How to Reinforce Deck Railing Posts

How to Reinforce Deck Railing Posts

Causes of an Unsteady Railing

The most common explanation for a wobbly railing is a weak connection between the deck’s frame and the rail post. This could be due to a number of things:

  • Screws are stripped
  • Nails or other inadequate hardware were used to originally secure post
  • Wood has begun to rot and weaken
  • Insects or other pests have eaten away at the frame of your deck or the posts themselves
  • Poor quality of work when built
  • Prolonged use or old age of your deck
  • Deck has been exposed to harsh weather conditions

Why Do Railings Become Loose or Wobbly and How To Prevent It

There are various reasons as to why your railings can become wobbly or loose. 

One major factor that can contribute to this problem is the elements like sun, heat, windy conditions, and rain. Many people use wood as the material for their outdoor deck for the natural look it gives their yard, however, wood is prone to expanding and contracting when exposed to high temperatures and the sun which can then cause the screws and bolts to loosen.

The rain can also cause the wood of the railings or the joints to rot, which will then make them loosen and possibly come away from each other. Strong winds can cause railings to bend and even break especially when endured for long periods. 

Putting excessive weight on the railings of your deck by leaning on it or even climbing over it will cause wear down and loosen the railing and the hardware, which could even lead you to fall through.

This is why as soon as you notice a loose railing on your deck, you should try to fix it as soon as possible or at least barricade off the area so no one goes near it so they can’t lean or fall through it. 



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Our 30+ years of experience and accumulated know 

Our 30+ years of experience and accumulated know 

Our 30+ years of experience and accumulated know

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