About me

Let me intro­duce myself. My name is Jordine Burdensk. I am 29 years old. I am from USA and I live in New Jersey. I have a small fam­i­ly that includes myself, my moth­er and my father. 

I grad­u­at­ed with hon­ors from New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT). And now I have decided to travel a lot. I like to travel around foreign countries. Traveling inspires me, helps me to get to know this boundless world and myself, gives me interesting acquaintances and opens up new horizons. I can combine traveling with my work because all I need to work is a laptop and internet. I am a graphic designer, also engaged in the layout of printed publications and the creation of websites. This is my art, and traveling helps me to draw inspiration for its realization. I practice yoga and share my knowledge with other people.

On this site you will find:
– articles about auto
– articles about finance
– articles about construction lifehacks