How To Paint Metal Siding On A Mobile Home

How To Paint Metal Siding On A Mobile Home

All in a day’s work

We looked at some of Geneva’s renovations in our previous article about painting the outside of your mobile home. Today, we’re back to her again because she didn’t stop at painting the outside of her house. She went on to do renovations on her doors and windows, too. Let’s take a look at what she did for her home.

New storm doors

She and her husband replaced their front and back storm doors, but it wasn’t just that simple. Their mobile home’s doorways were about 4 inches shorter than regular doorways. That’s why, Geneva’s husband, Buzz, got to work cutting a few inches off. In no time at all, their doors were ready for installation!

Solar screens

Generally, if you’ve lived in Texas, or known anyone who does, you understand the concept of Texas heat. Scorching summers, and winters that don’t necessarily cool down. Which is why Geneva and Buzz came up with the perfect solution for their mobile home windows. Solar screens!

Buzz built a quick frame around each window and then used a kit and various supplies from their local big box store to install the solar screens. Geneva and Buzz said they noticed the difference right away.

Mobile home solar screens installation by My Heart’s Song


How do you prep aluminum siding for painting?

6 steps to painting aluminum siding Step 1: Prep the siding. Scrape off any peeling paint with a paint scraping tool. Step 2: Apply the first coat of primer. Step 3: Apply a second coat of primer. Step 4: Paint the aluminum siding. Step 5: Apply a second coat of paint. Step 6: Inspect your work.

Why do mobile home doors have gaps?

The gap, which is usually about one inch, is there for air circulation in older mobile homes. Newer mobile homes have a louvered vent panel above the door, called a transfer grille, which also helps to provide natural air flow into the room when the HVAC system is off.

Your turn

Now it’s time for you to show your renovation skills! Let’s look at a brief overview of what the folks in our stories did, so you’ll know what to do. Generally, there are plenty of different options when it comes to renovation doors and windows.


First things first, you have to decide what you want to do with your door. Do you want to buy a new one? Repaint the old one? Make your own custom door from scratch? Whatever you decide, you’ll want to make sure you think through things ahead of time. Subsequently, you won’t get stuck in the middle of a project not sure what to do next. Also, getting ideas on what kind of door to get is smart.

Generally, once you’ve decided whether you want to repaint or get a new door, it’s time to get to work. If you’re going to repaint, you’ll need to make sure you do it the right way. This may require sanding the door, removing decorative hardware, taping it off, etc.

If you decide to buy your own door, be sure you know what size door it is. Generally, you should be able to get a custom door fit to size. However, if you can’t, you can measure the length of your doorway, and cut your new door down to size yourself.


Now it’s time for windows. If you want, you can do something as simple as what Geneva and Buzz did: just put on new solar screens to keep out the heat. However, if you want brand new windows, you’d better start looking around to see what style you want. Generally, there are plenty of different options.

Hopefully, someone at a department store can probably help you find what would look best for your home. If you’re not sure about putting in your new windows by yourself, no problem. Generally, most home improvement stores will do it for you, but it may cost a little extra.


It’s common knowledge that shutters will spice up your windows in no time. So if you already have shutters, consider repainting them to match your “new” front door. And if you don’t have any at all, get creative. Find some that coordinate with your door, but also add a pop to your house!

How to Keep Your Mobile Home’s Paint Job Clean

Now that you have finished the cumbersome task of

Now that you have finished the cumbersome task of painting the vinyl siding on your mobile home, you’ll want to ensure that you do everything possible to keep it from being marred within the next 24-48 hours. Here are some tips to prevent this:
  • Don’t park your mobile home under trees. This is especially important during the fall season where leaves are more likely to fall directly on top of your mobile home. This can cause an accumulation of water and moisture on top of the roof of your mobile home, which may trickle down to the siding and ruin your paint job. It can also cause mold and mildew to develop on top of your mobile home.
  • Don’t park your mobile home under direct sunlight. Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight can damage the paint on your mobile home and cause it to prematurely peel and crack. When possible, try to park in your mobile home in a garage or in a shaded area away from direct sunlight.
  • Wash off bird droppings and dead bugs as soon as you can. They can become permanent stains the longer that they remain on the paint’s surface.

How to Spray Paint Metal Siding on aMobile Home

This second metal siding project uses spray paint it. Yes, spray paint! The total cost was around $100 and it took two adults and a pre-teen a single weekend to complete.

At the very least, spray painting mobile home siding will instantly add curb appeal and could even add value to the home.

You may recognize this mobile home. This is our 1978 Homette single wide we bought in 2011. It’s the birthplace of Mobile Home Living and the place that completely changed my life for the better! I love this place!

1978 Mobile Home Before it was Spray Painted

This was our home when we first bought it in August 2011. We built the patio that month to give us a little more living and dining space.

We decided to spray paint the siding because it was faded and had a chalky oxidation all over it. Well, to be completely honest, I had some maroon spray paint and wanted to paint the trim around the front door.

After three days and 60 trips to stores, our house had been completely spray painted.

Prep Work

Proper prep work is required before applying any paint at all. You need the paint to create a strong bond to the surface and the only way to do that is to make sure nothing can act as a barrier between the paint and the siding (grease, dirt, oxidation, etc).

Supplies to Spray Paint Your Mobile Home’s Siding

  • Basic cleaning supplies:

Find one of those long-handled car wash brush with a pivoting head and a bucket it will fit into

Dawn Dish Detergent and TSP work as well as any industrial cleaner we’ve been around

A little bit of Clorox never hurt anything (do not mix it with any other product).

  • Rust-Oleum Spray Paint

We used Rust-Oleum 276271 Stops Rust Enamel Spray, 12 Oz, Aerosol Can

  • Comfort Trigger for Paint Cans

We found a brand at Lowe’s but this Rust-Oleum brand looks a lot better than the ones we used. You do want to splurge a bit on this, trust me!

  • Masking Tape

I like the 3M products far better than any other I’ve tried (I’m not a fan of the frog tape).

  • When it comes to gloves, it’s best to that’s thicker than your ordinary gloves. Your hands are going to get the bulk of the paint stains. Disposable gloves are cheap and easily replaceable so it’s more convenient to use them. 

You will want to wear face masks of some sort. Old clothes and gloves help make cleanup easier.

What Is The Best Color To Paint A Mobile Home?

Light warm colors are best for mobile homes, as they reflect light and are more inviting. Common colors include yellow, white, off-white, or light beige. It’s best to stay away from dark colors and tones as they will absorb light and heat.

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Do What You Can With What You Have Where You Are

Teddy Roosevelt was a smart man. He once said to make do with what you have where you are. We believe and urge you to do the same.

Whether you prefer rollers and brushes or spray paint, you can paint your mobile home’s metal siding without spending a ton of money. Every little improvement helps!

If you’ve painted your mobile home’s metal siding please let us know in the comments below. We’d love to hear your suggestions and tips!

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