What Chevy SUV Is The Best? Find Out More Today

What Chevy SUV Is The Best? Find Out More Today

The Chevy Trax: The best crossover for urban commuters

If you live in or near the city, or just happen to spend a lot of time in one for work, the Chevy Trax is the crossover you’ll want to have on our side. This small crossover has street smarts to spare with an attitude that vastly outsizes its form factor.

With the Chevy Trax, it’s easy to navigate your way around packed city streets while taking calls on the go thanks to its Apple CarPlay and Android Auto support, and in a pinch, you can snag compact car parking spots and tight-squeeze streetside spaces, keeping you permanently one step ahead of the hustle and bustle of urban living.


Chevy SUVs: Find Your Perfect Match

Whether you’re in the market for a small or large vehicle, or something in between, Chevy doesn’t disappoint, and with its trusted name in the industry, you can have confidence in knowing you made the right choice when you select one of Chevy’s dependable vehicles. Head to your local Chevy dealer, and test drive the cheerful Chevy Trax, refined Blazer, or iconic Suburban to find the best vehicle to match your busy lifestyle. We can assure you that Chevy will not let you down when it comes to its incredible inventory of vehicles, and with so many SUVs to choose from, Chevy proves once again that it has something for everyone. With over a century in the automotive industry, Chevy has perfected its craft to offer some of the most refined, most impressive, and most reliable vehicles on the road today.

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Midsize Chevy SUVs

For those looking for a bigger option, Chevy offers two midsize SUVs, the Blazer and the Traverse, which are designed with style and versatility in mind. The Chevy Blazer showcases extreme style both inside and out, an impressively spacious cabin, loads of cargo space, and so much more. Its new trailering package, plus upgrades to its off-road capabilities, allow you to travel new roads in this classic, sophisticated, and polished midsize option. If you’re searching for more space, more power, and better performance, the Blazer is a trusted option when it comes to Chevy’s lineup of midsize SUVs.

The Traverse features a dynamic engine, best-in-class cargo volume of 98.2 cu.ft. and a stellar safety record. With seating up to eight, the Traverse is equipped with a comfortable interior, upgraded tech, and enhanced driver-assist features to make your ride smoother and easier. The Traverse shows that whether you’re loading up the groceries for the week or gearing up for a weekend camping trip, it can handle everything.

Performance and Versatility

Chevy SUVs have been rather strong in overall performance since they were introduced. But Chevy has continued to improve the performance of its SUV lineup by introducing major updates to powertrain design, technological advancements, and a wide variety of other design features that have heavily increased their performance over the years.

Even today, with the new 2021 Chevy Trailblazer and other new SUV models, technological inclusions from a vast array of different engine types and powertrains, enhanced fuel capabilities, and many different drive modes to assist in everyday driving in all conditions have been enhancing performance in Chevy’s SUV lineup. These advancements show in most modern SUVs from Chevy, with the average SUV plenty of horsepower for the standard engine and even more on higher-level trims. In other words, a typical Chevy SUV is a vehicle that can perform in most road conditions, making Chevy’s selection one that is incredibly reliable in every scenario.

Chevy SUVs tend to be very versatile, tackling many different types of terrain conditions. While versatility is generally expected from a utility vehicle of any kind, Chevy SUVs, in particular, have a lot going for them in terms of all-around terrain and weather management. For example, every Chevy SUV is available with all-wheel drive or four-wheel drive, which increases grip in low-traction situations such as off-road environments and bad weather.

Chevrolet Equinox

2022 Chevrolet Equinox RS2022 Chevrolet Equinox RS2022 Chevrolet Equinox RS2022 Chevrolet Equinox RS2022 Chevrolet Equinox RS2022 Chevrolet Equinox RS2022 Chevrolet Equinox RS2022 Chevrolet Equinox RS

While Chevy, along with most automakers, cascade their features throughout their lineup, Chevy’s top-notch technology integration and design really begins to stand out in the Equinox

It’s not incredibly flashy, with a fairly standard infotainment screen, but it works incredibly well without much of a learning curve. Expect to find everything from lane-keep assist to automatic emergency braking with pedestrian detection included in the Equinox. 

The styling also comes to life when you choose the Equinox Midnight Edition. While the other iterations look fine, the Equinox looks that much better in black. This edition goes beyond black, including a unique black grille, 19-inch black wheels and black bowtie emblems. 

2021 Chevy SUVs

It’s an exciting time at Chevrolet, with the newest crop of 2021 Chevy SUVs hitting the scene and capturing the interest of buyers across a wide range of categories and price ranges. From the affordable all-new Trailblazer to the completely redesigned full-size Suburban, there’s a full spectrum of options that brings truth to the old saying that “there’s something for everyone.” Here at Crossroads, that saying is certainly the case.

Chevy knows that when it comes to choosing an SUV, buyers want choices. They want to select from a variety of sizes and find a vehicle that works for their lifestyle and budget. That’s why the Chevy lineup of SUVs ranges from the $19,000 Trailblazer L all the way up to the $72,300 Suburban High Country. Sizes run the gamut, from nimble subcompact crossovers to massive full-size SUVs with three rows of seating, impressive towing capacity, and powerful V8 engines.

The good news for Chevy buyers is that no matter which model you choose, all Chevy vehicles are backed by an impressive factory warranty and a dedicated network of Chevy dealers. At Crossroads, we are committed to supporting Chevy owners with service and maintenance support throughout your entire ownership experience.

Are you trying to decide which SUV is right for you? Given the depth of Chevy’s SUV lineup, it could be that more than one model will fit the bill. It’s not often that a manufacturer has to compete with itself, but in Chevy’s case, the options are so vast that it’s almost unavoidable. The toughest part of buying a Chevy SUV may be settling on just one!

Trim Levels

The 2021 Chevrolet Trax comes in one of two trim levels: the LS or the LT. The new Trax offers nine paint color options for you to choose from. You can customize your compact SUV’s appearance by opting for a Midnight Edition or Sport Edition. These special editions add style-boosting black features to your SUV’s exterior. The available roof rails allow you to load your adventuring gear onto the roof of your Trax. Other available exterior features include heated side mirrors and LED daytime running lights. The Trax’s simple yet stylish personality makes it a good fit for any driveway.


Customize your Trax’s cabin in eight different seating configurations to make it the space you need for today, whether you’re fitting up to five passengers or taking advantage of the SUV’s 48.4 cubic feet of cargo space. Look for a Trax outfitted with the available Premium Seat Package to add leatherette seat trimming and a heating function for both front seats. The Trax features a 7-inch infotainment touch screen that’s compatible with the Android Auto and Apple CarPlay smartphone integration programs. These programs give you hands-free access to some of your favorite phone apps so you can stay connected.

Want to find out which Chevrolet SUV is best for you? Take some of our latest models for a test drive here at Marchant Chevrolet

When it comes right down to it, there’s any number of different ways that the Chevy SUV lineup excels, and if you want to find the best one for you, a test drive may just be in order. Swing by Marchant Chevrolet today and let us toss you the keys to some our latest Chevy SUV models.


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