Check out Toyota C+pod, a two-seater EV that’s tailor-made for cities

Check out Toyota C+pod, a two-seater EV that’s tailor-made for cities

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smart EQ ForTwo

smart was one of the first brands to go EV-only – a move that made sense for a brand with a range consisting of two small, urban-orientated cars. The EQ ForTwo is the smaller of the two models and has – perhaps unsurprisingly – room for two, hence its inclusion on this list. It’s small at 2.69m long and has a 17.6kWh battery enabling it to travel up to 80 miles on a charge at up to 81mph thanks to an 80hp motor. In other words, it goes like a normal car. You can even get it as a cabriolet.

The biggest issue for the smart is the price. Starting at around £15k makes it very expensive for a tiny car with a short range – despite the decent levels of kit it gets as standard. Its bigger brother, the ForFour, shares a lot with the ForTwo, so it’s worth checking out our review.


MeV Bee

Another EV built in the UK the MeV (Manchester Electric Vehicles) Bee was launched last year with the ambition of offering a viable, small EV for the same money as a second-hand VW Golf – between £8000 and £10,000 – to enable more people to get into zero emissions motoring. A combination of recyclable materials and clever building techniques were designed to keep the cost low and the weight light. Unfortunately, beyond that we haven’t seen or heard much since. Like with the Uniti One, let’s hope the idea gets off the ground, as in principle it’s a very good one indeed.


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