52 Easy Ways For Kids to Make Money Fast

52 Easy Ways For Kids to Make Money Fast


The options for making money as a kid are plentiful, especially in this day and age. Making extra money doesn’t have to mean slaving away working at a minimum wage job that your kid doesn’t like.

Having a little bit of creative thought and knowing their natural talents cannot only prove lucrative for your child but can help them learn new skills and hone their talents as well.



24. Work in a Movie Theater

Yes, this is a job, but one with a lot of perks. Not only does the pay tend to be above minimum wage, but you get to watch plenty of free movies.

You’ll also get to enjoy the benefits of air-conditioning on those hot summer days. And since movie theaters tend to draw teenagers, you’ll be in familiar company.

21. Teach Computer Basics to Older Folks

Despite the rapid spread of computer, there are a lot of people who still don’t know much about them. This is particularly true of people over 60, who came up in the world before computers were a thing.

Many are only discovering the joys of computers now. But they don’t know how to use them well.

You can offer your services to teach them. Speak with local senior citizens groups or even senior living centers, and see what you can work out.

Just like my son Bentley, sometimes all you need to do is ask!

How Kids Can Learn the Value of Money by Working

There is something to say about earning a dollar versus giving someone a dollar. Whether it is chores or an actual job, when a child earns money they begin to develop a respect for money.

Given the importance of financial skills in life, it is important to begin teaching money lessons early on.

Some simple money lessons that kids can learn are:

  • Waiting to buy
  • Understanding that money is a limited resource
  • Money can grow by saving it

These simple lessons will be beneficial not only when you child begins making money but also as an adult!

If you would like your children to make money at home, these are going to be some useful tips for you. You will find several ideas in this article worth introducing to your kids.

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What to Do With Your Money

Once you’ve earned some money for yourself you can do whatever you want with it! However, before you go and spend it all, take a look at these other options:

Treat Yo Self

The fact that you’re taking the initiative to start learning how to make money on your own is pretty significant. Not a lot of teenagers do what you’re doing now.

For that reason, once you start making some money, be sure to reward yourself. Go out and buy something that you’ve wanted for a long time. Just don’t go too crazy!

Reinvest in Your Business

If you’ve started one of the side hustles above like reselling things at school or starting a blog, your business needs money to keep running. Make sure to re-invest as much of your profits as possible back into your business so that it can grow.

Save it

Once you start earning money, it’s important that you don’t blow it all. Saving money is an essential rule of finance and learning how to save early on will benefit you greatly later in life.

Plus, if you ever want to make a big purchase (e.g. car, computer), you’ll need some money saved in the bank for it.

Invest it

If you’re only 13, it may seem a bit silly to start investing so young, but by starting early you actually have a huge advantage.

Here’s how:

Let’s say you invest $1,000 when you’re 15. With no additional contributions and an 8% avg. return rate, by the time you’re 45, you’ll have $10,062.66 just from interest.

That’s your money making money without you doing anything.

Now let’s say you waited until you were 20 to invest that $1,000. With the same 8% return rate and no additional contributions, at the same age of 45 years old, you’d have only $6,848.48. That’s $3,214.18 less just because you waited 5 years to start investing.

I wish I started investing when I was younger!

If you want to learn more about getting started, check out this beginner’s guide on how to invest as a teenager.

Ways 12 Year Olds Can Make Money

Your tween doesn’t need to get a regular job to earn money when they need it. There are several ways they can earn money on occasion without having to get a steady job.

These money-making ideas are a great way for your 12 year old to earn some extra money every once in a while.


Set up a lemonade stand

This popular money-making idea is a great way for your tween to earn some money when they need it.

A lemonade stand helps kids learn about the ins and outs of running a business, which could be beneficial if they decide they want to start their own business later on.

Bake sale

Another great way for your 12 year old to earn money is to set up a bake sale.

Similar to a lemonade stand, your tween can bake some sweet treats then sell the baked goods to your neighbors and friends to earn extra money.

Have a yard sale

Let your 12 year old declutter your house and gather up items to sell at a yard sale.

They can collect things to sell, price the items, and set up the sale in your yard, then keep the profits.

Start a YouTube channel

If your tween doesn’t need to make money right away, they can consider starting a YouTube channel.

Building a following takes time, but if they put effort into developing their own channel, they could make money from advertising and sponsorships down the road.

This is a great way to save for the future.

Selling crafts

Being a crafty tween can pay off! If your teen is good at making crafts, they can sell the items they make to earn some extra money.

Your 12 year old could sell a variety of items, depending on what they enjoy making, including:

  • Jewelry
  • T-shirts
  • Scarves, hats, and gloves
  • Home décor
  • Garden decorations
  • Signs
  • Paintings and drawings

Putting up holiday decorations

During the holiday season, your 12 year old could earn extra money helping neighbors put up their holiday decorations.

From hanging Christmas lights to decorating the tree, there are a variety of simple ways your tween can help out during the holidays to earn some extra cash.

How to Make Money as a Kid in the Winter

One of the most unique ways to make money in the winter is helping your neighbors shoveling snow on their driveway. It’s going to be extremely cold outside so make sure you have proper clothing before you start shoveling. Also, shoveling is time consuming so you should take breaks every 20 minutes or so. It doesn’t always need to feel like a job since you can use break time to build a snowman or throw a couple snowballs at your friends.

The best way to earn money in the winter is to start your own internet projects. We’ve already covered the different ways to make money as a kid online so make sure to review our article for more information.

The Bottom Line

Being a teenager can be tough and also so much fun. Learning how to manage your money through earning your own cash is also so much fun. It may not always seem fun in the moment, but it pays off in the long run.

There are so many ways for you to earn money, even without having a “job”. But there are also countless benefits to having a steady job and earning good recommendations while you’re a teen. It teaches teens balance, gives valuable work experience, and builds confidence.

Plus, once a teenager has been paid, the possibilities are endless! Ultimately, you will thank yourself later for learning how to manage and make your money now.


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