Replace a Lost Car Title in Alabama

Replace a Lost Car Title in Alabama

How do I release my liability for the vehicle?:

  1. Before the vehicle is picked up you should remove your license plates.
  2. After the vehicle is picked up you must visit a local County License Issuing Office to turn the plates in or transfer them to another vehicle.

When do you need a replacement title? 

Your vehicle’s title is one of its most important documents. Why? Because it not only includes basic information about your vehicle and its owner—like your full name and address—it also certifies you as the owner of your vehicle.Without a title, you won’t be able to buy, sell, or transfer your vehicle, move it to another state, or prove your ownership—so you’ll want to keep this document in a secure location. If something happens to it, you will need to request a replacement title. People typically apply for a replacement title when the original one is: 
  • Stolen

  • Lost

  • Illegible

  • Damaged

  • Altered

  • Never received from the Alabama Department of Revenue (DOR)


Restrictions & Limitations on Replacing a Lost Title

In order to qualify for a replacement title, your motor vehicle must be currently titled in the state of Alabama. The term motor vehicle covers automobiles, motorcycles, mobile trailers, trucks, truck tractors, semitrailers, trailers, and other transportation devices that are self-propelled or drawn by a motorized conveyance without the use of stationary rails or tracks.

How to apply for a replacement title in Alabama 

You can apply for a replacement title online or in person.To apply online:
  • Submit an application via the Department of Revenue Online Public Title Portal.

  • Follow the steps on the portal to provide the requested personal and vehicle information.

  • Upload any requested documents.

  • Electronically sign the application and submit it.

  • Pay the $16.50 title replacement fee with a credit card or debit card.

To apply in person:
  • Visit your local licensing or titling office.

  • Show proof of identification (ex: drivers’ license).

  • Provide vehicle identification number (VIN) and any other requested information for your title replacement application.

  • Pay the $18.00 title replacement fee.

  • Sign and submit the title replacement application.

You will receive the duplicate title by mail after the clerk processes your order.For vehicles with liens, the replacement title will be sent to the lienholder unless you provide a lien release.RECOMMENDED
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What You’ll Do to Replace your Vehicle Title in Alabama

  • Step 1: Locate your local AL Tag and Title Office.
  • Step 2: You need to file the Application for Replacement at the Alabama Department of Revenue.
  • Step 3: Present all the documents you need.
  • Step 4: Pay $15 for the service.

What about a vehicle that’s been abandoned on my property?:

 In most cases we will be able to pick up the vehicle. If we need paperwork from you it will usually be in the form or your signature on a paper describing where the vehicle was left and your request for us to remove it.  Your city or county’s specific regulations and the age of the vehicle influence how much paperwork is required.  We work with the best vehicle removal agencies around and pickup a high percentage of the abandoned cars we receive. While you will receive a tax receipt with your donation you should consult your tax adviser regarding the tax deduction on abandoned property.


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