Worried Your House Is Haunted This Halloween? Here’s What to Do

Worried Your House Is Haunted This Halloween? Here’s What to Do


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3. Ask The Agent

Brian Carlisle from JR Hopper & Co says: “There are a number of houses in the Dales where viewers have commented about a bad feeling or not being comfortable in the house. In these instances, we move on as they will not buy. Having said that, if I have a house with history or stories of Ghoulies and ghosts then it’s better to make it a feature, rather than hide it and hope no one finds out. The brave and adventurous will love a good highwayman or jilted bride story.”


You Feel Like Youre Being Touched

If you feel someone touching you, but there are no humans in your house, this is a huge indicator that you have spirits living with you.

You Find Ectoplasm in Your House

Not unlike the slime in Ghostbusters, ectoplasm is a repulsive slimy substance thought to be left by ghosts, particularly when they are being contacted by a medium, according to Prairie Ghosts. But, you have every right to be skeptical if you find some as many paranormal experts aren’t even convinced it’s real. And, of course, that slime could’ve been made by your kids!

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Previous homeowners

If you suspect you might have a haunted house on your hands, you should probably dig into the history of your property. “Once I was in somebody’s condominium,” psychic medium Negri says, “and this woman just could not breathe in her bedroom. She didn’t have breathing issues but in her bedroom she just couldn’t breathe. I found out that her room had caught on fire and the [previous] woman had died.” If you’re experiencing things you can’t explain, doing research might help clear it up for you. The hope is that once you know what happened or what you’re dealing with, you can then ease the haunting. However, some places just can’t be cleared of their histories. “One house had everything going for it,” Negri recalls, “from Indian burial ground to being a drug house for years. When I first went there, seven people had already died, one in every room. I [was] seeing dead bodies everywhere. I would clear it and then it would ooze back up. That probably had some demonic stuff to it.” These are the stories from the most haunted places in the world.

4. Theres a Major Temperature Change

You’re walking through the room, and all of the sudden, a wave of cool air hits you. Yet you’re nowhere near a fan, drafty window or A/C vent. People often attribute inexplicable temperature changes to paranormal activity (a recent study found that 7 percent of people who felt their homes had been haunted experienced this). It’s less common than people who say they’ve seen their doors open and close (31 percent), witnessed orbs of light (14 percent) or seen objects in their home levitate (10 percent).

Feeling watched

Though “feeling watched” isn’t a quantifiable factor, people who live in genuine haunted houses do report it a lot. Many believe in a kind of sixth sense. Basically, you might be in a house with a really bad vibe. “Cold chills move throughout the room,” Newkirk details, “and even just the feeling of being watched. Sometimes whispers, or being awoken in the middle of the night because of the feeling that somebody’s standing there.” Whether there is a normal explanation for this sensation or a paranormal one is hard to know for sure, but it’s definitely a contributing factor for nearly any house that is afflicted by spirits.

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