Costco White Marsh in Baltimore, Maryland 21220

Costco White Marsh in Baltimore, Maryland 21220

Why is gas so cheap at Costco?

The answer is simple: they just have very loyal customers. To purchase their gas, you have to be a member, and membership sales make up about 75 percent of the chain’s profit. Since new customers are enticed to sign up because of Costco’s cheap gas prices—and other great deals on everything from electronics to food—the chain can afford to price their merchandise and services much lower than competitors.

Having the gas stations right next to the store drives customers inside, too—meaning that every time a member comes to get gas, they’re also likely to drop a few dollars on food or other household goods as well, including these Kirkland items you should always buy at Costco.



Average gas price: $2.557 Five cheapest stations: – Rocket Fuel in Coral Springs ($2.29) – Sam’s Club in Riverview ($2.29) – Murphy Express ($2.30) – Costco in West Jacksonville ($2.31) – Sam’s Club in Southwest Jacksonville ($2.31) Though the state can argue that it charges just 4 cents in gas tax, it isn’t counting all of the other state taxes and fees that push its gas tax closer to 42 cents per gallon. Its prices are still lower than the national average, but Gulf Coast Floridians are still stuck with an East Coast premium.


Average gas price: $2.830 Five cheapest stations: – Maverik in Gillette ($2.48) – M.G. Oil Company in Gillette ($2.48) – Flying J in Gillette ($2.55) – Sam’s Club in Casper ($2.57) – Exxon in Sheridan ($2.58 — cash only) About the best nearby fuel production can do for Wyoming is push it toward the national average. Its population is only about 578,000 people, which depresses demand, and a relatively low 24-cent state gas tax is already doing what it can to keep prices lower than they are in states farther west.


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