3 Ways to Earn Money at Home (Kids and Teens)

3 Ways to Earn Money at Home (Kids and Teens)

What are the Pros and Cons of an Online Job for Teens?

You may be wondering what are the perks of your teen getting an online job (over an offline job). There are many.

For starters, we discussed the convenience factor. If your teen happens to not be able to find a summer job – whether they applied too late, or the teen job market was too hot this time around – then working online as a teenager still gives them a chance to earn their own money that they can use to learn teen money management.

Another convenience factor is you don’t have to coordinate rides or figure out transportation. This is especially helpful for teens who aren’t old enough to drive yet!

Getting an online job as a teen also helps with pushing their initiative.

Think about it:

Many of the jobs I’m about to share with you don’t have concrete deadlines. Sure, they have specific activities your teen has to complete in order to get paid, but your teen gets to choose if they want to take the individual gigs/surveys/etc. or not.

They’ll quickly learn that if they’re not hungry for the gigs, then they simply won’t earn very much money.

That’s a valuable lesson!

Finally, they can work around their own schedule (or the family’s). This is especially helpful if they want to continue working during the school year, or work in the school year and not wait until summer.

Now, let’s look at the cons to getting an internet jobs for teens instead of an offline one.

Here’s a few that come to mind:

  • Your child can suffer from something adult bloggers suffer from – the inability to shut down since they can literally make money anytime, from their laptop. The key is going to be for you, the parent, to monitor their job.
  • Not committing to actual gigs or assignments because there’s not necessarily a boss they have to report to. Again, the parent can act as the accountability partner here by checking in with what online jobs they sign up for, and then checking in to make sure they’ve completed it within the deadline (plus discussions for when they miss deadlines).
  • Not having the social outlet working at a “normal” job can give, whether that be with coworkers, or with customers.
  • Not getting the experience of directly reporting to someone, going through reviews, etc.
  • Not getting experience dealing with customer issues.

Psst: are you a parent? Definitely check out my parenting tip section at the end of this article, which talks about ways to monitor your teen’s online job performance so that you can provide some of the oversight they aren’t going to get with an online job.

Next up, let’s look at the types of online jobs you can get as a teenager.

7. Washing Cars

If you live in the suburbs where there are plenty of cars around your neighbourhood, chances are that people would appreciate the service of getting their cars washed right from their homes. After all, if you don’t wash their car, someone else has to.

Ask your parents if there’s any supplies around the house and learn how to wash cars properly in your own home, and get started with selling this service to your neighborhood! You can also ask around friends and family for a start.

Simply go door-to-door and offer to wash cars for a reasonable price, and you’d be surprised at how many people would find your deal a no-brainer. Besides, if you’re doing this as a teen, most people would respect the hustle and be more likely to support you on your venture.


30. Putting Up/Taking Down Christmas Decorations

Almost everyone loves Christmas decorations. But putting them up can be a challenge, and taking them down can be a hassle.

Offer your services around your neighborhood, especially if you have a flair for putting up decorations. The work will only be seasonal of course, but it will give you a chance to make some extra money around the holidays.

39. ThredUP

ThredUp is a web platform where you can sell gently used upscale clothing.

You can be paid anywhere from two dollars up to $25 per item. The items have to be name brands, like J.Crew, L.L. Bean, and Banana Republic.

But if you have a closet full of name brand garments, or you know where to get them, this can be a steady stream of extra income.

47. Starting an ironing service from home

As adults generally get busier in their lives; there’s less time for them to worry about day-to-day tasks like laundry…and ironing.

Besides, the local laundromat can only do much! An ironing business on the side can stand to make money fast once you build up a steady stream of clients and word-of-mouth referrals.

Here’s a guide to get you started with the basics.

6. Direct Sales

Direct sales can be a great first business idea for teens allowing them the opportunity to sell their favorite products and learn about marketing.

Avon is a popular company with quality products and you only need to be 13 or older to get started. Perfectly Posh is a direct sales skincare company that you can also start selling products for at the age of 13.

Keep in mind that direct sales companies may require you to purchase a startup kit to get familiar with the products and perform demonstrations for potential customers.

English Conversation

Teens who speak English as their native language can check out how to become a “personal conversation coach” with SameSpeak. Teens who are at least 16 years old converse with clients from around the world who want to improve their English. Coaching sessions last 30 minutes and teens receive 10 dollars for every session they complete.

Tips for Finding Babysitting and Other Gigs

No matter what, people are always going to need help with childcare, house work, yard work, and other chores in their lives. The key to finding these gigs is getting the word out that you are the person to call to perform them. You can print out simple fliers advertising the jobs you are willing to perform (like lawn mowing) and your email or phone number, and post them on community bulletins in coffee shops and grocery stores. Talk to your classmates about how much they charge for these types of gigs—that way you’ll be charging a rate that is fair to your clients and yourself. 

Of course, it’s always best to work smarter, not harder—so get people you know to spread the word for you! You can tell your guardians, family friends, and relatives that you are looking to pick up some work, tell them when you are free, and have them ask around. Remember to thank someone if they hook you up with a gig!

Gifts and more

If you get money for holidays and birthdays, congratulations! Even though it may be tempting to buy the latest game, pair of shoes, or concert tickets you’ve got your eye on, remember that these gifts can be a great resource to add to your savings and help you meet your savings goals! It’s a great idea to consider putting half of all gifts into your savings. You can even sell gift cards on CardCash, though you must be 18 to use their site.

Where to find online jobs for teens

Occasionally you can find online jobs for teens on these marketplaces:

FlexJobs – leading service for finding remote jobs. Age requirement is 18 years of age or older.

UpWork – a global freelancing platform. Age requirement is 18 years of age or older.

Fiverr – an online marketplace for freelancers. Age requirement is 13 years of age or older.

Watch Out for Scams

Unfortunately, the online world is full of scams. When you’re hopeful about starting a new online job, you could fall victim to one of these schemes.

To avoid this, stick to the ideas on my list or vet your job opportunities with these questions:

  • Is the job asking me for money? Whether you’re being asked to buy software or invest in a product, you shouldn’t be parting with money in order to get a job. This is a huge warning sign.
  • Does the employer want me to meet in person? You shouldn’t need to meet an employer in person to become a virtual assistant or a graphic design freelancer. If you do need to meet someone in person, make sure you’re meeting in a safe, public place. And make sure your parents or guardians know what you’re up to.
  • Does it seem too good to be true? You won’t make a hundred grand a year as a proofreader. You won’t become a millionaire by working the survey sites. Over-the-top promises may be strong signals that the job isn’t for real.
  • Are there too many personal questions? Your mother’s maiden name, your middle name, your Social Security number, your bank account numbers… all this info shouldn’t be required for you to get a part-time job or a side hustle gig. Be careful sharing personal data. Identity thieves love to steal credit profiles from young people.

One of the best ways to avoid scams is to source your side hustles from vetted sites. The Steady app compiles legitimate local and national gig economy jobs to help you start earning extra money. It’s 100% free and worth a try if you’re not sure where to start looking.

 Steady   Steady brings together a large selection

Steady Steady brings together a large selection of gig economy jobs and makes it easy for you to earn extra money.

What to Do With The Money You Make as a Teen

If you decide to start making money as a teen, it is important that you have a plan for the money that you earn.

Make sure you put money in three different areas:

  1. Give
  2. Save
  3. Spend

A good rule of thumb is put 10% toward giving, 20% toward saving and 70% towards spending.

You can adjust these percentages depending on your needs and your level of discipline.

Making a plan for your money will help you build money habits that will be beneficial for the rest of your life.

Online Teen Job Get Paid for Taking an Action

Wow, now this is one of the coolest online jobs for teenagers that pay.

Did you know that your teen can get paid for taking certain actions as they go about their day? It’s not necessarily an online job, per say, but it’s still a way to earn cash. Let me show you what I mean.

#1: Mistplay

Age Requirement: 13 and older

Job Responsibilities: No joke…your teen can get paid to play video games! Choose from a list of video games in their mixlist, play for a number of minutes, and earn units as they do. 

How Am I Paid, How Much, and When is Payday?: They pay in units, and teens can redeem these units for gift cards. Gift card options include prepaid Visa gift cards, Amazon, Google Play, iTunes, Nintendo, Xbox, PlayStation and more.

#2: Swagbucks

Age Requirement: 13 and older

Job Responsibilities: Kids can use Swagbucks in a variety of ways — doing an Internet search, taking daily polls, watching videos, and taking surveys, to name a few.

I’ve personally been using Swagbucks since 2009, and I’ve earned a total of 372,296 Swag Bucks. That’s a whopping $3,700 in cash to my PayPal account!

Bonus Tip: If the child qualifies, taking surveys will reap the largest rewards the quickest.

How Am I Paid, How Much, and When is Payday?: Users can choose from a PayPal deposit, or Visa, or merchant gift card in return for the Swagbucks that they earn. If someone earns 2200 Swagbucks, they can cash out for a $25 gift card. Heavy users can usually get 2200 Swagbucks per month. However, you can cash out for as low as 450 points, which is worth a $5 gift card.

#3: Survey Junkie

Age Requirement: 16 and older

Job Responsibilities: A teen earns money by completing surveys.

How Am I Paid, How Much, and When is Payday?: Payment is distributed via PayPal, or your teen can choose to get e-gift cards instead. They must earn $10 before they can cash out. Most surveys are worth 45 to 350 points, which is the equivalent of 45 cents to $3.50, but there are also surveys worth more points. Most surveys take between 5 and 20 minutes to complete.

#4: SweatCoin

Age Requirement: 13 and older

Job Responsibilities: For every 1,000 steps your teenager takes, they will earn one sweatcoin. With the free sweatcoin program, they’re limited to earning 5 sweatcoins a day and 150 per month. However, there are other levels of the program that allow them to earn more per day, but they’ll need to pay for these versions of the program in sweatcoins.

How Am I Paid, How Much, and When is Payday?: There are a variety of levels to receive rewards. They’ll need 20,000 sweatcoins for a $1,000 Paypal deposit, but there are more rewards they can get for far fewer points.  There is no cash payout.

#5: BoostaPal

Age Requirement: 13 to 25

Job Responsibilities: Users ages 13 to 25 talk to family and friends and ask them to sign up to be a “booster.” Then, boosters shop at the boostapal mall, and for every purchase that they make, the student gets a small cash boost. Boostapal is free for both the booster and the student.

How Am I Paid, How Much, and When is Payday?: Users are paid either through PayPal, gift card, or a physical check. Payment can be requested after your account has $10 in it.

Sell Online

Does your teen have amazing skills in embroidery, drawing, woodworking or more? Then they should consider selling their wares via an online store. Sites like Etsy allow teens who are at least 13 years old to operate a store and sell merchandise as long as a parent owns and supervises the account. Teens can even sell downloadable items like sewing patterns or art if they want to avoid postage and handling.

Teens can also sell thrift store fines, original creations, or other merchandise on eBay with the permission of the adult account holder.

Tips for the Teenage Hustlers

  • Start NOW – When I was younger there were a lot of things I thought I couldn’t do because I was too young. I was wrong and I wish I would have just started.
  • Have fun – You don’t need to get rich off your first side hustle. Have some fun with it and find out what you enjoy doing. You’ll learn a lot.
  • Experiment – As a teen, time is on your side. Experiment with the different opportunities above and once you find something you enjoy doing, don’t give up right away if you’re not making money with it.
  • Consistency and perseverance is key!
  • Learn from your mistakes – When you start something new, you’re bound to make mistakes. Instead of getting discouraged, figure out what went wrong and learn from it.
  • Do the best work possible – If you want your business to grow, you can’t do crappy work. When you do good work, people notice, and your business grows.
  • Be creative – Use the ideas above as a starting point and put your own spin and creativity on them. The more unique you are and the more you stand out, the better your chances of success.

4. Take Surveys

Another easy task teens can do to earn money is take surveys online. You don’t need any experience to do this and can be as young as 13 years old to get started.

Survey Sites like VIP Voices, Swagbucks, Harris Poll, E-Poll, and Paid Viewpoint and others here allow U.S. teens to start taking surveys for cash and gift cards.

What to do with money as a teenager

So you’re a teen who’s figured out how to make some money – which is great!

Now it’s a question of figuring out what to do with money as a teenager.

Here are some ways we’d suggest splitting your earnings.

Keep some for fun things

Having your eye on a financial goal is fantastic. In fact, if this is you, you’re literally already in a better position than many adults who are struggling to manage their money.

But it’s fine to also save some of your money for fun things. That way, you’ll stay motivated to keep making money and also have the chance to live your life a bit.

Save most of it

It’s good to keep a financial goal in mind during all your hard work. As once you get there, the fact you’ve worked so hard to achieve that goal will make it all the more sweeter.

This is why it’s a good idea to save most of your money. If you’re earning cash in hand, keeping it somewhere safe should be fine, but consider opening a bank account instead to store it there.

Generally, you can open a bank account from 14 years old, but until you’re 18, you have to have a legal guardian as a co-owner of the account.

Invest part of it

As mentioned earlier, starting to invest as a teenager is seriously one of the best things you can do for your financial future.

One of the most important features of any investment is time – that is, having the time for your investment to compound (i.e. grow) in value.

So starting as a teenager definitely gives you enough time to do this.

And if you’re wondering what should a teenager invest in, look into low-cost, reliable options like an index fund.

This is what many adults – including me – base their entire investment portfolio on. So do some research into what that is and how to get started and start setting yourself up for future financial success.

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How to make money as a teenager and jumpstart your future financial success!

It’s a great idea to start earning money as a teenager. When you take home your first paycheck, you’ll likely have a big smile on your face. If you choose to make smart money moves with your paycheck, then you’ll enjoy greater financial stability later in life.

Learn more about making and saving money with our completely free financial courses! Also, be sure to follow us on InstagramFacebook, and YouTube for top money tips and motivation to reach your goals!


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