The Best Way to Store Chips in a Pantry

The Best Way to Store Chips in a Pantry

The experts weigh in with Pinterest-worthy pantry organization ideas!

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Handwritten Labels

Both pretty and practical, Gather & Flourish’s labels are a must for any Pinterest-worthy pantry. You can use chalkboard labels or stickers if you want the option to change it up. But for a more permanent version, we love her trendy printables that you can transfer onto glass.

Souped-Up Storage


Canned food: What’s not to love? It’s easy to prepare, great as a side dish in a pinch, and stays fresh longer than most grocery store staples. But without proper storage, cans can clutter your pantry or countertop. Bring order to this chaos with a rack that holds 36 cans at a time and features a tiered design that makes it simple to see what you have and what you need to pick up at the store. Available on Amazon; $26. Related: Spreading Out—14 Ways to Get More Counter Space

Organizing the Chips

We always have a good supply of tortilla chips and sometimes even some kettle-style chips on hand but they are such a mess to organize! I saw some ideas about hanging the bags up and we decided to create our own hanging bag system for these “unorganizable” items in the pantry.

All we did was take a shower curtain rod and secure it near the top of the pantry. Then I hung some extra child-size hangers from the rod so the bags would hang down to reachable length. Finally, we took clothespins and clipped the bags onto the hangers. Now they are up and out of the way and I created a whole extra shelf for other pantry goods!

If you don’t have child-sized hangers, don’t worry!  You can use adult hangers, or clip directly to the wire shelving. If you’re looking for hangers, you can always find some pretty inexpensively at the dollar store. There are several ways you can do this with what you have on hand. If you have space, a large basket with chips might even work best for you.

Organizing the Dry Goods

I had some larger amounts of dry goods that I placed in these half-gallon glass jars. The gallon-sized jars work great for even larger dry goods items storage too! I love glass jars…big, small, any size, they are all good! Just be sure to label the front of your jars or containers so that you can easily see what’s in each one.

–Mason jars are so versatile! Here are some other ways to Reuse Mason Jars (Other Than For Canning!)

Dont Miss!

Dont Miss!

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