30 Real Ways to Make Money from Home Part-time (2022) that Pay Well!

30 Real Ways to Make Money from Home Part-time (2022) that Pay Well!

How Can I Make My Income Steady?

Having a few steady income streams is about more than just making money.

It’s about saving, making smart investments, and increasing your cash flow to reach your personal finance goals.

One of the most important steps is to diversify your income. And you don’t have to work a ton of hours or a large amount of money to do so.

For the lazy, a lot of methods on our list can be done online from your very own home.

Those extra income streams will keep you steady and stable.

Not only that, but maintaining a steady income gives you the chance to feel free through financial independence.

On top of that, pay off your debts, prioritize your savings, and stick to those long-term goals no matter what.

If you’re just looking for extra work, the methods on this list are also great for stay at home or single moms.

Looking for more tips on earning, saving, and investing? Check out this guide to becoming a self-made millionaire.

Remember to take yourself and your job opportunities seriously, and keep up with those savings! You’ll be earning and maintaining a steady income.


37. Sell Your CDs, DVDs and Video Games

They might be outdated, but you can still turn a profit selling CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays and old video games. Using an app like Decluttr, you can get a valuation for old media items, box and ship them to the site for free and get paid by PayPal or direct deposit.

73. Donate Blood Plasma

Tuck an extra $50 into your pocket each time you donate your plasma. The amount you are paid depends on the volume of permitted plasma, which is determined by your weight. Basically, the more you weigh, the more you’ll get paid. Check out sites like BloodBanker or CSL Plasma for more information.

11. Create webinars

I’ve become obsessed with the webinar medium for selling. Building out automated webinars is one of the most useful skills you could possibly have, like entrepreneur Jason Fladlien, who’s done of $100 million in sales through webinars by only selling other people’s products and not his own.

Webinars follow a specific template and format. They’re formulaic. If you can master that formula, you can quite literally dominate in this space. Find a great business idea or opportunity that you can sell that delivers massive amounts of value.

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3. Sell products online

Think of all the things you buy online. Someone, or some company, is collecting that money. You may sell crafts or other items you make. One can even utilize the print on demand method to make customer merchandise, such as t-shirts or mugs. Etsy is a great site for selling homemade and custom items.

Another option is buying used items from a resale or thrift store and then selling them on a site like eBay. Products sold online may stem from another venture. For instance, if you have a successful blog, you can sell e-courses or e-books to your followers that want more from you.

6. Become a freelance writer

For those that enjoy writing, becoming a freelance writer is a great option. You will need a laptop, an internet connection, and someone to hire you. To be hired as a freelance writer, you will likely need some experience. One way to get started is with your own blog. Learn more about creating a blog here.

Once you establish a relationship with a website, you will usually email the article to someone in their office or post them on the website yourself.

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13. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing presents a very low friction entry into selling products online. While you do need some type of audience to sell these products or services to, you could make a significant amount of money from home while doing it. Some products or services have very high earnings per click. That means, if you play your cards right, you could easily make a large profit on conversions by driving traffic to specific offers as long as you target the right interests.

You can find affiliate marketing offers on sites like ClickBank, CJ.com and Rakuten LinkShare, amongst many others. Search for the right offer and ensure that you present it to the right audience and don’t spam people about it. Do your marketing ethically. 

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Initiatives that Put More Cash in Your Pocket

The way we work is changing rapidly and Steady is working harder than ever to get more money in the hands of our workers.

  • Universal Basic Income (UBI)

  • Unemployment Insurance (UI) Initiatives

  • Emergency Cash Grants

  • Driving Policy and Systems Changes

Learn More

Creative Ideas to Make Money from Home

21. Earn $30-$50 per hour Picking Up Trash

Yes, it’s true. You can make money picking up trash in parking lots for Commercial Real Estate Management companies.

I was privileged to interview Brian who earns $650,000 per year doing this! Check out my article on litter removal to see how it works, how to get started, and how he’ll help you grow your business.

The beauty of this job is the service hours don’t interfere with a typical day job, so you can do this on the side and grow it however big or small as you want.

22. Flip Items from Flea Markets and Thrift Shops

Rob from the Flea Market Flipper is the MASTER flipper. He made over $130,000 flipping items from Flea Markets and thrift stores PART-TIME.

And, you don’t need to have a lot of money to start either. Rob recommends his students to start with a budget of $20-$50 to find items. Based on that, they should be able to make $100-$300 (mostly reselling on eBay) and then take some of the profit and do it again.

How do I get started? Rob created a free workshop to turn your passion for visiting thrift stores, yard sales, & flea markets into a profitable reselling business – in as little as 14 days. You can click here to sign up for Flea Market Flipper.


Making money online can help you earn some extra side hustle money, but it can also help you escape your 9 to 5 job so you can become a full-time entrepreneur. By brainstorming online business ideas and choosing to start an online business, you gain more financial freedom, improve your financial security, and inch closer to living life on your terms.

If you're looking for more online money making ideas, don't forget to check out Shopify's post on 25 Easy Ways to Earn Money From Home

It really is possible to earn a living online if you work hard and stick with it. So, which side hustle will you try out first?


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