How to Disable Anti-theft System In Your Car In The Right Way

How to Disable Anti-theft System In Your Car In The Right Way

How to Disable Anti-Theft System – Hidden Strategy You Should Know

Method 1: Inspect the cylinder and the key

Steps to be followed.

i. Inspect your key fob battery

If the key fob battery is dead and has not disabled the system, the car’s anti-theft system may activate. Ensure that the key fob battery is well installed, or you can replace the battery with a new one, then try again.

ii. Inspect the door lock cylinder

In a case where the car has been damaged in a break-in attempt, there must be an involvement of the car’s anti-theft system. Find if there is any damage to the lock cylinder. Check whether the door handle has been damaged. Use the passenger side cylinder if the lock has been damaged.

iii. Ensure that the key you are using to get your car started is the right one

Most cars have a door key that performs specific functions and cannot be used to start the car. Those keys may only have been designed to open the car doors only.

Method 2: switch on the ignition

The anti-theft system might disable the engine of your car. In case of such a scenario, follow the following steps to disable the system.

i. Check the anti-theft light

The anti-theft light is located at the dash and will have red lighting or blue lighting.

ii. Switch on the ignition

 Turn on the car ignition by inserting the car key into the car’s ignition. All the accessories of the car are activated except the engine.

iii. Again check on the anti-theft light

 If the car’s anti-theft light is not blinking, allow the system to reset itself. The resetting is done by turning the key to the off position and resting there for some minutes.

iv. Start the engine

Try to start the engine to see if it is working. If it’s not working, check the functioning of the battery.

v. Repeat the process

Try this process again and again until it works. But, if the problem persists, contact a professional mechanic to help you troubleshoot the problem.

Method 3: Use a car key in your car door

Take the key and fit it into the car door using the door on the driver’s side and the visible key. Don’t use the keyless entry system.

Unlock the car door by turning the vehicle key without releasing it. Holding the key in place for some seconds will tell whether it is the right key. In some cars turning the key back and forth will work to disable the anti-theft system.

Start the engine. Ensure that the cylinder is not locked, and then take the key out and start the engine.

Frequently asked questions:

  • How can I turn off my car’s anti-theft mode?

Turning off the car anti-theft mode requires you to use the unlock key button. To turn off the anti-theft system, use your remote to press the unlock button key. It is advised to use the key to unlock the door and turn on the ignition switch. If that does not work, try to lock the door on the driver’s side using the key while you are out of the car.

  • Can anti-theft keep the cars from starting?

The anti-theft system can prevent the car from moving because it is designed to prevent it from being stolen. It is designed so that when the circuit is disconnected, the power will not flow, and therefore the car will not move.

  • What does the anti-theft light winking mean?

When your car anti-theft light winks, it indicates that your system is involved, resulting in the thief being scared by the winking light. It is advisable to lock the automobile door so that the alarms can be active.

  • How do you know that your car is in anti-theft mode?

Several ways make you know that the anti-theft system of your car has some issues. One, it’s when your car does not start. Another way to know is when the anti-theft light is flashing, which may be caused by a lack of recognition of the key by the system.

  • How can I disable the immobilizer?

When the immobilizer is active, it locks your car, making it unable to start. For the car owners to disable the immobilizer, they are supposed to fit the key into the ignition and turn it on. Leave the key in there for some minutes to engage the other automobile accessories. When you check the ad to find that the anti-theft light is no longer blinking, that’s an indication that the immobilizer is disabled, and you can have your normal drive.

  • How can I reset the anti-theft deterrent?

One way of resetting the anti-theft deterrent is by unlocking the doors using the keyless entry system. Again, the car owners or the drivers should leave the car doors open moving out of the car so that they can be able to lock the doors from outside by pressing the lock switch.


Can I Bypass My Car Alarm?

A simple response to this question is in most cases no. Security systems are designed throughout the main PCM and BCM which control a major part of the vehicle’s operating system. Until this system is enabled many systems such as fuel and ignition are shut down.

Second: Know your key fob

Automakers pack a ton of features into key fobs, including some that might not be explained in the owner’s manual. Example: You can start a 2021 Chevy Tahoe with a key fob that doesn’t contain a battery by putting the fob in the driver’s side cupholder. You can roll all the windows up and down on a 2012 Honda Accord while outside the car if you learn the proper buttons and key placement, same goes for a 2018 Honda Pilot.

Learn what the key fob can do and learn how to get the physical key out of the fob. This also means learning where the mechanical lock is on your door and how to access it. The lock is often hidden behind a faceplate to keep the door handle pretty.

Yes, this is homework, but doing your homework is better on your couch than in a cold parking lot at 2 a.m.

How to bypass the ignition anti theft system for any car!!!

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Will disconnecting battery reset anti theft?

One last thing you can try if your car alarm is going off and you can’t get it to stop, but you can get under the hood is to disconnect the battery. By unplugging the battery for a few minutes, it will also reset the computer. All you have to do is disconnect the positive or negative terminal and wait.

Where is the alarm fuse located?

Locate the fuse box containing the alarm fuse. It is usually located on the dashboard by the driver’s door, in front of your left knee. You may find the alarm fuse in this fuse box. If you do not find an alarm fuse inside of the car, look in the fuse box under the hood on the driver’s side.

How do you reset an engine immobilizer?

Hold down the panic button for five seconds to reset the immobilizer. Next, push the lock button two times and wait ten feet away from the car for ten minutes.

Can you bypass PATS system?

Can you bypass the PATS system? Yes, there is a simple way to bypass the pats system on your own. All you need is the transponder key to trick the system. By having the transponder key, you can remove the chip inside the key and glue it to the ignition and use any key that matches the original to start up the engine.

How do you fix an immobilizer?

Many immobilizer problems can be fixed simply by simply replacing the battery in the key fob. Many transponder keys depend on a small battery to relay the security code to the car immobilizer. Be careful replacing the battery so you don’t accidentally damage the transponder chip inside.

What is the difference between active and passive anti-theft?

Passive devices automatically arm themselves when the vehicle is turned off, the ignition key removed, or a door is shut. … Active devices require some independent physical action before they are set, such as pushing a button, or placing a “lock” over a vehicle component part.

How do you know if your car is in anti-theft mode?

If the security or anti-theft light is flashing when you attempt to start your car, and the engine does not crank or does not start, you have an anti-theft problem. The system may not be recognizing your key or keyless entry signal, or there may be a fault in the anti-theft module, keyless entry system or wiring.

What is active and passive disabling?

Passive devices automatically arm themselves when the vehicle is turned off, the ignition key removed, or a door is shut. No additional action is required. Active devices require some independent physical action before they are set, such as pushing a button, or placing a “lock” over a vehicle component part.

Can anti-theft stop car from starting?

Anti-theft systems are designed to prevent your vehicle from being stolen. These systems are constantly evolving. Essentially, they work via an electrical circuit disconnecting to prevent power from flowing so your car won’t start or will die immediately.

How do you bypass Mustang anti-theft?

4 Answers. If you want to bypass your antitheft, you can attach one of your PATS keys inside your steering collumn by the lock cylinder. This will make the car always ‘see’ a key with a chip. You caqn then use a regular steel key.

How do I get my Mustang out of theft mode?

To reset the anti-theft on the vehicle You will need to first get into the vehicle and shut the doors. With the doors shut You want to put the key into the ignition slot and turn it on. Once You have turned it on You will then want to turn it back to the off position.

How do you bypass anti-theft on a 2000 Ford f150?

Press the power door unlock button three times in a row and then kill power to the vehicle. Once the power is off go ahead and hit the door unlock button three more times. Once You’ve done all this You can now give the vehicle power again and You’re going to hear the horn make a noise.

How do you unlock a car immobilizer?

Turn the key to unlock your car door, but don’t release it. Hold the key in this position for 20 to 30 seconds. This lets the system know you have the correct key, and it can allow you to bypass the alarm system. Some vehicles recognize the key simply by turning the key back and forth in the door lock key cylinder.

How do you reset theft deterrent?

Close the door and wait for the security light to stop flashing from inside the car. Another option is to close the doors first, and then press the “Lock” button on the keyless remote. This will also pre-arm the theft-deterrent alarm system.

How do I permanently disable anti theft system?

Exit the car with all doors closed and the windows rolled up. Also close and any rear doors such as the trunk, rear hatch and front hood. Lock the car using the drivers side lock and walk away from the car at least ten feet. Wait for fifteen minutes and unlock the door, this should reset the security system.

Which fuse is for the alarm system?

The fuse for your vehicle’s alarm system will usually be found in the fuse box, which is typically either under the hood of your vehicle or under the dashboard inside the car. Check your owner’s manual for the exact location of the fuse box and the fuse itself. Once you have located the fuse box, remove the cover.

What is the alarm fuse? A factory-installed alarm will have a fuse in the fuse box; pull the fuse to cut the circuit and shut down the alarm. Look for the fuse box on the left hand side of the steering column. Fuse boxes usually have a fuse diagram on the lid of the fuse box. Most alarm fuses have an alarm label on them.


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