How Much Cargo Space Does the 2021 Ford Expedition Lineup Have?

How Much Cargo Space Does the 2021 Ford Expedition Lineup Have?

Performance specs and features of the 2022 Ford Expedition

If you seek adventures wherever you go, the 2022 Ford Expedition will be your best companion. With a refreshed look and next-gen technology, the all-new Expedition will exceed your expectation in every way. The full-size SUV offers a modern design, spacious interior, and large cargo area. This year, you’ll see prominent changes like a new dashboard design, a standard 12.0-inch touchscreen, an optional 15.5-inch touchscreen, a Stealth Performance Edition package, and the new Timberline model. If you want to learn more about the 2022 Ford Expedition, continue reading this blog post by Bickford Ford dealership in Snohomish, WA.

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Ford Expedition vs Explorer: Similarities

While both vehicles have very distinct differences, they also offer several similar features, so you can rest assured you’re getting the best from the vehicle you choose. Both vehicles come equipped with an integrated back-up camera, so you’ll be able to catch sight of that discarded bike in the driveway or that runaway shopping cart before you hit it.

In addition, they both offer SYNC®, the Ford infotainment system that will work with you to keep your driving experience entertaining while still keeping you safer. SYNC® is built to recognize voice commands, so you’ll be able to access most of the great features of your entertainment system with the power of your voice.

Most Space for Your Luggage: 2021 Chevrolet Suburban

The Suburban might cut down on rear-seat legroom, but you’ll find plenty of room in the cargo hold. Behind the third-row seats, there are 41.5 cubic feet of space for your adventure gear. The 2021 Expedition’s spacious third row does cut down on cargo space, but only slightly. You still have 34.3 cubes for your stuff.

How to check trunk space

While the manufacturer does provide cargo space measurements, it’s really on you to figure out the amount of trunk space you’ll get with whatever vehicle you’re thinking of buying. We recommend bringing a tape measure with you to measure the trunk space and to also test how the seats fold down. These will help you understand how much cargo you can pack and how to possibly configure it.You should always measure trunk size with objects. It might feel silly, but bring a piece of luggage with you and place it in the cargo space of the car you’re considering. This should give you an idea of if there’s enough trunk space for you.

2021 Explorer vs Expedition: Measurements

How much space do you need in your SUV? The answer may help you find the right Ford SUV for you. The Explorer has a length of 199.3 inches, width of 78.9 inches, and height of 69.9 inches, so it’s sure to rule the road.

If you’re looking for a little more space in your next ride though, you’ll want to choose the Expedition. It features 210 inches in length, 76.6 inches in height, and 79.9 inches in width. The Expedition MAX further increases your size to 221.9 inches of length for an undeniable presence on the open road, along with more space for your passengers.

Ford Expedition Vehicle Specs

The Ford Expedition comes with varying specs and features that depend on the user, so for your convenience, we have included those that are most popular among drivers.

Car Class: Full-Size SUV
Number of Doors: 5
Number of Seats: 8
Transmission: Automatic
Fuel Type: Gasoline
Fuel Economy (Gas/Diesel): ~18mpg
Engine: 3.5L V6 (365 HP)
Luggage Capacity: 527 LTR

Ford Expedition Towing Capacity

If you are between purchasing a Ford pickup or an Expedition, you might want to consider the towing capacity of this SUV. Select Expedition models are capable of towing up to 9,300 pounds. This is comparable to heavy-duty Ford F-Series pickups.

The next time you need to haul a trailer or small boat, a Ford Expedition will surely do the trick. Family vacations and weekend trips become limitless. A Ford Expedition is the SUV designed to handle it all.

2021 Ford Expedition’s Foldable Seats

Ford Motor Company has always looked towards innovation revolving around cabin and luggage space. Offering passengers more space and roomy interiors have always been important points of focus of the brand. 

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See the Ample Cargo Space of the Ford Expedition

There’s plenty of cargo room inside the cabin of the Ford Expedition. The 2022 iteration of the SUV also provides space for all your friends and family near West Point, King William, and Williamsburg, Virginia.

If you want to see the interior of the Expedition for yourself, you can get in touch with our accommodating staff at West Point Ford!

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