How to Install a Blind Spot Mirror

How to Install a Blind Spot Mirror

Do they really help?

Yes, as long as you place the blind spot mirror correctly. Although they are small, they do the job of showing you the spots that you can’t normally see with the OEM side mirror. Be careful, though, as there is still a chance that you might not be able to see every inch of the blind spot, so proper placement is key.

Also, just like with your car’s side mirrors, the objects in those blind spot mirrors are closer than they actually appear. Be sure to find the position that works best for your driving position and car size. And if they end up falling off your mirrors, don’t worry, at least they cost less than $10.

6. Dometic Milenco Aero3 Blind Spot Mirror

Your author will freely admit he often chooses form over function; how else to explain his inexplicable penchant for large two-door coupes? With that in mind, I’ll say these things are surely functional but also one of the ugliest accessories with which one could ever pollute their car. Perching on the upper corner of a sideview mirror, they look like deformed Mickey Mouse ears.

Marketed as both a blind spot and towing mirror – which makes sense because the brand name is also found on many other trailer accessories – the seller alleges that, despite its stand-up appearance, the design utilizes airflow to stabilize the mirror. Um, okay. I’d give more credit to the stout mounting system for that. Its base is contoured to fit both flat and curved mirror surfaces.

Pros/Extremely practical, metal mounting points Cons/Uglier than a battered hamster

Bottom Line/ Breaker, breaker – you look like a schmuck

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Using blind spot mirrors

Blind spot mirrors are actually very simple. They’re generally curved mirrors that attach to your vehicle’s stock side view mirrors. The curved surface allows the mirror to reflect objects from a wider range of angles than is possible with conventional side view mirrors.

To use a blind spot mirror correctly, it should be installed so that it provides a view of the blind spots to your right and left when sitting in the driver’s seat. Make sure your side view mirror itself is positioned correctly (you shouldn’t be able to see the side of your car), and then adjust the blind spot mirror so that you can see what the other mirror misses.

For most vehicles, the optimal location for installation is the upper corner on the outside of the mirror. However, this doesn’t apply to all vehicles, so you might have to experiment with placement in order to get optimal coverage of your specific blind spots. Note that many vehicles do not benefit from a blind spot mirror on the passenger side view mirror. The size of the mirror limits visibility of the reflection for the driver, and passenger side view mirrors are naturally convex to cover the blind spot.

Blind Spot Mirror Pricing

You can find blind spot mirrors for as little as $10 or less, though they typically feature a frame-free design and a universal fit for most vehicles. For $11 to $20, you’ll find a mix of custom-fit and universal-fit choices. And if you spend $25 or more, blind spot mirrors can be custom-made and tailored to your specific needs or vehicle. 

2. Traditional Choice: Ampper Blind Spot Mirror, 2 Round Convex Mirror

Chances are, when one thinks of aftermarket blind-spot mirrors, they’re imagining these little round stick on jobbies that have inhabited the aisles of every AutoZone and Pep Boys since approximately the dawn of time. A simple peel-and-stick affair, these lenses are 2 inches on the round and provide a fish eye view of the world astern.

The unit shown here is slightly different from the ones your Pop applied to his 1982 GMC pickup back in the day. Like the previous option, this one also has a swivel base, albeit one that only tilts left and right instead of in all directions. It’s still better than a static stick-on, of course. Best of all, it costs less than your morning Starbucks coffee.

Pros/Dirt cheap, fish-eye view, you’ll fit right in at the 55+ park Cons/Limited range of movement

Bottom Line/ Tough to argue with a classic

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Blind Spot Mirrors illegal?

In many states of the US such as California, blind spot mirrors are illegal. The law varies considerably within states and countries themselves. So, check what the law states. In the EU, UK, and most Asian Countries they are legal and part of the road safety campaigns.

What makes it illegal is its convex nature. This type of mirror confuses the driver by showing the object slightly closer than it really is. It makes the driver more conscious about the surrounding. 

Where To Put Blind Spot Mirrors

Figuring out the best spot to place your blind spot mirrors doesn’t need to be tricky. The adhesive used on these mirrors is extremely strong, meaning you usually only get one chance to properly attach these mirrors to your vehicle. 

Usually, some of the best quality blind spot mirrors will come with instructions to help explain the best way to get accurate results, but if you’re not sure here’s our take.

Blind Spot Mirror for Cars Check Price

Prices pulled from the Amazon Product Advertising API on:

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The majority of drivers use these mirrors as the name suggests, to maximize their view of the vehicle’s blind spot. However, some users place them on the innermost side of their mirror to gain a larger view from the side mirror.

The best place to put your blind spot mirror is usually dependant on the shape of your car mirror and the add on itself, but generally, most motorists find this product works most effectively by placing the mirror on the side of your mirror furthest from the vehicle to maximize the view where it cuts off from your sight. 

Before you commit to removing the protective layer and laying the adhesive onto your mirror try holding it in place using some tape or something similar and put yourself into the driver’s seat to test if the mirrors are in the best position possible for your view and safety.

Where Does The Rectangular Blind Spot Mirror Go

The most important thing before placing the blind spot mirror is to choose the right place. If you put it in the wrong place, you may not be able to view the side view mirror image properly. Most mirrors come with instruction on where to place them and how to place it. The designs and installation methods of BS mirrors vary with the shape and size of the mirror. Swivel mirrors and adhesive sticks in mirrors are installed differently. 

Where do rectangular blind spot mirror? This mirror occupies more space. That’s why it goes in the bottom innermost edge of the side-view mirror. If you put it on the outermost edge it may cover the image of the side-view mirror. The triangular and oval-shaped mirrors fix well in the outermost edge of the side mirror of the vehicle

One thing more, frameless BS mirrors occupy less space than framed blind spot mirrors. So keep this factor in your mind when buying the one for you. If the size of your side view mirror is small, dont go for framed one.   Only the drivers who depend mostly on blind spot mirrors place it on the innermost edge of the side mirrors.

Our Verdict on Blind Spot Mirrors

Our pick for the best blind spot mirror is the Essential Contraptions Rear View Blind Spot Mirror. It has an aluminum housing that’s resistant to rust, corrosion, and damage. It also features real glass to give you the clearest view. If you are shopping around for something more affordable, consider the Ampper Square Blind Spot Mirror. Do you like the products we recommended for you? Let us know what you think in the comments below.


Fisheye or blind spot mirrors are one of the best ways to make your vehicle even safer on the road, eliminating the need to turn your head away from the road ahead and giving you a full view of the surroundings of your vehicle at an affordable price. 

Whether you need to remove your blind spot mirror for repositioning, upgrading or you simply don’t want one on your vehicle, we hope this article has helped you to remove blind spot mirrors or find the best location for blind spot mirrors.

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