How to Build an Outdoor Shower (with Pictures)

How to Build an Outdoor Shower (with Pictures)

1. Snake it Round a Tree

If you want a bare-bones shower and aren’t t

If you want a bare-bones shower and aren’t too concerned about privacy, you could buy a showerhead and tie it to a garden hose.

That way you don’t have to worry about plumbing. Pick a branch that’s high enough to stand under.

Coil the branch at least four or five times around the branch. This keeps the hose from unraveling under high water pressure.


20. Pick a Pallet

To minimize the installation work for your outdoor

To minimize the installation work for your outdoor shower, install it in a corner. That way you only have to build one outer wall instead of an entire enclosure.

In this example, the privacy fence is made from reclaimed wood pallets.

You can paint or stain them to reduce water damage. Leave gaps between your slats for quicker drying. Link the showerhead to your outdoor faucet.

28. One panel Outdoor Showers

These great looking open air outdoor shower struct

These great looking open air outdoor shower structures are made from just one panel of corrugated galvanized metal or horizontal wood slats.

6. Private Off Grid Shower by Homestead Crossing Inc

Nothing beats privacy, even if you are showering o

Nothing beats privacy, even if you are showering out in the wilds. Sometimes, you just need your own private cubicle complete with a door. And that’s exactly what Homestead Crossing have built here, right out in the tranquility of the stunning Ozarks. It’s little more than four walls and door crafted from treated lumber, with a water tank and a basin.

There are no mod-cons here whatsoever. A retired water tank sits on top of the treated timber cubicle, filled with water from the hose or by hand. But what about the heat? The water is heated directly by the sun’s rays every day and uses gravity to disperse from the shower head beneath. It’s simplistic, yet beautiful.

5. Smart Portable Outdoor Shower Kit

The fun portable shower with rechargeable pump (fi

The fun portable shower with rechargeable pump (find them here ) that plugs into car adapter or computer via usb, can transforms a bucket of water into instant shower stream!

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3. This cute, eco-friendly off grid shower at Channel Rock, Ca

Have you ever wanted your own treehouse, but feel

Have you ever wanted your own treehouse, but feel like you’ve just gotten too old to get away with it? This thermosiphon shower doesn’t look far-off in terms of design. Housed within a wooden shack is an off grid shower that uses two different types of heating to warm up your water supply. 

Am embedded water storage tank takes heat directly from the sun’s energy, while a thermosiphon-based heater uses a more complicated process based on convection. A solar panel heats the water in the storage tank, which rises against gravity into an insulated tank. It’s a clever alternative to electricity and insulated enough that you should still be able to bask under a hot shower when the sun’s hiding behind the clouds.

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Step 2

Build the base. Cut one 4″ × 4″ into four equal 23″ lengths. Build a basic square by staggering the ends and securing with 4-1/2″ screws. Then, cut the 1″ × 4″s into seven 26-1/2″ lengths and space them evenly on top of the base, leaving about a 1/4″ between boards for drainage. Secure the slats to the frame with 3-1/3″ screws. Finish the entire base and the uncut 8′ length of 4″× 4″ with wood sealer and allow to dry.


When to Build Your Outdoor Shower

As might be expected, building an outdoor shower involves an extensive amount of outdoor time. So, in the interest of comfort, you may want to wait until warmer months before building. But plumbing an outdoor shower does involve some indoor work, too, and this can be done at any time of the year. Working on the indoor part during cold months is a good way to get a head start on the project for spring.

Protect your shower in the winter

Not many people remember this, but your outdoor shower will be exposed to the winter months when not in use. This means you will need to protect it from cold temperatures, depending on your location. The most important thing to do is make sure your shower is completely drained of water to prevent freezing and cracking to the supply hoses and shower fixtures. If you bought a freestanding shower, things are easy for you. Simply remove the garden hose and put away the shower for the winter.

If your shower valve is installed on the wall and connected to a heater, turn off the water supply, put away the hose, and open the shower valves and leave them open. Also, make sure to remove the showerhead and valve from the faucet so that any residual moisture can escape.

The actual shower enclosure will also need to be protected during the winter. When you are ready to close the shower for the season, thoroughly dry the inside and cover the enclosure with a tarp, making sure the tarp is tied securely. If you did not build an enclosure, then cover the shower pipes.


  • Most outdoor shower plans need to be adapted to your specific location and geography, so feel free to play with the plans listed here to find what works for you.

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When to Call a Professional

To save time or if you're not experienced with plumbing work, you may wish to call a licensed plumber to add the supply lines and optional drainage line for the outdoor shower. Other activities can easily be completed by most homeowners.


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