How many square feet are in a single car garage?

How many square feet are in a single car garage?

Why Single-Car Garage Size Matters

Single car garages can either be attached to the h

Single car garages can either be attached to the home or built as a separate, detached structure. They can be one-level (typical) or two-story (less common).

You’ll find at least a single car garage in more than 79% of American homes, but not every garage is used to store vehicles.

The Department of Energy found that 25% of people with one- or two-car garages primarily use them for storage space and can’t fit a car inside.

In any case, the single car garage is the perfect solution for a homeowner with limited lot space, street access, or budget.

They also increase your home’s resale value. If you’re thinking about building a one-car garage, there are some things to consider.

Read on to learn the standard sizes, square footage, and dimensions for different types of single car garages, the vehicles that will fit into each, and the average costs for each type of garage.

What Are the Costs?

The costs vary depending on how many cars you have and what you want to do with the space. The average dollar per square foot stands at $35 to $60. Here are the average figures:

Garage Type

Average Dimensions Ft

Average Square Footage

Average Costs


20 x 12

264 to 288

$7,500 to $14,200


20 x 22

400 to 600

$19,600 to $28,200


32 x 22

576 to 864

$28,200 to $42,700


36 x 24

1150 to 1300

$42,700 +

Top Tip: Always allow an extra 5 or 6 feet clearance on the sides for the car’s doors to open. If you go too narrow, it will damage your vehicle.


Single Car Garage Cost

Prices vary quite a bit due to a multitude of factors (materials used, contractor prices, siding types, overall size, etc.). Still, most one-car garages fall into an average price range

As you review these, keep in mind that a one-car garage (attached or detached) can boost home values by $15,000-$20,000, especially in colder areas that get a lot of snow and ice. 

You can expect to pay the following ranged amounts for attached and detached garages.

Attached Garage Cost

  • $7,500 (smaller garage) – $11,000 (larger garage)
  • Attached garages make use of your home’s existing electricity, heating and cooling, and walls, making the project less costly overall. 

Detached Garage Cost

  • $9,000 (smaller garage) – $14,000 (larger garage)
  • On the smaller end, a detached garage is comparable in price to a large attached garage.

Because detached garages are separate structures, you will need to add plumbing and electric systems to a detached garage to put in lights, sinks, a bathroom, a washing machine, etc.

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Good Garages Come in All Sizes

Just because your garage is small doesn’t mean you can’t still park two cars in it. Just be sure to carefully calculate the area by multiplying the length by the width. If you need help, ask a professional. And don’t expand your garage until you’re confident it’s too tiny.

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How big is an oversized 2-car garage? Is 552 square feet large enough for 2 car garage?

Though the average size of a two car garage is 20’x20′, a 24’x24′ garage is also good which is oversized.

Though it might seem a bit oversized and can be too big to maintain, the square space is also good enough for two vehicles. This amount of space is considered oversized for a two car garage.

For a two car garage, a 552 square feet space size is good enough. In fact, it might be a bit oversized considering the average size is 360 square feet.

But the size is good for two large vehicles. Though it might be bothersome to actually maintain the large space.

For two large vehicles, a 360 square feet garage should be perfect. This leaves extra room for safety as well. But you can go for a 24’x24′ spaced garage as well just to be safe. This might be considered too big but it still works just fine.

How much does a 2424 concrete slab cost?

A typical 24×24 garage slab costs between $3,057 and $5,944 with prices ranging from $5.31 to $8.31 per square foot for a 4” reinforced slab of concrete, and $6.83 to $10.32 per square foot for a 6” slab of reinforced concrete.

How many sq ft is a 3.5 car garage?

Much like 18 x 20 2 car garages, 32 x 22 feet snugly fits 3 cars. Your other, larger options include 36 x 25 feet, 38 x 26 feet and 40 x 30 feet….What is the square footage of a standard 3 car garage?

Vehicle Bays Width Depth
One 12 to 16 ft 20 to 24 ft
Two 22 to 26 ft 20 to 24 ft
Three 31 to 34 ft 20 to 24 ft
Four 40 to 44 ft 20 to 24 ft

The Dutch Barn One Car Garage

Next, we take a giant step forward to the Dutch Barn Garages. Not every garage offers the same interior storage space even when the footprint is equal. Here, you see a Dutch Barn Garage that offers more interior height than most of our single story one car garages. The high barn roof design means you’ll have more space for storage in the loft area and less clutter on the floor. 

Get this garage if you want plenty of space for a loft.

see this garage

see this garage

The Right Size Garage Depends On How You Use It

A garage isn’t just for storing a car. People across the world have unique uses for their garages. In many cases, there’s more room in a garage than what is required for parking cars.

Let’s take a look at some of the more popular uses.


Throw a TV on your garage wall and some couches, and you have a little relaxation corner. If you don’t have a designated Man Cave, the garage might be the perfect space for it.

Living Space

Whether or not you have a loft in your garage, you can still put together an additional room and create some living space. Using part of a garage for living space is usually cheaper than building another room in your home.


A garage is a perfect place for a workshop for many people. Some large tables and overhead lighting along the back wall will give you more than enough space.

Work on DIY projects and have a designated space for your tools where you can get dirty.


Perhaps the most common use for a garage is storage. People pile up miscellaneous items that they gather over the years.

If you have decorations or games that are only used a few times a year, carving out a section of your living space won’t make sense. That’s why so many people use the garage for storage.

People with two-car garages might use half of the garage for storage and the other half for their car.

Car Repairs

Your car will already be parked in your garage. Why not get some tools and a jack to create a space for car repairs?

You can change your oil in your garage and won’t have to worry about picking a nice sunny day to do the oil change outside.

Store Other Vehicles

A garage can also shelter the other toys you have. 4-wheelers, electric scooters, and motorcycles can easily call the garage their home between uses.

How many square feet is a typical 4 car garage?

I would suggest an absolute minimum of 600 square feet, but that would be quite a tight fit, but if you have the land to do it i would suggest a 1500 sq ft garage, which gives plenty of room for the four cars, and you could at a pinch squeeze another one in, or use some of the spare space as a working area.

Your Ideal 2 Car Garage Size in a Nutshell

The truth is… it is in your best interest to invest in a 2 car garage that will comfortably house your vehicles. Not only will you reap the benefits now, but also in the future if you ever plan on selling your property.

At Hometown Structures, we specialize in building prefab and attached 2 car garages and with our years of experience working alongside our customers, we highly suggest a 24×24 2 car garage.

However, we recognize that every situation and vehicle is different, so do not hesitate to reach out to our sales representatives for feedback on the right 2 car garage for you.

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How Big is an Oversized 2-Car Garage?

The typical largest size for a 2-car garage is 24 x 30, which comes out to 720 square feet. Anything bigger than this will usually eat up valuable land space or square footage that could be added to your house. However, if space and money aren’t a problem, you can make your 2-car garage however large your heart desires. Keep in mind, however, that at a certain point it would be wiser to convert to a 3-car garage, rather than having an oversized 2-car garage.

3-Car Garage Dimensions

Things can become more complicated when you are dealing with multiple-car garages. You need to allocate enough clearance for each car door to open.

The average size of a 3-car garage is about 32 ft x 22 ft. The height doesn’t really change between the garage sizes unless you are catering for a specific vehicle.

These measurements are based on the average size family car, but you might want to increase the length and width if you have a larger vehicle. If you have multiple SUVs, you will need more space than mid-size cars.  

Typically, 3-car garages have either triple doors measuring 7 or 8 ft wide or a combination of a 16 ft wide door and a single door.

Unless you want to use your garage as a workshop, there is only enough breathing room between the vehicles to allow passage because space is limited.

The average square footage of a 3-car garage is between 576 and 864 square feet.

Choosing the Right Sized One Car Garage

When you are deciding on the best size for a one car garage, ask the question

What am I going to store besides a car?

If the only thing you need room for in your single car garage is… a car… you may be able to get by with a smaller option. Here are a few examples of one-car garages of different sizes. We start by going from small to large, with less space to more space.

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What is a good size garage?

Typically, the recommended garage lengths for different types of cars are: Average car: 14 feet. Smaller pickup truck: 18 feet. SUV, van, bigger pickup truck: from 20 to 22 feet.

How deep is a normal garage?

Most experts recommend a garage depth of at least 20 feet to fit most vehicles and provide you with a little space in front and behind the vehicle to move around and to reduce the risk that your garage door will close on the trunk.

Know the Average Garage Sizes

Once you’ve decided how you want to use your garage, it’s time to pick a size. Many homeowners think it’s as simple as choosing a one, two or three car garage, but there’s more to it.

There’s an average garage size for each style and a couple secondary options. Knowing the space you’ll need is crucial before making a decision. We’ll help you with the sizing below.

Average One Car Garages

One car garages are the smallest options. They’re made to fit one car and can be used as a shed or even a small bedroom. The average one car garage size is 12 feet wide and 22 feet deep.

That being said, you have other options. Other common sizes are 14 x 22, 16 x 24 and 14 x 24. Those are standard sizes that are offered almost anywhere. The biggest sizes allow for more storage while still allowing you to fit a car inside.

Average Two Car Garages

Obviously, a two car garage is bigger – it’s made to fit two cars. That doesn’t mean you need to own two cars. It’s perfect for a homeowner with one car and a lot of out door equipment such as a lawn mower and snow blower.

Typically, two car garages are 18 feet wide by 20 feet deep. This is just enough to fit two cars in your garage. There are several other common sizes including 20 x 20, 22 x 22 and 20 x 22. Some of these sizes make it far more comfortable to open the doors of your car.

Average Three Car Garages

The largest of the standard garage types is a three car garage. These are typically perfect for families with children who drive – everyone needs a car to get to work and be independent. These garages are also best for large living spaces like an additional family room.

Three car garages are usually 32 feet wide by 22 f

Three car garages are usually 32 feet wide by 22 feet deep. Much like 18 x 20 2 car garages, 32 x 22 feet snugly fits 3 cars. Your other, larger options include 36 x 25 feet, 38 x 26 feet and 40 x 30 feet.

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