expanded to the US. Offering better insurance and income rates, they have quickly found a foothold here in the States.

Finding the right tool is essential to help you find the best price.


Hawaii Campervan Rentals

In Hawaii, your road trip may have shorter distances, but with stops for fresh poke and shave ice plus epic nature and sunset views, you won’t feel like you’re lacking!

Places to visit on your Hawaii road trip:

  • Drive the Hamakua Coast via Modern and Old Mamalahoa Highway on the Big Island

  • Drive the tropical Road to Hana as winds around the east side of Maui

  • Visit Oahu’s North Short from the Hoomaluhia Botanical Garden to the relaxed surf town of Haleiwa

  • Take a picturesque coastal drive from Molokai’s main town of Kaunakakai to Halawa Beach

Hawaii Surf Campers


Image source: Hawaii Surf Campers

Image source: Hawaii Surf Campers

  • At a glance: A small fleet of vintage 70’s VW busses and custom converted Ford Transit vans with plenty of room for your surf board

  • USA Rental Locations: North Shore Oahu, San Diego

  • Type of rental: High-end price point

Looking for unique accommodation in Oahu? Hawaii Surf Campers just might be the perfect solution for you! Their small fleet includes a range of campervans from vintage 70’s VW busses to their in-house renovated Ford Transit. They offer 2-4 person sleepers, some with pop-tops, kitchenettes, etc. 

Starting at $149/day during the low season, prices vary based on the vehicle you choose and the length of your trip. All camper rentals come with bedding, blankets, towels, a cooler, and basic kitchen supplies. They also offer airport pick-up and drop-offs as well as vehicle delivery for your convenience, local knowledge and advice about the island as well as complimentary souvenir mugs.


  • Fun photogenic classic vans

  • Discounted surf lessons at a local surf school

  • Complimentary souvenir mug


  • Not able to stand up in the van (unless you get a pop-top)

  • No self-contained options available (aka no toilets)

Outdoorsy Rentals in Hawaii

Here are some of our favorite Outdoorsy listings in Hawaii.

2006 Ford E350

  • Location: Kaneohe, HI

  • Capacity: 2 seatbelts, sleeps 2

  • Notable Amenities: Solar power, kitchen sink, fridge, stove, microwave, microwave, AC, TV

  • Mileage: 100 miles/day

Check Availability

2016 Winnebago Travato

  • Location: Kahului, HI

  • Capacity: 4 seatbelts, sleeps 4

  • Notable Amenities: Solar power, generator, kitchen sink, fridge, stove, microwave, toilet, indoor shower, AC, heat, ceiling fan

  • Mileage: 100 miles/day

Check Availability

Don’t forget to enter our exclusive discount code TWOWANDERINGSOLES at checkout to get $50 off your first campervan rental!

Find more rentals in Hawaii

Adventure Travel Sports Rentals

Rental Locations: Laguna Niguel CA, Las Vegas NV, Denver CO

Based out of Denver, Colorado, Adventure Travel Sports Rentals have the ultimate adventure rigs. Their slogan is, “RVs are for sightseeing, rigs are for adventure”, so if that’s what you’re seeking you’ll want to check out their rental fleet. They rent truck campers, SUVs, Winnebagos, and Sportsmobiles – all set up for 4×4 offroad adventures. Each rig comes with a variety of items, like cookware, sleeping bags, and a stove, with additional items available for rent. And, they’re 4-season ready with AC and heat. Depending on the vehicle and the length of your trip, daily rates are between $150-350 and include 150 miles/day. Certain rentals are only available in a specific location, so be sure to check their inventory to find the rig and location that works for your road trip.

Photos from Adventure Travel Sports Rentals
Photos from Adventure Travel Sports Rentals

Cost to Rent an RV in Los Angeles

LA metro is a year around RV rental market due to the region’s temperate climate and large population of outdoor enthusiasts. Prices for renting an RV in LA are below the national average, coming in at $168 per night. Where you’ll find the best deals on RV rentals in LA is for motorhomes. As a group, driveables are priced 14% below the national average in Los Angeles.


Related Questions:

How much does it cost to rent a luxury RV? Renting a luxury RV can be anywhere from $400 a night to $800. The bigger, the newer, and the more amenities the RV the more expensive the rental will be. There are fees for insurance, tax, and mileage in addition to the nightly cost.

Is it better to rent or buy an RV? It is more cost effective to rent an RV unless the RV is regularly used. It is better to rent an RV to see if you like the experience before purchasing one. However, if you buy an RV, you can rent your RV out to others and make over thousands of your money back. 

Are Weekly Rates the Cheapest When Renting an RV?

Like many accommodations, longevity gets you the best rates, so weekly or monthly rates are usually cheaper than nightly. For RV owners and rental companies, weekly renters mean lower turnover, which equates to lower overhead costs. 

To encourage longer rental terms, many will offer discounts on weekly rates. Sometimes, this means you can rent six nights and get the seventh free. Other times you might get a percentage off once you reach a week. 

Whether you’re testing out RV life or planni
Whether you’re testing out RV life or planning a fun vacation, renting an RV gives you the freedom of RV life without a long term commitment.

Lost Camper Van Rentals

Rental Locations: Los Angeles, San Francisco, Salt Lake City

Lost Camper is all about comfort and affordability, and they’re known for having the comfiest beds. All their campervan rentals include unlimited miles in their daily rates, as well as bedding, kitchen kits, and basic camping equipment like a table and chairs. Most of their vans have sinks and awnings (be sure to check the specific model) and all have an inside double bed, dining table, privacy curtains, and a cooler at minimum (some have refrigerators). They currently offer five different types of vans, starting at $35/day with rates varying by model, length of rental, and season. Lost Camper doesn’t use any bright colors or wild paint jobs, so if you’re looking for something that won’t stand out this is a good bet.

Photos from Lost Camper
Photos from Lost Camper

How Much Does It Cost To Rent An RV For A Week Trip

This is a lot of information to digest and chances are if you try to break all the numbers down into one big equation, you’ll have a flashback to high school algebra class.

The amount can vary depending on the size, and type of RV, as well as how far and how long you plan to travel.

  • The cost for a day trip can range from $75 to $350 before tax.
  • A 7-day trip can range from $500 to $2,400 before tax.
  • A one-month vacation can range from $1,750 to $10,000 before tax.

Cost to Rent an RV in Denver

You can expect to see average RV rental prices in The Mile High City coming in at $176 per day and that’s below the national average of $184. However, if you must find a deal before renting an RV, then rent a Class B motorhome in Denver which goes for $198 or about 17% below the national average.


4 of the best places for fall campervan travel in 2021

When the leaves start to turn, look no further than these 4 spots — all of which are campervan-friendly and within reach of our rental locations. Cozy season, here we come!

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Tips for Making Sure You Have a Great Rental Experience

We want you to have the best RV rental experience you can. Here are a few things to consider:

Make Sure You’re Renting the Right RV for You

What I mean by this is two-fold: make sure it’s something you’re comfortable driving and also that it has enough room for everyone.

If you’ve never driven a large vehicle before, renting a large Class A for your first RV rental experience may not be the best choice. Talk about stressful! The last thing you want is to be stressed on your vacation.

Read the Rental Reviews

Reviews are there for a reason. Make sure you glance through them for any red flags, like last minute cancellations or an owner that was hard to communicate with. Unfortunately, bad experiences like that can happen.

Read the Fine Print

Make sure you read through the entire listing so you know what the owners provide, what extra fees there are, if the rig is pet-friendly, etc.

Ask the Owner Questions

If you have a question, ask! It’s better to know everything you want to know up-front so there are no surprises.

In addition, asking a few questions gives you a chance to get a better feel for the owner’s demeanor, willingness to help, and overall responsiveness. If it’s obvious to you that a few questions are annoying to the owner and you are getting short, unhelpful responses, it may just be time to move on and keep searching.

The owner has just as much of an impact (if not more) on your RV rental experience as the RV itself!

Educate Yourself

Some of the RV owners provide a manual or even YouTube videos for you to watch so you can educate yourself on RV basics like set-up and tear-down. A little education can go a long way, making sure you have the best RV trip possible.

Book Your Campground In Advance

If you’re RVing during high season, you don’t want to leave it to chance that the RV parks will have room. RVing is more popular than ever and those campgrounds fill up fast!

Plan Your Route Ahead of Time

Check out your route and make sure you know what roads you’re taking. This is helpful for a number of reasons:

  • On the east coast, there are some roads RVs aren’t allowed on because of very low bridges
  • Some routes might be better for RV travel than others
  • If you’re traveling a long distance, it’s good to know how many hours a day you’ll be traveling and where you’re stopping
  • Being prepared and in the know is less stressful on everyone

One good resource is RV Trip Wizard. It’s an all-encompassing RV trip planner for $39 a year. If you’re not happy with it, they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Bring Some Comfort Items from Home

RV travel is amazing for so many reasons, but one of those is you can have a few comforts from home with you. Whether that’s your favorite blanket, pillow or whatever else to help you get a good night’s sleep, you can bring it along. Remember, it’s a home on wheels.

What’s Included in the Escape Rate?

  • Guaranteed unique exteriors featuring hand-painted artwork.
  • Custom-built bed fit out (with storage space).
  • Kitchen fit out (w/ sink, refrigerator & propane stove).
  • Dual battery system (with solar panel).
  • Roadside assistance (24/7).
  • No van preparation fee.
  • No compulsory insurance charge on top of the daily rate.
  • No charge for extra drivers (up to 4 drivers free).
  • No young driver fees – must be 21 years old to rent.
  • Escape Campervans only charges a US$250 deposit for pick ups at US locations or $400CAD deposit for pick ups at our locations in Canada. You pay the balance when you collect your camper.

Rates Calculation

  • Rates are calculated by night.
  • Nightly rates change according to the season, as well as the length of your trip.
  • The daily rate decreases the longer you rent: enjoy price breaks when you hit certain trip lengths (eg. 7, 14, 21 days).
  • We don’t charge for the drop off day as long as you return by 10 am.

Mileage – US

An estimated mileage charge is required for every rental*. The deposit and the per mile rate is charged according to your van model.

Santa Cruz & Mavericks: the $30/day deposit covers 100 miles per day, averaged over your trip. Excess miles are charged or unused miles are refunded at $0.30 cents per mile.

Big Sur & Jeep Camper: the $33/day deposit covers 100 miles per day, averaged over your trip. Excess miles are charged or unused miles are refunded at $0.33 cents per mile.

At drop off, if you have driven less than the amount covered by your deposit, you will be refunded at the corresponding mileage rate. At drop off, if you have driven more than the amount covered by the deposit, you will be charged for excess miles at the rate that corresponds with your vehicle model.

*Applies to bookings made on or after June 8, 2020. 


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