How to Cut Round Ductwork in 5 Easy Steps (2022)

How to Cut Round Ductwork in 5 Easy Steps (2022)

Installing ductwork isn’t hard when you have these expert tips

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The steps required to be followed for cutting the round ductwork are stated below in a chronological manner for the learners’ better convenience.

  • Step One

At first, you have to take the snap-lock pipe that you want to cut and then measure the length of the tube, and then you have to decide the extent that you want to keep. This will be your preliminary job after you have gathered all the necessary tools for the task.

  • Step Two

Now you have to take the measuring tape and then use a marker to mark the dimension up to which you want to cut. You can use two ways to mark the border. At first, you have to attach the front end of the measuring tape and then mark the point with a maker and continue it at a distance of one foot around the duct.

  • Step Three

You can also place the marker and then turn the duct, and in this way, you will get a circular shape around the conduit, which will help you while cutting the pipe. Now once the marking is finished, you have to start by taking a snip. This will help you to reduce the pipe. But make sure that you wear gloves while cutting the cut because this has sharp edges.

  • Step Four

The cutting can be done quickly, go through the line that you have drawn and use the snips to cut it, as it I a circular object s you can easily cut hindered while ripping, so we suggest that you cut off the extra duct and then again go for the mainline. In this manner, the process will be completed, and you will get the required amount of ductwork.

  • Step Five

Lastly, you have to take a five-blade crimper. This will allow you to have proper crimping along the edge of the pipe. Thus the thermal effect on the pipeline will be compromised. The crimping should be done by marking a line and then applying the machine.

How hard is it to add a vent to existing ductwork?

It is often necessary to add a vent to existing ductwork, and it works if your HVAC system has enough power. Installing a new vent to your existing ductwork is a pretty easy job that you should be able to do in one day. You do not need any HVAC experience, but you do need to be able to follow instructions.


Cut through seams, which are double or triple thicknesses of sheet metal, using compound snips. Put the seam deep into the jaws of the snips and press hard; use a hack saw to cut seams if they are too thick for compound snips.

How do you add ducts to an existing duct?

Tools Needed. Step #1: Locate The Spot & Mark It. Step #2: Cut Duct Piece & Mark Vent Cover. Step #3: Add The Vent. Step #4: Cut Insulation Around Marked Hole. Step #5: Mark Holes on Vent & Drill Them. Step #6: Screw Vent.

Overlap butt joints with draw band connectors

When you’re installing a pipe between two fixed parts, it’s impossible to slip in the piece using the crimped ends and still get the required 1-1/2-in. overlaps at both ends. Overlap one side as you normally would and create a butt joint on the other. Use a draw band connector to complete the butt joint.

If your supplier doesn’t carry draw band connectors, make your own by cutting a piece of pipe to overlap the ends, and then screw and tape the band into place. If you’re working with 6-in. pipe, you’ll need to use 7-in. pipe for the bands.


Question: How do you cut Ductworks without power tools?

Answer: You can cut them by using a step drill-bit. Alternatively, you can use a hammer and screwdriver to make an incision. Then you can use tin-snip to cut along the tears.

Question: Why are ductworks so costly?

Ans: Because ductwork is connected throughout your whole house. The size of the house is an important factor in the estimated cost.

Question: What is the estimated time needed to install ductwork?

Answer: It takes around one to two days, on average to reinstall new ductwork. This is because it involves changing the entire house’s ductwork.


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