How do I hang heavy curtains when wall is concrete? Nails aren’t

How do I hang heavy curtains when wall is concrete? Nails aren’t

Methods To Hang Curtains On Concrete Walls

You can hang curtains by drilling the concrete walls for the hardware.

But if your rental place does not permit you to create a hole in the wall, you might as well resort to the following method that does not require drilling.

Here are the methods on how to hang curtains on concrete walls:

Method #1. With drilling

Below are the steps to follow if you opt to drill curtain hardware on the concrete walls.

Step #1. Position your mounting hardware on the spot where you intend to install them

You have to measure the height of the brackets to ensure that the rod will be level.

Mark the positions of each screw hole on the wall for the mounting hardware using your pencil.

Step #2. You have to lock a carbide masonry bit into the drill

Remember that the bit must be big enough to create a hole that can securely accommodate the anchors.

Do not forget to wear your safety goggles before you start.

Step #3. Position the bit’s tip on the mark on the wall that you made in the previous step

Now hold the drill with bit positioned horizontally,

Set the drill set onto its slow speed setting and start drilling a pilot hole first.

The hole must be a bit longer than your wall anchors.

Gently tap or press the wall anchors towards the pilot hole using a hammer so that you will flush its opening onto the wall.

Repeat the same process in drilling more pilot holes and installing the remaining wall anchors.

Step #4. Finally, position the brackets

Ensure to align all of its screw holes with the wall anchors.

Pass through the mounting screw tip into the bracket and the anchor. Then, tighten the screws.

Repeat the process to ensure that the rest of the mounting brackets are securely attached.

After you have installed all the brackets, you can already hang the curtains on the curtain rod.

Then, hang those rods onto the mounting brackets you just installed.

Method #2. Without drilling

In case you are here to look for a no-drill method in installing curtains, you can use a spring tension rod.

They come in an array of lengths, colors, and designs.

This type of curtain hardware is very easy to install.

You can use it in any room from your house, and it will help you create an aesthetically pleasing look without the need to drill.

Below are the steps in mounting this curtain hardware.

Step #1. Measure the window area

You have to measure the area of your window first.

Take note of the measurement.

Step #2. Start measuring the length

Do this process from where you intend to mount the tension rod up to where you desire your curtains to fall.

You will have to choose from three different options here.

The curtains can provide a swag treatment onto the tension rod, reach the room’s floor or fall halfway.

Step #3. Mark the spot on your wall where you intend to install the rod

That is to make sure that it will be able to conform to the design of your curtain.

Use your pencil for this.

Then, twist the middle of the tension rod to unscrew it. Continue doing so until you have fully extended it.

Slide the curtains onto the tension rod and hang it after ensuring that the rod is already secured in place.

Step #5. Raise the rod and the curtains

Do this process into their desired position at the wall. Squeeze the tension rod to the center.

This one can trigger its spring as well as compress the rod.

As a result, it will fit snugly in place.

Step #6. Form a swag effect on the rod

Do this process by spotting its mid-point and folding the curtain in half.

Wrap the curtain around the curtain rod once and dress the fabric onto any of the rod’s ends.

You can even experiment to create more designs. For instance, you can pull the ends of the curtains gently.

Remember that the more you tug, the swag will be shorter and shorter.


What kind of tape will stick to concrete walls?

Masking tape is one of the best tapes to use on concrete blocks. Normal masking tape will have minimal effectiveness, but there are many variations to masking tape, and some of them are designed specifically to work on surfaces like concrete block.

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