Is My House Haunted? How to Tell – PureWow

Is My House Haunted? How to Tell – PureWow

Youre Hearing Weird Sounds

Although it could be your house settling or noisy neighbors, if you’re hearing things you typically don’t, you could have ghosts in your house. Do a little research to find out if someone died in your home. If the sounds don’t subside and you’re definitely concerned, call a paranormal expert or medium to help you out. (Also, work on stopping your door from swinging open so you’re not scared by the sound!)


8. Got A Chill?

Does your home have cold spots for no apparent reason? Before jumping to any conclusions, give a call to your builder to take a look around. He may find cracks or areas which needs insulating. However, if your trusted builder cannot find a reason, then something creepier might be at large!

6. Animals Or Not

Often people report hearing unusual sounds, such as scratching and footsteps. Anything from rats to woodlice can make your mind wander with all sorts of ideas. Sometimes, it is the most simple of explanations. If these sounds continue, call an exterminator to have a look around, especially in attics and basements. If nothing is found, congratulations you have yourself a haunted house.

You Hear Mysterious Voices, Wailing, Etc

If you hear strange voices in your house, first, be sure it’s not your neighbors. If you know that it’s not, it might be time to call in an expert.

Here are some ways to soundproof your house to ensure the noises aren’t coming from outside!


Fact: Ectoplasm is a substance that still mystifies even the most seasoned paranormal experts. Historically, it has been reported to show up during seances through a spiritual medium. Newkirk himself has experienced the phenomenon in real haunted houses. “There was a house that I investigated several years ago where the family claimed that things were moving on their own,” he says, “and while I was there I actually had a strange, viscous fluid show up. [It] dripped down my arm, out of nowhere. And [the family] claimed that would happen all the time. It was a very strange kind of off-white, almost like a raw egg kind of fluid.” Ectoplasm is not often seen or experienced at your run-of-the-mill haunted house, but paranormal experts see it as a sign of certainty that there is a paranormal presence at work.

Personality change

When we think about possession, our minds immediately go to demons, demons, demons. Ghost hunter Newkirk says that more often than not, demonic possession and even a demonic presence is not behind whatever it is you’re experiencing. A “normal” ghost can possess you too. The tip-off is if someone you know is acting extremely strange all of a sudden. “We see cases of possession or influence by a spirit all the time,” he says. “If you start to notice someone has taken on a pretty distinct personality change, that can be a sign of that.” These chilling real-life ghost stories will make you believe!

3. Things Keep Disappearing Reappearing Elsewhere

If items you normally keep close eyes on—say, your wallet or keys—suddenly go missing all the time, you could be stressed and absentmindedly misplacing them. But if you put something down, step away, and immediately come back to find it gone (or moved), you may be dealing with a ghost, according to Berry.

2. Theres Something In The Air

You may be able to tell if a property has a positive or negative atmosphere just by being there, but if in doubt, why not ask a medium to attend the property and tap into the spirit world in the home? Sometimes the eeriness can rub off on the occupants and in some cases a property may have this impact for years.

3. Lights flickering on and off

One of the most common signs of a paranormal presence that we often see in horror films is lights flickering on and off. Because some believe spirits can manipulate electricity and energy, a flickering light could be a sign that a ghost is trying to communicate with you. However, it may be more likely that you have some defective bulbs that need replacing. Before you invest in a night vision camera hoping to see ghosts wandering your halls, make sure you replace your light bulbs and ensure they’re screwed in tightly.

3. Ask The Agent

Brian Carlisle from JR Hopper & Co says: “There are a number of houses in the Dales where viewers have commented about a bad feeling or not being comfortable in the house. In these instances, we move on as they will not buy. Having said that, if I have a house with history or stories of Ghoulies and ghosts then it’s better to make it a feature, rather than hide it and hope no one finds out. The brave and adventurous will love a good highwayman or jilted bride story.”

6. Seeing unexplained shadows and apparitions

Nothing is creepier than thinking you’re alone when out of the corner of your eye, you see a shadow move. It can be nerve-wracking to check to see if what you thought you saw is really there. However, are you sure it was a ghost, or was it just your dust-covered colleague after performing 5 hours worth of maintenance on a boiler in the basement crawling into the break room for a much-needed glass of water? It might be worth considering before you hastily create a work order demanding that someone else take care of the spirit who’s haunting the mech room.

5. Things Keep Turning On Off On Their Own

Two of the most common instances that make people believe their home is haunted is watching their lights and TV turn on and off, without them—or Alexa, Siri or Google Assistant—triggering it. If your wiring isn’t to blame, Berry suggests doing one more test before questioning whether the undead disapproves of your lighting (or binge-watching) situation: “Make sure your neighbor doesn’t have the same remote,” he says, particularly if you live in an apartment or condo where your TVs might be sharing a wall. (Ditto if your garage door keeps opening and closing; your neighbor might have recently installed the same electronic opener.)

Ghost-busting 101

Just like humans, ghosts can be showboats. Since they’ll use any conduit available to make contact, it’s easy to interact with attention-seeking spirits. If your house is also home to a ghost, it should be somewhat easy to identify. Now, let’s explore five ways you can tell whether your house is haunted.

1. Unexplained Temperature Changes

One of the easiest ways to tell if you’re in the presence of a ghost is by paying attention to the temperature. As artfully depicted in M. Night Shyamalan’s 1999 classic, The Sixth Sense, characters would see their breath right before a dramatic paranormal activity occurred. Of course, this phenomenon was a bit dramatized for the film, as the temperature would likely not drop to below freezing in an instant. However, if you do experience unpredictable shifts in temperature, this could mean that you are indeed in the presence of an otherworldly entity.

The reason for this is somewhat straightforward. Ghosts require energy, and when they’re present, they pull energy — namely, heat — from our environment. Accordingly, their presence is directly associated with sudden drops of temperature. That’s right, cosmic warriors: Those shivers down your spine are not for naught.

2. Strange Technological Glitches

Though it’s not often that our paranormal friends slide into our DMs, ghosts can definitely hit you up through technology. Have you picked up a ringing phone, only to hear silence on the other line? Do your lights flicker periodically? Does your television suddenly turn off, or switch channels on its own? These are classic clues that reveal a ghostly presence.

Ghosts exist within another dimension, so our supernatural roommates need conduits in order to make contact. As depicted in Stranger Things, electricity is a great way for otherworldly beings to reveal their presence. Accordingly, if you’re interested in communicating with a ghost, try setting up an audio or video recording device as a conductor, which can be used in real-time to facilitate a dialogue.

3. Unusual Scents

If something smells a bit funky in your apartment, it may be more than your kitchen trash. One of the most common ways to identify the presence of a ghost is through scent. Ghostly smells will usually be somewhat familiar, such as perfume, cologne, or the distinctive aroma of tobacco from a cigar. Sometimes, however, these scents are a bit less pleasant: The smell of sulfur has also been connected to hauntings.


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