How To Replace A Bathroom Light Fixture

How To Replace A Bathroom Light Fixture


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Step 2: Detach The Wires

Use a bent piece of coat hanger to hang the fixture from the box in order to support it. Unscrew the wire nuts and detach the wire connections.



Wear rubber-soled shoes. Never work around electricity while barefoot. Verify that all wires in the electrical box are dead. It is not unheard of to find two separate circuits in one electrical box.

These basic how to install a light fixture instructions are general and meant for simple light fixture applications. Homeowners in the Atlanta,GA area who are installing heavy light fixtures or have light fixture installations requiring a new circuit should contact a licensed electrical contractor to perform the work.

Step 8: Install The Bulbs And Globe

Check the fixture base to determine the maximum wattage bulb that can be installed. After screwing in the proper bulb, restore power and test.

Step 3:

Base Plate
Base Plate

After installing the junction box, the base plate for the new lights will need to be fixed. The base plate has holes in it for the wiring to pass through. Once the base plate is installed on the junction box, the circuit wires can be run through and placed depending on the style of the new lights.

What Youll Need tp Replace Your Light Fixture

Before getting started, gather all the necessary tools required to complete the job. This eliminates distractions and allows you to stay focused on the project. The following list of tools is typically required to replace a light fixture. However, because mounting methods vary between fixture types, you should check the manufacturer’s instructions to determine the necessary tools before starting.

  • Stepladder
  • Pair of linesman or electricians pliers
  • Electrical wire nuts
  • Electrical tape
  • Voltage meter
  • Screwdriver

Replacing Light Fixtures: Solving Unanticipated Electrical Problems

Replacing a light fixture is one of those DIY jobs that’s theoretically quick and simple, but often becomes a three-hour series of problems.

So we talked with two of our master electricians. They’ve seen — and solved — all those frustrations and offered these tips to help DIYers through the job quicker and safer. We won’t show you here, but this article will walk you through how to hang a ceiling light fixture and how to hang a pendant light fixture.


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