Wiper Fluid Not Spraying? How to Diagnose and Fix

Wiper Fluid Not Spraying? How to Diagnose and Fix

1. Clogged spray nozzles

Clogged nozzles are often the reason when the windscreen washer system does not work in a car. They are located near the bottom of the windshield, where dead insects, dust, pollen and limescale are often deposited. The impurities can then be collected by the rainwater running off, which then gets caught in the nozzles and gradually clogs them.

In older vehicles, drivers could easily clean the nozzles themselves by inserting a fine needle into the holes without any effort. However, modern cars are equipped with so-called “fan nozzles” or “micro-emitters” which produce a wider and finer spray jet. With each pumping process, a larger area is wetted with washer fluid, at the same time, however, the finer nozzles tend to clog faster.

Washer spray nozzle
Washer spray nozzle

Diagnosis: Before you decide on replacing the nozzles, you must rule out any problem with the washer pump or the hoses. The easiest way to check if the pump is working is by doing a noise test. Park your vehicle in a quiet place. Switch on the vehicle and turn down the driver’s door window. Now, stand outside and switch on the windshield washer. You should hear the whirring of the pump. If there is no sound, then it means the pump has failed or there is no power to the pump. If you do hear the whirring sound coming from the front of your vehicle, the pump is working and the culprit is most probably clogged nozzles.

Important: Before replacing the nozzles, make sure the fluid is being pumped normally. Pull the end of the hose out of a windshield washer nozzle on your vehicle, and then turn on the washer system. You should see the fluid gushing out of the hose.

If there is little or no flow of fluid from the di

If there is little or no flow of fluid from the disconnected hose, it means the nozzles are probably good but the problem lies somewhere else.


Types of Windshield Washer Nozzle Kits

There are two main types of windshield washer nozzle kits, including:

Universal Windshield Washer Nozzle Kit

This type of nozzle kit works for most vehicles. An example of a universal windshield washer nozzle kit is the Hypersonic Universal Car Windshield Washer. This windshield nozzle suits all kinds of vehicles. The product cleans windscreens faster than most nozzle kits. It has a dual-hole that ensures that its washing fluid hits every part of a vehicle’s windscreen in the shortest time possible.

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Next Step

Schedule Windshield Washer Nozzle Replacement

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6. Frozen washer fluid

In winter, frozen washer fluid can also prevent the windscreen washer system from working in a car. Most of the time, car owners have forgotten to fill in a mixture suitable for winter. If this is the case, all that will help is a warm garage or a long drive to thaw the fluid again. The windshield washer reservoir in vehicle should also be thoroughly examined for cracks and holes. Because: water expands by around ten percent when it freezes, which can lead to a well-filled container bursting.

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Check the Fuse

With the car parked in a quiet place, operate the window washer and listen for the whirring of the pump.

  • If there’s no sound, head right for the fuse box.
  • If the fuse is blown, it’s usually a sign of a dead pump motor or one that’s ready to check out. If it blows again, replace the motor.

3. Blown washer pump fuse

Your car electrical car accessories are protected by a fuse to prevent shorts and overloading of electricity.

If the fuse of your wiper blows, then you would experience the windshield wiper fluid not coming out of the nozzles.

A blown wiper fuse is easy to replace and only requires a few minutes. To fix the problem, just follow these simple steps:

What you’ll need:

  1. Test light
  2. Replacement fuse of the same amperage as your original one.
  3. Fuse Puller
Jastind Test Light
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Jastind Test LightCheck Price on Amazon

Most cars have at least two fuse boxes. One is located under the hood, the other one inside the car near the passenger side of the dashboard.

You can find the location of the fuse on the fuse box cover or in the owner’s manual.

Step 1: Find the blown fuse

A test light or circuit tester: If your car has a test light, you can easily find the blown fuse by following these steps. Otherwise, a circuit tester will do the job just as well.

Step 2: Remove the blown fuse and replace it with the new one of a similar amp rating

For example, if you have a 15 amp fuse that blew in your wiper circuit, you need to get another 15 amp fuse from the auto parts store.

If this fuse also blows, you may need to replace a component in the circuit with one compatible with your fuse rating.

Step 3: Test it again

Reattach the wiper fluid line and turn on the wipers. Spray some fluid to make sure everything works fine.

If there is still nothing coming out, it is time to take a closer look at the spray pump.

Check Power

If the fuse is good but the pump doesn’t run, disconnect the connector at the pump and check for power with a volt meter.

  • With the washer switch on, it should read 12 volts. If you don’t hear the pump and the fuse is OK, the problem is usually a poor electrical connection at the pump or a bad pump.

Remove the pump wire connector and have a friend operate the pump switch while you check for 12 volts with a digital meter at the connector.

  • If you don’t have voltage, the problem is probably in the washer switch or the wiring. That’s the time to take the vehicle to a pro.
  • If you have voltage, clean the terminals and coat them with dielectric silicone grease.

Try the pump again. If it works, your problem is solved. If it doesn’t, replace the pump. The main cause of pump failure is repeatedly running the motor while the reservoir is empty. So try to keep your reservoir full to avoid dealing with replacing a bad one.

Safer Driving with a Windshield Coating

Pros in Auto Detailing Careers Know to Always Test

Pros in Auto Detailing Careers Know to Always Test Washer Nozzles After Cleaning Them

After cleaning windshield wiper nozzles on a vehicle, always remember to test them to make sure they’re working properly. This is how you’ll figure out if you might need to try cleaning them out using a needle or wire, or if there might be a blockage somewhere else.

Continuous malfunctioning after a thorough cleaning of the nozzles may be due to a blockage somewhere under the hood. The problem in this case may be in the wiper fluid hoses, check valves (if the car has them), or a faulty wiper fluid pump. If it turns out something under the hood may be preventing a car’s windshield washing system from working properly, then the car should be examined by a mechanic.

Test the nozzles after cleaning them to make sure

Test the nozzles after cleaning them to make sure they’re working properly


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